7 years…

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So, seven years ago today Gene and I got married. Just about everyone who reads this blog was there and like I said on Facebook, I am so thankful that everyone I love in the world was there. I have the pictures to prove it 🙂 This time 7 years ago, Gene and I sat at our dining room table alone, ate leftovers from the buffet (I hated our caterer but I was so glad that there was food in the house!) and opened our presents. We had a zillion hour drive to WDW the next day and I wrote Thank you notes on the way.

That entire weekend was really nice. Gene’s brother and his wife showed up on Thursday (?), my friend Tracy showed up that day too – we went to the mall and spent a lot of money at the Clinique counter in hopes that I’d learn how to do my makeup via osmosis. (I think I forced Tracy to eat barbeque for lunch… what a sport!)

Later on Thursday we had a huge crowd at the house and grilled steak. My SIL made blue cheese stuffed zucchini and oh, that was yummy. Admittedly it’s fuzzy now – I’m going to guess that Friday was my bachelorette party (and Gene’s bachelor party – hey, Brandy, remember Gene’s brother trying to run us off the road in a rental minivan?). By then Brandy and Julie and Amanda had showed up. Awesome. All the women (except my stepgrandmother and a few others – maybe my Aunt Lyn?) went out for Mexican food and then the younger crew went to Dave & Busters. We danced a little, we drank a little, we played a little pool. The only rule was that I did not want anything waggling in my face. Impressively, no one tried me on that one.

Saturday: rehearsal, rehearsal dinner at a Creole restaurant. The rehearsal dinner was financed by my family, which is good because if we’d had to buy you all would have been lucky to get two slices of pizza. (A word on the wedding budget: you start off a year before the wedding buying the cheapest shoes possible and the day before the wedding you basically walk around with your Visa in your hand, just offering anyone money to just…make…problems…go…away! To wit, see above re: Clinique counter).

Anyway. Sunday, the big day. Awesome. Brandy gave a reading and I didn’t promise to obey anyone. (The minister wouldn’t have let it happen anyway).

Oh, hey, the minster! He walked into the dressing room where Gene was waiting (nervously…) and told him that I’d told him that Gene was going to recite his vows from memory. (This is funny because I pieced together the entire ceremony and I’m pretty sure Gene had only memorized “I do” and may have not even read it)

Hee!!  The minister = expensive, but worth it. (Especially since our other options were getting married in prison or at City Hall, neither of which was a valid choice for multiple reasons).

And in conclusion, I married Gene seven years ago today. It was a good day and I’m glad we’re married. And gladder yet that we will never have to do that again.

‘ears the thing…

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Because I know you are all waiting with baited breath for an update on Elaine’s Ears, here it is!

Now ‘righty’ is pissed off at all the attention ‘lefty’ has received and has chosen to take it out on me.  Owwwwwww. (Righty, don’t have a tantrum. Use your words!) I emailed D at work today and asked if she had any good drugs because I’d like to be pain free when I use my letter opener to perform an emergency eardrum-ectomy. (She very kindly offered me her last Advil instead, which I took her up on).

25 Things, a crosspost from Facebook

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1) I blog at laineyd.com. (I know, Duhhh right?)
2) I just found a problem with around 900 of my employer’s W-2s for 2008. I hope my boss remembers this the next time I forget to do something minor. (I talk about W-2s a lot this time of year, it’s just a weird thing about me)
3) I don’t always like my job – okay, I almost never like my job – but I am inexplicably committed to it.
4) When my husband is out of town I spend a lot of time on Pogo.com.
5) Okay, I do that when he’s in town too.
6) I also try to spend time reading and writing.
7) I finished The Time Travelers Wife earlier this week and cried like a baby.
8) When I was on vacation in Kuala Lumpur, I read 6 books. It was like a dream.
9) I have a degree in journalism but I have never, ever used it.
10) July will mark the 10th anniversary of graduating from college.
11) January marks the 8th anniversary of being a payroll clerk.
12) The above two facts are just sad.
13) I don’t have any children, but I have a stepson and two dogs. My husband says I can have three dogs and no babies or two dogs and one baby.
13A) It’s probably time to just get a third dog
13B) If for some reason we had triplets, would I have to get rid of the dogs?
14) I miss Indiana. I like where I live now and I love our house and our life, but I do miss Indiana.
15) I wish I’d stuck to my guns and voted for Stephen Colbert in November. Obama still won even without my vote. Heck, I don’t think my state ever officially was “called” either way.
16) 2009 feels a little bit like 1993 (the year Bill Clinton was sworn in as POTUS), but not quite as “It’s a wonderful whole new world!” as it was then. Then again, I was a teenager in 1993 and now I’m an adult. Makes sense I’d see things differently.
17) As I said above, I love living here (a large city in the Southeastern region of the US) but I hate it when people suggest everyone here is a hick. Southerners aren’t stupid.
18) For cryin’ out loud, they invented sweetened ice tea. How dumb could they be?
19) I lie about my age, but I do it humorously. I change my age frequently. It’s gotten to the point where even my own dad doesn’t know my real age. (31 going on 32)
20) My little brother just turned 29, so I am going to start telling people that we are fraternal twins.
21) I don’t know if my dad will buy that, though.
22) I love to do math in my head. I can’t sum big numbers but I do pretty well.
23) My high school senior prom was the only school dance I went to in high school.
24) I don’t know if I’ll ever have a kid, but if I do, I’d want her to grow up just like me.
25) Or else become a cheerleader. For real.

A break in a local Malaysian coffeehouse…

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1977: A Moderately Better Year For Music

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(Same rules as the 1995 post below, just with slightly less sucky music)

1. Tonight’s The Night, Rod Stewart  (creepy video and I have trouble believing Rod Stewart was ever sexy)
2. I Just Want To Be Your Everything, Andy Gibb
3. Best Of My Love, Emotions
4. Love Theme From “A Star Is Born”, Barbra Streisand (I have no idea what that was)
5. Angel In Your Arms, Hot
6. I Like Dreamin’, Kenny Nolan
7. Don’t Leave Me This Way, Thelma Houston
8. (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher, Rita Coolidge

9. Undercover Angel, Alan O’Day
10. Torn Between Two Lovers, Mary MacGregor
11. I’m Your Boogie Man, K.C. and The Sunshine Band
12. Dancing Queen, Abba

13. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Leo Sayer
14. Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffet (I cannot abide Jimmy Buffet, ick)
15. Telephone Line, Electric Light Orchestra
16. Whatcha Gonna Do?, Pablo Cruise
17. Do You Wanna Make Love, Peter McCann
18. Sir Duke, Stevie Wonder
19. Hotel California, Eagles (this is a better list than 1995 already, WHOO!)
20. Got To Give It Up, Pt. 1, Marvin Gaye
21. Theme From “Rocky” (Gonna Fly Now), Bill Conti
22. Southern Nights, Glen Campbell
23. Rich Girl, Daryl Hall and John Oates
24. When I Need You, Leo Sayer
25. Hot Line, Sylvers
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1995: A Pretty Crappy Year for Music

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So, it’s nearly midnight KL time, I can’t sleep due to somebody’s coughing (actually, due to both Gene and my coughing together) and yet, I can’t shiv the cause of this insomnia. Since I can nap tomorrow and Gene can’t, here is a very interesting meme-whatchamacallit that I stole from another site:

1) Go to www.musicoutfitters.com and type in the year you graduated from high school in their search feature.

2) Copy and paste the “Top 100 Hits” list for that year

3) Bold the songs you like, strike through the songs you really hate

4) Consider doing this for the year you were born instead because – HELLO? Hotel California! and HELLO again? Rumours! and HELLO one more time? 1995 music suuuucked.

Top 100 Songs for 1995

1. Gangsta’s Paradise, Coolio (it’s not that I especially liked this song, but I have fond memories of driving around Muncie, IN with my sorority sister Dana and a few other Tri Deltas with this song on full blast. The car was a dark green old old old Buick and we were badass)
2. Waterfalls, TLC
3. Creep, TLC (really? Two TLC songs in a row?)
4. Kiss From A Rose, Seal (wasn’t this from the Batman movie where George Clooney played Batman? mmmm)
5. On Bended Knee, Boyz II Men
6. Another Night, Real McCoy (who?)
7. Fantasy, Mariah Carey
8. Take A Bow, Madonna
9. Don’t Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days), Monica
10. This Is How We Do It, Montell Jordan
11. I Know, Dionne Farris
12. Water Runs Dry, Boyz II Men (more Boyz II Men? And was I the only loser who inexplicably thought that perhaps the band was named Boys IL Men, as in Boys EYE-ELL Men?)
13. Freak Like Me, Adina Howard
14. Run-Around, Blues Traveler (ecccch, I hated all that crap)
15. I Can Love You Like That, All-4-One
16. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?, Bryan Adams
17. Always, Bon Jovi
18. Boombastic/In The Summertime, Shaggy (again, it’s not so much that I liked or have even heard of this song, but I have fond memories of talking about Shaggy with Brandy while walking down to the Jr. Food Mart near her house)
19. Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Nicki French
20. You Gotta Be, Des’ree
21. You Are Not Alone, Michael Jackson (was this the song with the video that included scenes of Michael Jackson cavorting with Lisa Marie Presley? If the whole he’s a child molester thing wasn’t enough to earn him the Almighty Strikethrough, that video is)
22. Hold My Hand, Hootie and The Blowfish (okay, there are better Hootie songs but I think this is the only one without a lyric in there to make you scratch your head, a la “Every time I look at you I go blind”, etc)
23. One More Chance-Stay With Me, Notorious B.I.G.
24. Here Comes The Hotstepper, Ini Kamoze (why yes, I am the lyrical gangster, and why yes, this is in the actual Top 25-ish songs on Gene’s and my shared iPod, AND why yes, I thought this was another Shaggy song)
25. Candy Rain, Soul For Real
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23 hours til departure…

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This time tomorrow we’ll be up in the air. Yaaaay!

There is still so much to do. I need to pack my carry on bag, finish packing my big bag and – of course – more work! After all the years where I felt like I was going it alone in payroll, it is so nice to know that I have D (especially!) and Gwen to back me up. I told D (mostly joking) that she should not be TOO good at doing the job because what if they don’t want me to come back?

(Actually, what would be wrong about that? Hmmm…)

So, this will probably be my last appearance here until we land in Kuala Lumpur, unless I get bored at the airport in Cheesecake City. KL is 12-ish hours ahead (behind?) the east coast of the US so who knows when I’ll be around.

A crazy dream…

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So I dreamt (dreamed? one of those) that Gene and I were flying to Malaysia via Germany (which we are). I know our itinerary pretty thoroughly and I know that the planes are big ones (which YES is at least 10% of the reason I agreed to this silliness) and I am really really looking forward to getting to go on big airplanes.

So anyway… I dreamed that we got on the first plane and (in the dream) I didn’t wake up until we got off the second plane. I dreamed I missed the whole damn thing. In actuality, it’s something like 20 hours of flying one way. I don’t think the chances are high that I’ll miss much. LOL. Gene is a little worried about being cooped up in a plane that long. I’m not too worried (assuming I don’t run out of reading materials and White Dog can keep a charge. (Note to self: make sure White Dog’s power cord and international plug in doodad are in my carry on, not Gene’s). Worst case scenario we can always split a Lunesta.


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Made it home from our trip through the Great Lakes region (well, Indianapolis and Columbus) about twenty minutes ago.

So, so glad to be home.