Just write, just wrong

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“So what are you good at?” she asked me.

Almost without hesitation, I replied “I’m an excellent writer.”

A few minutes later, she asked me, “How would you feel if you’d been able to have a child?”

With hesitation, I told her that I thought I’d be a good Mom, but had reservations and have come to embrace childlessness. Mostly.

She said, “When you talk about writing, you light up, no shame, no sadness. Your homework this week is to write.”

It was an exhausting hour of therapy.

Restaurant Weak

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Remember when I used to post about each night of Restaurant Week on each night of Restaurant Week? Remember when we used to actually go to real restaurants each night and not take the slacker way out with carryout from pizza places and sandwich shops?

Yeah, me too.


Sunday: Pizza, carryout.

Monday: Sandwiches. Oh boy, a chicken salad sandwich from the place I eat a chicken salad sandwich 51 other weeks of the year? YAY.

Tuesday: Italian food at a restaurant two exits up the highway. I started with meatballs, Gene started with risotto balls. Ha ha, balls. Entrees: Gene had some kind of eggplant pasta thing (eew, eggplant?) and I had super yummy chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, some kind of fabulous sauce and mushrooms. Dessert: I had a cannoli, Gene had tiramisu. Verdict: I win. We didn’t actually discuss an actual verdict but fuck it, this is my blog and I say that I won. Nyah-nyah.

Wednesday: Gene had to work, I got carryout and ate with a coworker at her house. Big fun but I’m preeeetty sure I overstayed my welcome. I won because my coworker gave me a nice glass of musca-something wine. Yum.

Thursday (today): dinner from a little burger joint known as McDonalds. No one wins, but I’m going to go nuke some  s’mores in a few minutes.

Tomorrow: either dinner at a steakhouse nearish my old office or Burger King or maybe carryout Thai.

Saturday: some restaurant down in the city

Sunday: ditto

Restaurant Week: Saturday

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So, Saturday we went to a restaurant down in the city. Very far in the city. Our house is 6-7 miles from the northernmost spot in the county; the restaurant was a few miles from the southernmost point in the county. The drive was 45 minutes each direction.

Starters: Gene had fried green tomatoes (hmm, if they are called green, why were the actual tomatoes red?) and I had fried potato salad. It wasn’t what you were thinking, but it was topped with a soft boiled egg. Poached egg? Shrug.

Entrees: Gene had bacon wrapped trout and I had meat loaf. Bacon wrapped anything is good but I thought my entree was better. Gene felt just the opposite.

Dessert: I had what I thought was chocolate cake but it was actually chocolate torte. Torte is delicious but I was really banking on something with some frosting. Gene had some sort of bread pudding. The third dessert option had no chocolate and was made of poundcake. It was notable because one of us thinks the other agreed to order it instead of chocolate cake, which is ridiculous because I agreed to that for starters not desserts. One of us is having an issue being rational and we are both having trouble making conversation.

Bottom Line: No one wins Saturday – the food was OK, the drive was stupid and the company was not in the mood to party. And Sunday we ordered pizza and ate at home. And today I picked up carry out dinner from a sandwich shop near the house. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’re supposed to have reservations at an Italian place two exits up on the interstate. I don’t know what we’ll do.

The Longest Week

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So! Cheesecake City Restaurant Week has begun. We have tentatively scheduled a culinary adventure for every night between yesterday and next Sunday night. I say “tentatively” because we’ve given ourselves an out if work is too busy, too stressful, goes too late etc or if we’d rather just stay at home and eat pizza. Considering that we skipped Restaurant Week altogether in the winter this is definitely progress.

Last night we started the week at the Melting Pot. We’d recently gone there so it was interesting to compare the food and service during Restaurant Week against during the week. Bottom line, the food is always delicious (there’s a course entirely dedicated to cheese, what is not to love??) but during Restaurant Week we definitely felt rushed. Also our waiter was not as accommodating as the guy we had last time. I suspect that the staff is used to people getting the food off the Restaurant Week menu (I know a couple that splits a meal off the Restaurant Week menu. WTF?? Am I wrong to think that is really cheap?) so they don’t do a lot of extras that are always nice and add to the experience.

Anyway, we started with a mixed cheese with the usual bread, fruit and vegetables. Yummy. The the salad course. Then, blah blah blah entree of chicken, shrimp, beef. I described the vegetable portion of the entree as being the socks and underwear part of the meal because you eat it out of duty. Finally chocolate! We had the s’mores chocolate, with graham crackers and marshmallow fluff.

Typically we decide whose food was better at each restaurant but we ordered one of both entree options and tried everything so it is a tie.

Oh, my

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I just realized that one of my cousins is a grandmother (maybe more than one, I have some cousins I wouldn’t recognize if I were to see them). Granted, my mom is 49 years old the youngest of five children and the oldest of the grandchildren may be in their 50s but…Wow. The time, it flies. I’m just going to shuffle off and eat some soup now, don’t mind me.

Happy Codependence Day

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So, I had Thursday off and I took Friday off so I could have one of those groovy 4 day weekends. (In retrospect, THIS  is the weekend I should have gone to Indy). And as my reward, the longest. fucking. 4 day. weekend. in. history. YAY. I want a refund on my 8 hours of vacation please.

Last Sunday I was vacuuming and injured my back. Went to the chiropractor on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mostly feeling better, although Monday was a huge struggle (guess who screamed like a horror movie victim at the chiropractor?) and in retrospect I should not have gone to work. But of course I did, as I am lousy at taking sick time when I’m sick (I’d taken the previous Monday off because I thought I was getting sick…little did I know!).

Anyway, I’d like to go to work please (assuming that the beach is not an option…given a choice I’d rather be on a chaise reading and/or looking at a body of water such as an ocean, a pool or a swamp).


This and that

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1) WordPress, I always click the little “remember me” checkbox and you never do. Heartbreak 🙁

2) Going to Indiana next weekend for a little impromptu visit home. Arriving late Friday, leaving early evening on Sunday. Scared the crap out of my mom when I texted her to call me as she didn’t get the voicemail I left her that said “Call me, no emergency”. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone during the work day on Monday and Tuesday, talking to Mom, various doctors, CVS etc.

3) Much like my trip in March, I don’t have any actual plans. I don’t even intend to do any shopping.

4) So why a surprise trip? Let’s just add this to the list of things I may write about someday but not today. Not trying to vagueblog, but there are a lot of reasons I can’t just start writing about everything that’s happened lately. And if we do get to a place where I can do that…

5) Working my way through the cases at work. Cases are like gray hairs… get rid of one, 4 grow in its place. Ungh. I still think I’m fairly crap at this job. Boss is out of town coming up this week so it may be a triumph or a disaster. I’d like a triumph, I’d like my boss to be proud of me.

6) Literally had a client say to me today that when I was on the team he’d pray to get me on the phone but now…not so much. I’ll drink to that, client. Work is like being good at something minor and easy “Oh, you’re good at putting on bandaids? Perfect, we’ll make you a brain surgeon since it’s the same thing and you’re the only person good with the bandaids. I’m sure it’ll work out. The clients won’t mind that they are paying for someone to operate on their brain who should really be running around with a first aid kit.”


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So, there are two stories I can tell you right now:

1) I can yammer for awhile about social media but I think the only one I haven’t brought up is Twitter, but I really like Twitter and the only story I have about Twitter is the time that Sam Neill requested to follow me. I never actually Tweet but sometimes I like to check the list of my followers to make sure he’s still there. Sam’s on my list (you know, my List!), which I really thought had more to do with sex and less to do with Twitter, but that’s the 21st century I guess.

2) Or, I can talk about work. Work is really, really difficult. I mean, I guess it’s easier than being a cardio-thorassic surgeon, President of the United States or a special ed teacher. But still, on the LaineyD scale it rates an 8.9. Typically I sit at my desk and look at my ‘cases’ and think “What the fuck do I do with all of these? Or any of these? Maybe even one?” And then I start to work on one and then I get distracted, either by a bright and shiny object or by an IM from a coworker asking for an update on a case.

The update I want to give is usually “Fuck you and your update! Here’s an update: get a life! Leave me alone! I am very busy and I have too much to do!” The update I usually give is “Sure, let me take a look at it”.

My work life is a lot like one of those episodes of Hoarders where they show the gigantic mess that was once a split level house and everyone stands there with a shovel and wonders where to start cleaning. You can’t organize this crap, there’s no way to say “Okay, we’ll put the broken musical instruments here and the dead birds in that corner and the empty boxes of Lucky Charms next to the oven!” Really the only thing to do is rent a dumpster and start heaving stuff in there.

The work version of this is to close cases indiscriminately and hope that no one notices. So far, my record for this is pretty spotty so it’s less of a long term plan and more of a Hail Mary.