Rotten Elaine…

Well, I’m home at 12:30… I originally asked for Friday PM off to go pick up the boy, but instead Blanche is bringing him here (yes, two weekends a row with the MIL), then when I was supposed to have a job interview today I asked for this afternoon off instead. I just cancelled the job interview (it’s too far away — what was I thinking?) so I’m still home. Why do I feel so guilty? I guess it’s because I’m home fooling around when I should be at work. Never mind that it’s a job I don’t care much for.

Bad, bad, BAD Elaine. I’m going to go read so I won’t sulk anymore.

Is it bedtime yet?

It’s Saturday night, which makes tomorrow Sunday, which makes the NEXT day…oh, well. It’s been a good day up until now. I am trying to put up our Christmas tree but I can’t find the ornament hangers or the will to search for them. Told Gene that next year we’re having a ghetto Christmas tree consisting of a coat rack and a green blanket. Our prelit tree is up (and lit! ha ha ha) but that’s it so far. Wait — we’ve got the giant bow (instead of an angel) at the top of the tree. (PS, I hate the bow and would like to swap it for a giant red bow instead of the burgundy bow — WTF was I thinking?).

Good night 🙂 It’s not bedtime yet but hopefully soon.


Gene’s brother and his wife are having a baby!! How wonderful and exciting! I am very happy for them. It’s a total surprise — she just finished writing her Ph.D dissertation and my BIL just graduated with his a year or two ago.

My MIL keeps saying that since we followed them on the wedding thing, it stands to reason that we’ll follow on the baby thing…probably not.

Day after Thanksgiving Sales?

Hell NO!

I woke up an hour ago and said to Gene “Hey, ready to go to (insert name of big fancy mall, home of Nordies and other chi-chi shops)?” And of course, the above was his response. Good husband. He thought I was crazy enough to venture out yesterday.

The MIL and step son should be arriving sometime this morning. Frankly, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them for that long. Usually I take some time by going to Kohl’s with Blanche, but I’m not going anywhere near any retail place besides perhaps the grocery until Monday at the earliest (and then, only during the day). This includes the outdoor mall across the street from my house. The problem is, it’s home to the movie theater closest to my house. I hoped that the local Christmas lights display started this weekend, but the website says it starts 12/1. We’ll do that next weekend instead (we get the boy again).

Oh, well. I’m going to go through the house again and make sure it’s not a total sty. My MIL is not picky, but if something is messy she’s liable to be found cleaning it and that makes me feel about a 1/2 inch tall.

Big Doings!

After I vowed to do something of value, I …. well, let’s just say that I didn’t actually even move for another hour. Our lunch reservations for Thanksgiving were at 12 noon, so I rushed to get cleaned up and dressed. Lunch was yummy — we each got to choose an appetizer, then they brought all kinds of main course food to the table (turkey, ham and lamb, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc) and we each got to choose dessert. While I am certainly mourning not having any leftovers (turns out Mom’s making Thanksgiving — would have flown home for that), it was yummy and delicious and left us stuffed until fairly recently.

After lunch, hung out at home for awhile (did some reading, played with the puppies, etc) and then finally got brave and went to Garden Ridge. As I noted this morning, they opened at 9 am and are open for something like 3 straight days. While I was tempted to go there at 2 am tonight, I decided the chances of me actually being awake and able to drive a car were slim. It was amazing — the store is a mile from one of the biggest, busiest malls in the city. The mall was closed…and the streets were nearly empty. It was just jaw dropping, considering what it’ll look like there in about 9 hours. That was my farewell to that particular mall, as I don’t intend to go to the mall anytime between now and Valentine’s Day. It’s all online now as far as I’m concerned. At Garden Ridge, bought some decorating supplies…next post will be a picture of something… speaking of amazing. Tomorrow I’m decorating our porch (or ‘poach’ as we pronounce it down here).

Silly Elaine…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been on OPI’s website, trying to find the color Patty used yesterday, to no avail. So then I tried to use my digital camera to take a picture, also to no freaking avail. Ugh. Just trust me — it’s a kick ass hot pink color. While I of course adore OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress on my toes, it’s just too….something to go on my nails regularly. Next time I go to see Patty I will probably have her start using the gold shimmery overlay again, like I did two Christmasses ago. That was so awesome and the polish lasted longer.

In other news, I’d planned to go to the craft store, which, for no forseeable reason, opened at 9 am today and will stay open for 85 hours straight. Instead, I’m still in PJs, blogging. I like my life.

On being a princess: I guess SOME people just don’t want to hear about the finer things in life :::dramatic sniff::: Talking with my buddy at work and another lady about shopping. I knew I was in choppy, dangerous waters talking with the other lady about ANYTHING that reeks of what things cost, but, WTF, I’m not scared. And my buddy would most likely back me up on any crazy-ass thing I say (which she did, to her immense, saint-like credit). Not mincing any words, my bras come from Nordstrom. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t cut it anymore because, with the last 40-50 pounds, I just don’t fit their stuff anymore. Nordie’s has the best return policy (no receipt needed!) so I feel pretty safe dropping some bucks on bras once in awhile.

Well, well, well…you’d think I divulged where I buy tiaras or something (eBay). I know I’m a total princess and I’m not afraid to be me — here I am, ya know? — but the rest of my wardrobe typically is from Target or Kohl’s. I can honestly say I’ve never even bothered to look at real clothes at Nordstrom — between the size and the heap of attitude, it’s not worth it.

I’ve been what I consider very poor in my life — in junior high school I had 4 tops and had to wear one of them twice a week (Brandy: remember the black and white top that someone gave me shit for wearing so much?). Combine that with being a total geek then (as now), hanging with the biggest geek/freak at Clyde T Fulton (who still kicks so much effing ass that it’s unbelievable), I fucking deserve a nice bra or 4 now. And you know what else? I have a very comfortable life now, but if Gene lost his job (or blessedly I manage to lose MINE), the days of pricey bras, cleaning ladies and nail techs would be the hell over. If I had an infant, a sick husband or an ill dog, everything would be totally different.

I’m going to go do something of value now.

Happy Thanksgiving (again!)

Four Day Weekend IS HERE…

Oh, my god…my heart is so full. I am so happy I could dance and sing. In fact, I think I will! (Currently Playing: England 2 Columbia 0 by the late, great Kirsty MacColl.)

Apropos to nothing, while I was surfing, I came across a site selling pictures of Kirsty, including one of Kirsty with Morissey, ex of the Smiths. Merry Xmas to me? Ooh, and another one of Kirsty with Billy Bragg. I hate having too many choices!

And since we’re feeling maudlin now, here’s today’s “People are Assholes” story, courtesy of See? I told you people were assholes I’m really glad that we can’t afford a baby but some damned fools just can’t help themselves from doing stupid, stupid things.

Speaking of stupid, stupid things, I made a joke at lunch yesterday that probably didn’t set well. (The good news is that I don’t really care). One of my coworkers is on his second marriage and has a daughter from his first marriage. I said to my former boss that “that would be interesting math” — to compare the date of birth of his daughter with his wife. Well, per my old boss, this guy’s new wife is no spring chicken. Ah, open mouth insert foot. At least I didn’t say it loudly.

And today — I’m posting this because I will want to remember it for awhile — I found some information for our CFO and then asked if there was anything else I can do. His suggestions included buying an airplane (so the effing wanker can get to his Villa…uhuh) or washing his car (umm, it’s raining…). I said “Anything to do with payroll?” and he said “What about the line of your job description that says ‘and anything else asked’?” And Elaine…being a smartass…replies “Oh, THAT’S why I’m still doing benefits!”

So maybe I’ll be on the breadline.

Four Day Weekend, Coming Up!

It’s finally Wednesday…unlike most Wednesdays, it’s not a Hump Day. No, sirree. This Wednesday has been promoted to the lofty level of FRIDAY. Sooo….even though it’s not really relevant…it’s WEDNESDAY…….WEDNESDAY…..WED::::bigyuckyinhale:::NESDAY….

The downside to this being a Wednesday in Friday’s clothing: Can’t wear jeans (aka comfortable pants)
The upside: My old boss is leaving after starting my meeting for me. Woohoo! I have to train two new managers and my old boss is going to do the reasonable suspicion part of the training then leave (she spent all weekend with the owner’s housekeeper’s niece). So really, I could make the MIT stuff really short and get to fuck around the rest of the day.

I hope that the big dogs at work decide to dismiss us early. At lunch would be perfect. I’m feeling a little crazy anyway — the local craft shop advertised that they are going to be open starting at 9 am tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and I actually thought “Wow, that might be a good idea!”


I’ve got loads more self indulgent crap to post, but it will have to wait.

A Life in Music…

Sooo….at work, on the OUTSIDE, I’m trying to project this:
But on the INSIDE, it’s more like this:

And, since I’m going to be sentenced to another fucking Christmas season at work with NOTHING BUT XMAS MUSIC ALL DAY LONG, I hereby pass this one on as well:
Fairytale of New York (this one is a link to a .wav file, so be careful if you’re reading this at work!)
The thing I liked about having an office in operations was that I couldn’t hear the Muzak. Since I’m now going to spend Christmas lumped in with the Accounting Psychos I will probably not get a respite.

Oh, well. No more delays — gotta get dressed.
PS: I apologize to all the Johnny Paycheck fans for using the lyrics from the Dead Kennedys version…it just popped up first on Yahoo!