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The boy and I just watched part of an episode of Ren and Stimpy.

Additionally…so, Scooby is a confirmed liver dog. He doesn’t like crunchy treats like Milk Bones and he doesn’t like peanut butter flavored stuff. We bought a box of dog cookies from Three Dog Bakery, but they were peanut butter flavored. He turned his nose at them every time we’d offer one to him, as if we were offering him, say, broken glass.

But then, we came to The Last Cookie. I handed it to Gene to give to Betty, who would gladly eat the whole box. (She’s a lot like me). Before Gene could give it to Betty, Scooby grabbed it.

Last frigging cookie and Scooby steals it from her. What a rotten beagle!!


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No, I’m not still blotto from Friday. But I AM giggling over this article FU HR. I especially love it when the writer quotes a business school professor saying “The best and the brightest do not go into HR.”

Hee! I think it’s pretty funny. Not sure why the bitter thing has cropped up. My old boss is being loony at work, so maybe that’s the explanation. Everyone at work has an agenda lately – hers is to be a biotch because her kid is going off to college (and not a terribly good one, either…::hairflick::).

My agenda is to survive tomorrow and Tuesday and take Wednesday off to take the boy to a theme park and then work Thursday and half of Friday and then – WHEE – weekend again.

I miss the old days when I really thought that we all had the agenda of supporting our 41 restaurants in whatever – paychecks, invoices, whatever.

Gene is supposed to get the check from the insurance company tomorrow. He wanted to go to the Infiniti dealership way down in Cheesecake City, next to all the other car dealerships (BMW, Lexus, Porsche, etc). There is a dealership about 5 minutes from our house, but the one in Cheesecake is offering the car for $2K less. I told Gene – who told me we needed to get to the dealership about 40 minutes before they closed…on a SATURDAY…- that next weekend worked better for me. Plus, I was hungry.

Ooh! I didn’t tell you about my shopping trip yesterday. I was in serious need of shoes. I don’t have the typical girl thing with shoes. I have 1 pair brown shoes, 1 pair blue shoes, 1 pair black shoes (plus assorted black shoes for dresses, etc) and 1 pair tennis shoes. My blue shoes looked downright shabby. My brown shoes were totally missing (but found by the boy Friday). My black shoes didn’t look bad, but, WTF, let’s just go crazy.

So I went to the Cheesecake City Pretty People Mall (mmmmmmmmm) and parked outside Nordstrom, home of Bras Big Enough for Me because they had what I wanted. Gene buys his shoes from Johnston and Murphy and told me to just effing buy shoes that would last. I was sure that Nordies could help me. I went in, said I wanted loafer type shoes in navy, black and brown, and perhaps 30 minutes later I was exiting the store with exactly that. PLUS…they were on sale. REALLY.

Then I hit the mall in earnest. The Pretty People Mall is the best place to go to stroller stalk, one of my favorite hobbies. (Don’t be afraid, mommies of young kids, that is, Erin. I just love to peek at the strollers, not even really looking at the kids, which is really the sick part). Mmm, Peg Perego, Maclarens, mmmm. I still have yet to see the Inglesina Zippy IRL, which is disappointing because I hear it totally kicks ass. All of this stroller mania is counter to my current kid feelings that I still need to write about.

The mall in earnest is a bust, not counting the salon – a claaassy salon selling the same stuff my salon sells – advertising something like a shampoo, cut, dry style and HIGHLIGHTS for less than $100. I almost walked in and said “NOW NOW NOW!” It would have been cheaper, because…

Instead, I decided to try my hand at Nordie’s again…and holy night, did I ever. 3 pairs of pants (including a pair of “DAMN you have an ass, Elaine!” jeans) and something like 6 shirts (all like the rest of my shirts, v-neck t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve shirts). Sale prices at Nordstrom’s ROCK. Holynight. I swear, tshirts at Target aren’t this cheap…

Basically, it was a damn good day. Then I went home, boys were at the movies seeing The Island, so I started the laundry parade then curled up with the beagles and an Eddie Izzard DVD. The boys were home pretty soon anyway, so we dawdled for awhile and I continued with laundry. Then dinner – more sushi (same as Thursday). Then the boys went to the movies again (to see Stealth. I skipped because I knew it would suck) and I stayed home to finish the laundry and mop the kitchen floor and vacuum the living room and our bedroom.

Such a good day!!!


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So, yesterday’s gloom is slightly lifted, yippee…the other insurance company is going to give us the cash value of the Infiniti. It’s still not damaged enough to call it a total so I need to check with Gene as to how this is exactly working. I was super excited until I realized – DUH – that we’d still have to pay off the original loan. Dumbass. So Gene’s dreams of the M35 may not happen, which is fine with me. I loved the G and I would not be upset at all if we ended up with the exact same car again.

But, the gloom n’ doom – the geek store that Gene invested in back in summer 2003 is being sued. I’ve talked about the lawsuit before, so I won’t go into it in detail. But yesterday afternoon, Gene called and asked how much of a loan I could take from my 401k. I named a figure and he asked me to take the loan. It’s the beginnings of the D family Legal Defense Fund. Ugh. Now, the partnership is being sued by one of the partners. I think Gene agrees with the guy that the store just needs to give the eff up and close. You can buy all that D&D garbage on the internet and frankly, I think it’s better if geeks don’t hang out in public anyway. Ick.

Anyway, I have the loan – payments of around $160 per month for the next 5 years. Ick. It’s just about half my 401k. I’ve worked so hard to fund it and now half of it is going to pay for legal defense for something I never really thought he should have invested in to begin with. I wish I would have stuck my ground back when he originally invested.

And there -as my stupid boss says – you have it.

Brandy, I can’t believe you were near here and didn’t tell me. You suck! And email your cell # so I can tell you so on the phone.

Ugh, ugh, ugh…

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hey party girls…(Brandy! Hey!)

I was all set to write a post re: the baby thing – it’s in my saved drafts even – but there’s something else going on that I don’t think my husband would appreciate me writing about. The good news is, I think he’ll live to see another day, so things are on the upswing.

I’m not making any promises about more later tonight…maybe tomorrow.


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Practicing avoidance today… I could write about more fun things, but this will have to do. My employer’s “Company Communication Policy” came out last Thursday, so Friday and today I have been an extremely good girl, so far as the Internet at work has gone. I got home today and :::ahhh::: I’m back. Phew, Internet! I missed ya!

anyway, party people, there’s more going on that I just do not feel like writing about.

More later (?)

from the mouths of babes…

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Soooo…the temp who is no longer a temp walks around the office barefoot. :::shudder::: D and I were talking about this the other day when we hit upon the idea of really pissing her off by scattering staples around the department. Well, I didn’t get the chance to try that, but…

One of the other girls mentioned how easy it is to lose a paperclip but you never find them again. I immediately – without even thinking about it – say, “Yeah, I lost a thumbtack in here the other day. Still haven’t found it. You girls who go barefoot be careful!”

At dinner Thursday I tell Gene and the boy about this. They think it’s funny BECAUSE IT IS. I tell them that our next plan is to get the accounting manager (senior accountant?) to stop smacking her gum…chomp chomp, smack smack, ick ick.

The boy pipes up, “Tell her you lost thumbtacks in six packages of gum and you can’t find them.”

What a kid!


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Today’s Progress
Return movies to Blockbuster – CHECK!
Pick up my car at the office (we took the rental to drop off the boy and left directly from my office) – CHECK!
Go to movies? – NO!
Eat breakfast? – CHECK!
Do laundry – CHECK!
Eat lunch? – NO!
Drink! – NO!

Gene was on a problem call from about noon until around 6:30, so, no movies. But I got a lot done instead. Laundry, for instance. I also cleaned a bathroom, cleared off my home office desk (harder than you’d think!). All this plus I vacuumed the offices, living room, dining room and kitchen yesterday. I know it’s what real women get done in between commercials but it’s a big deal for me.

Commercial we don’t want to see: Glenn Frey for Visine “You can’t hiiiiide your tired eyes…” Har har har.

Talked to my grandfather yesterday. I am glad that he is well – or at least he says he is. He’s going to call my parents sooner or later (incoming!) and then call me back. I don’t remember what about. I also spoke to my grandmother recently. She sounds great. She desperately needs a hearing aid but I don’t think she wants one, so I had to yell “HIPS!!!!!” at her on the phone re: the boy. oh well.


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I had no idea I hadn’t posted since Monday. Geez. I’m still standing (yeah yeah yeah!). When the boy’s here, things are just busier and I don’t have the time to post. I have time to read other blogs because it’s quicker and more interesting, though…

Not much new here at Cheesecake HQ. The boy is off on a weekend vacation with his mother, stepfather and half sisters. I think we pick him up tomorrow or Monday. I hope we pick him up Monday because I’m working Monday and that drive really puts a dent in my day if I get stuck going along. Plus, I’d rather stay home even if we’re supposed to get him Sunday.

We got home about 6 or 7 last night from taking him to his mother’s. It’s really annoying that when SHE wants him, we still have to take him. Like she doesn’t have a car or something. Hopefully we will meet her half way when they give him back to us. And she was PO’d because the check (you know, the CHECK…) didn’t arrive as usual. Weeelll, it’s not like she’s doing a lot of mothering to him in July anyway, and besides, we had him one whole week in June and we’ll have him until at least the 4th of August. Gene told me the theory behind this is that we don’t pay double child support in June, when we usually don’t have him at all. I think it’s a lot of BS – so 96 hours per month (that’s what 2 weekends is) of the boy time is worth that much $? And let’s not even get into the major hose job that caused this insanely high amount of support.

Anyway, today we have to:
Return movies to Blockbuster (the boy thought he grabbed them all – but The Jacket and Trauma were still wedged between the couch and the ottoman in the living room. It’s a good thing I vacuumed)
Pick up my car at the office (we took the rental to drop off the boy and left directly from my office)
Go to movies?
Eat breakfast?
Do laundry (usually a Sunday chore, but I’m trying to clear my Sunday schedule)
Clean guest bathroom
Eat lunch?

So far, we have…
Ooh, done not a thing. Whoops.