Mmmm, duvet cover…

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Last year sometime, I got the bright idea to try the duvet cover thing, so I ordered one (plus a duvet) when I ordered my awesome sheets from (Speaking of The O, am I the only one who hates their TV commercials? Ugh). All was well and good until one of the dogs (most likely Booper) managed to chew or rip two large holes into the cover. Duvet’s fine. I’ve been looking for a duvet cover ever since to replace it, but these are hard to find in Cheesecake City.

Pottery Barn to the rescue. Mmmmmmmm. It’s even on clearance. I am totally going to order this as soon as I can. It is sooo pretty.

Roughing It…

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First, we’re here!
Second, I just got more tech support in the last 30 seconds from my husband than I have EVER received from our stupid IT staff at work.
Third, I’m coming to you from the desk in our room at the Courtyard by Marriott, somewhere near my brother- and sister-in-law’s house. Oh, and Wesley and the MIL, too. The reason I say I’m roughing it is because I’m using Gene’s laptop as a mousepad. Ha ha ha.

We made it here about midnight last night, driving like crazy people. (I think the reason his driving makes me nervous is that every drive EVERYwhere is like we’re in the chase scene from Ronin). And then we crashed until…well, mostly until a few minutes ago.

As you may or may not know, the plan is to surprise my MIL on her birthday. I thought it was Saturday but it’s actually today. Surprise! So, BIL/SIL/Nephew are taking MIL somewhere and…sonofagun, there’s already someone at their table. Wheee!

Oh, and I already have pictures. I’ll share later.

Greetings, Yankees!

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Gene and I are fleeing Cheesecake City. We’re leaving Sunday for Columbus, OH where we will stay in the lap of luxury (actually a Courtyard near my BIL’s house) until Wednesday. Wednesday we’re packing up and spending the day in Cleveland (to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and then continuing on to the great city of Indianapolis, where we will stay through Saturday. I think Saturday.

Anyone up for dinner? Lunch? Drinks? Dessert? A movie? A brief encounter in a stolen car? (Ha ha).

For anyone counting, this will most likely be Lainey’s Farewell Tour 2005 – no more trips up north barring something awful, like Christmas with my in laws. This year, I mean.

The definites while in Indianapolis:
1) Grandma. Grandma. Grandma
2) Mommmmmmmmmmy.
3) Brandy? (Are you ALIVE??)
4) Hooch T?
5) I assume it’s unpossible for the Michigan folks. I know, I know. One of these days I’ve gotta drag my sorry ass back up to the Motor City, assuming they let me in. If it’s not unpossible, the more the merrier.

The definites while in Columus:
1) Making my MIL cry.
2) Seeing my nephew.

(How am I going to make that last 3 days???)

Sooooo…that’s that!

PS: If you’ve been drafted to hang out with us and you’re busy, that’s cool. I’ve got a hotel room, a husband, and NO WORK for a week and a half. It’s a party no matter what!!

If you have a blog, you should maybe read this…

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I found this via another blog.

What Everyone Should Know about Blog Depression

Also, the latest: we are still holding at 2 dogs. There was traffic so the FOAF couldn’t make it today. Now here is where I’m between a rock and a hard place. The FOAF is a friend of D’s. The FOAF works exactly 3 feet from my desk (if you can walk through walls, anyway). Gene says that if we couldn’t connect in two instances, to just cut bait and walk away.

But….see above. I’m concerned that it will cause bad blood since the FOAF is so close. I’m not particularly concerned that D will be upset – I don’t think she’s super best friends with her anyway.


I survived yesterday, BTW. Double punch: the work from home is out, so while I was at it, I decided to call the headhunter. That’s a no go as well (too inexperienced w/ Accounts Payable and Purchasing). So, back to the drawing board. There’s a new Sunday paper coming tomorrow that will hopefully be brimming with awesome jobs that I’m perfect for.

Krazy Kontrol Freak…

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I figured it out. I want this dog because I know that we’ll take good care of the dog and maybe someone else wouldn’t. I want ALL the dogs because I know that we’ll take good care of ALL the dogs and maybe someone else wouldn’t.

See? I’m turning into a crazy dog lady. OTOH, I saw a stray kitty outside McDonald’s the other night (Gene wanted a Big n Tasty for his BIRTHDAY DINNER) and wanted that, too.

Anyway, gotta take Booper to the vet, so maybe more later. We meet Leo at 11.

Julie makes a good point…

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So if we do adopt #3, what does this do to past, present, future baby dreams? I honestly don’t know, which is why I’ve avoided the topic. Exactly why do I want this dog? Not sure of that, either. I don’t know the current owner well, but I don’t think she’s the type to say “Ehh, no one wants you, doggie, go fly a kite.” She’s not hurting the dog in any way. So why do we want him?

I really have no good answer. Today’s meet n’ greet was a bust, but we’ve rescheduled for Saturday at 11 AM. People do all kinds of crazy things for reasons they can’t name – get married, have babies, buy houses, commit adultery. I know that’s not Julie’s point when she commented to my previous post, but it’s all I have.

Gene said to me tonight, do you want another dog or do you want a baby? Maybe adopting #3 is a way of skirting around my apathy towards the whole baby thing of late. (Frankly, if the temp who is no longer a temp can raise 4 kids, it shouldn’t be as difficult for me to raise 3 dogs, 1 preteen and 1 child at our house. She says naively). I can handle dogs, I don’t know about live humans, and maybe it’s the devil you know above the devil you don’t.

In happier news, I have an interview tomorrow at 1. I work until 12. I have PT tomorrow morning until around 9:30. I have a doctor’s appointment at 4. I don’t know why I tell you this except that I think it makes me feel less overwhelmed. I’m more of the “I have to go to the ATM AND the library?? In one day??” type. As it is, I’m facing multiple costume changes in one day. PT clothes = shorts and t-shirt, suitable for going to the gym. Work = something and jeans, but I may go business casual so I don’t have to change clothes again before the interview and the doctor’s appointment.

I don’t know why I told you that, either. Frankly I’d rather cut out of work at 12 and go read my crappy chick lit book, “Mine are Fabulous!” or something like that.