You know it’s time to leave the craft store…

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when you’re eyeing the display of Xmas themed ceramic loaf pans and thinking, “I could bake some sort of bread and give it as Xmas presents!”

So yeah, I went to the craft store/homeware place for my annual “Oh, why the hell not? Let’s try to CREATE something” trip. Last year’s creation was this. I think that this year’s will inolve a 24 inch wreath and a bunch of crap I purchased at the craft store. I think the wreath is less than $5, which will make the entire project less expensive than the wreath I initially picked out. (And nearly just went ahead and purchased, but some of it looked bedraggled).


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Made these for dinner tonight. The verdict is that they are VERY good. I grew up eating my mother’s stuffed green peppers and I loved them! However, I wanted something a little more offbeat so I found the recipe. I made it with ground lamb instead of ground beef. I had no idea how fatty ground lamb was, but the meal was delicious. (Breaking News: Gene just gave me the thumbs up and pronounced the meal “Effing Good”).

I have cooked a fair bit this week, upon further recollection. Sunday I made mom’s new recipe for Chicken Pot Pie (sorry, Mom, I think I’ll stick to my recipe or maybe your old one). Wednesday Gene had the Hamburger Helper bubbling away when I got back from my pedicure. Friday I made my super duper gourmet pork tenderloin recipe (go to store, buy Bag n’ Season Pork Tenderloin packet and 1.5 lbs pork tenderloin, and there you go). And now tonight, no one has yet died from stuffed green peppers.


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Freaking doggies. I came home about a half hour ago and Gene told me to go outside to see what “my babies” have done.

It’s absolute footwear carnage…oh my god.

It’s the end of my awesome Lands End sandals, my Babe the Pig slippers, near the end of my (NEW) brown shoes, the Homer Simpson slippers. Also lost: the dorky frisbee from my employers, a pair of someone’s sunglasses (not sure whose – I haven’t found the rest of the pair), and something else I can’t even remember. It’s all piled up on my dining room table. The dogs are so eating Ol’ Roy dog food for awhile. (Not really, but I may feed them to Ol’ Roy sooner or later…)

Aggh, I’m so annoyed I’m not even making sense.

Big Things!

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One of my closest friends is pregnant. She’s the first of my closest group of friends to go through this (other than D at work, who has two teenagers). HOORAY!!! I am so happy for her and her husband. No, I’m not going to name who it is. If you’re reading this and you’re a close friend of mine and you’re not pregnant (or haven’t told me you are!!), it’s not you!

I am so glad that someone besides me is going first on this one. Hooray!

In other news, my beloved nail tech is leaving the salon to take a job where she doesn’t have to deal with so many people’s feet. I don’t blame her. Thankfully, she’s still going to be at the salon on Saturdays through the end of the year. So, no big deal, I’ve moved my manicures to every other Saturday. I’m not sure what I’m going to do after she’s gone for good. Gene said I should ask her to do my nails on the fly, so I’m going to ask her next time I see her. Frankly, most of the manicure mania is about hanging out chatting with her, so I’m not eager to change to see someone else.

Imagine the cash savings this will mean!

Life really does come at you fast…

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Remember when I wrote this?

“And speaking of Plan B…yes, the house is selling, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go off and get pg right now. We need to a) pay off credit cards (should be by the end of summer) b) buy a car for Gene (a possible way to spend the house money) c) institute “austerity savings”, as labelled by Gene. Austerity savings means I give up Patty and Angela, and in theory we may give up the yard guy. Gene also says it includes eating out less and cancelling some of the movie channels on the satellite dish (I’d prefer to make that the last piece of the puzzle — something tells me I’m going to want 500 channels to choose from when I’m up with a colicky baby at 3:30 in the morning).”
(January 2005)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Pay off credit cards by end of summer? HA HA HA HA HA HA.
Buy a car for Gene? Why not buy TWO???? And one Uber-Yuppie SUV for me!
Austerity WHAT? HA HA HA.
Give up WHO?

The only thing I didn’t say was “And we’ll save THOUSANDS of dollars by not getting into car accidents or being sued due to retarded geek store investment scheme, causing me to wipe my 401k to pay for husband’s LEGAL defense!!”

Oh, fuck me. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Thank you all for not laughing at me for seriously saying any of the above.

Yes, I know that I live a very stupid lifestyle. This is not news.

Anyway, having pissed myself off, I’m going to go to the grocery store. I’m going to make chicken pot pie tonight, using Mom’s recipe.

(D, if you’re reading this, the boy doesn’t go home til tomorrow, so if you need to stop by with something for Gene to sign, we’re home all day. Or at least he is. I may run away from home).

Just goofy…

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I never thought of having Indiana relatives buy Power Ball tickets. I got swept up in the Lotto fever permeating my office, with all the talk of “I wouldn’t quit my job!” (Note that it wasn’t me saying I wouldn’t quit my job…cripes, I’d quit my stupid job if I won $100,000, let alone $340 million).

But alas and alack, I should have had someone in OREGON buy a ticket for me. Dem’s de breaks.

On the bright side, I have discovered something worse than the Bridget Jones movies: Bridget Jones fan fiction. Oh, noo. It’s like cheeseburgers, pizza or Godiva. It’s like the days when I want to write something so I write the totally perfect way my life could turn out, without any real drama or plot points. Hmm. This stuff is girl porn. Remember that Big Fat Greek Wedding movie? Awkward girl turns babe, inexplicably gets hottie John Corbett to MARRY HER, and nothing else goes wrong? Same thing! It’s like paradise.

Happy Birthday, D!

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Today is D’s birthday. I took her to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. My boss gave her a bunny figurine meant to hang off bookshelves. She also hugged D. Yuck. So after we finished getting all the nasty germs off D’s arms…

Anyway! Happy Birthday to D!
Happy Birthday to D!
Happy Birthday Dear Deeeeeee!
Happy Birthday to D!

Not a lot new with me. Have gone on mini online shopping spree. Bought throw for the boy for Xmas, another sham (so will have matching set) from the dreaded Pottery Barn (so, Erin, there is a new PB catalog? Oh, nooooooooo!!), gizmo for cleaning dryer fuzz from Brookstone (such a worthless store, so why no coupon codes? HMM?), Cheaters (the TV Show) hat for Gene for Xmas, and two items for two blog readers. I think it’s usually better when I labor under the delusion that I am not supposed to shop online. Cheaper, too.

Finished re-reading both Bridget Jones books. So much better than either of the movies. And then I went crazy putting books on my library reading list. Tomorrow I’m picking up 7 (SEVEN) items from the library. I have, what? 21 days to read them (or renew), which gives me 3 days per book. I may have to call in crazy to work.

Oh, PT went well. Going again Friday AM and then Tuesday/Friday AM for a few weeks. I am so terrible about doing the exercises. After PT, drove to yuppie mall across the street from the house and parked in remote part of parking lot and read. I told D today that it was a present to myself. The reading lasted about maybe a half hour and then I got hungry.

The PowerBall has grown to $340 million. At work, we conned one of the girls who was going down to one of our locations in a PowerBall state to buy us tickets. I could only come up with $3. If I were to win the big money, I’d pay someone to live an interesting life so my blog would be more fun. And I would quit my job so quickly, heads would spin, heads would roll and the dust would choke everyone else.

Did I tell you?

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The reason I really like Lost in Translation is that Sofia Coppola did something that all of us nerdy girls would like to do. I think it’s clear that Sofia put a lot of herself in the main character. Sofia Coppola, for those of you fortunate enough to have skipped Godfather Part III, is beautiful in a foreign way, not in a blonde bimbo sort of way like, for instance, Pamela Anderson.

But when she imagines her “self” on the screen, she chooses to express this by hiring Scarlett Johannsen for the “her” character. S’okay. If I were a filmmaker and I’d written a screenplay with a “ME” character I’d totally make sure that Natalie Portman played me.

Oh, and Bill Murray as romantic lead? When will THAT ever happen again on this planet? Especially since that worked well!! (It’s like if I were an actress but I was cast as a cyborg or a nun or something).