Medical Update and Retraction

Tussin either wore off or was ineffective. 🙁 Slept OK until around 8 then had to get up to run a ton of errands. Back to coughing. Coughcoughcough.

Going to see doctor Monday (if his office is open) or Tuesday (if Monday’s a no-go). Gene’s all for dragging me to the ER but I’d like to keep my record of 0 trips to the ER going as long as possible. So, no ER.


Medical Update, Saturday 4 AM

If you haven’t seen the standup comedy bit where Chris Rock extolls the virtues of Robitussin, you should do so. (I think you can get it on iTunes). Ever since I had the cough (which has been the better part of a month plus a few days), Gene has used Dr. Chris’s medical advice and kept telling me to take my ‘Tussin. Nagging me. ‘Tussin, ‘Tussin, ‘Tussin!

First, I didn’t want to take any freaking ‘Tussin because I hate cough syrup (and NyQuil). Then I finally took some for an entire week before our trip. Didn’t work. An entire week of ‘Tussin, nothing doing. So I took the medical advice of Dr. Old Boss and tried Claritin=D, figuring that it was post nasal drip. No good again. Real live Dr. Dreamboat prescibed the Lustrous Prednisone and it didn’t work.


A few hours ago, in desperation, I took another shot of ‘Tussin. What’s the worst that could happen? (Drug interaction causing a heart attack, but hey, who’s counting?) Well, I coughed twice. And then nothing since.

Bless you, Dr. Chris. It’s 5th (?) day of Hanukah miracle for the ‘Laine-ster. I think Chris Rock should set up a charity called “Donate Money to Buy ‘Tussin for Poor Ghetto Kids” because I know I’d PayPal him some money.

oh, and…


BTW, the staff at Morton’s* Steakhouse looks at you funny if you bird-flu cough all the way through a meal. Just sayin’.

* Technically, we ate last night at “Moron’s” because the “T” was out on the sign. Of all the letters to let burn out, you think the “T” would be the last one they’d let go.

Friday Friday Friiiiiiiiiday…

Good things about today at work: Arrived 1 hour late, left 30 minutes early, free pizza lunch.
Bad Things about today at work: oh, too many to mention.

But now it’s Frrrrrrriiiiiiiiidaaaaaaay. OMG, OMfG, it’s the weekend. And it’s a 3 day weekend. Can’t wait, can’t wait.

I’m working on my grocery list. The sale meat at the grocery store is as follows: pork, pork, pork, beef tenderloin and boneless skinless chicken breasts. So now I have to punt because I just don’t think I can get Gene to eat pork that many times. I’m on looking for a chicken casserole recipe, preferably one that doesn’t involve me having to precook rice, open a tin of canned chicken, or 7 cans of cream of anything soup. Gaaaack.

ugh, cough cough

Cough cough, go away,
and don’t come back….EVER.

My cold from a month ago is basically gone, minus the cough. Cough cough cough. Most of you have heard it ad naueseam. It traveled with us for Christmas. My doctor has prescribed the lustrous Prednisone. It has worked out pretty well for the eczema but it just doesn’t seem effective for the cough. Cough cough cough. The worst part is when I wheeze and have that awful drowning feeling. I think I take the Pred through Saturday. If I cough at all on Saturday I’m going back to the doctor on the next available appointment because this is ridiculous. Embarassing, disgusting, unpleasant, humiliating, painful, frustrating, yucky and just fucking ridiculous.

Dogs Home…


Dogs stinky. Peeeeeeew. Gene gave the dogs a bath. They were so dirty that when the water hit them it was like they were mud-dogs. Wow. They both now smell nice and have resumed their naps on the couch next to me. (Actually, the dogs smell nice but one or both of them apparently were fed an entire tire recently, as something smells extra foul once in awhile).

Beyond that, it’s been a lazy day. I got up around 9 (after going to bed after 1) and geeked awhile and moved laundry. Gene and I left to pick the dogs up around 11:30, but we had other errands to run first. Home w/ the dogs by 1, more laundry moving, more unpacking. I should be laundry folding but I’m not. So there. Nyah nyah nyah.

Have I told you lately

that I love my car?

Obviously, since we only own one car right now, we took the Murano on our trip. The car did so well over the long drive. I drove a total of maybe 3 hours and Gene did the rest.

So, I guess that’s all I have to say. I just love that car.

This is the first time my family has seen the car. I drove to dinner last night and we took Mom and my Aunt Lyn. Lyn insisted on calling it a truck, but I think that was mostly to get a rise out of me. (Worked, of course!).

Dinner last night was in honor of my Mommy’s birthday, which was yesterday. It was a great meal with just about all of my favorite people.

I just realized I should have taken a picture of my baby brother. He is working a second job to help pay for his wedding and the job requires him to dress nicely. His other job is with a shipping service so when he goes to that job he usually looks a mess (tell me I’m wrong, Mom) but he said that his fiancee has helped him dress nicer for the second job. And let me tell you, he looked awesome. So nicely put together.

Elaine, taking the Christ out of Christmas again…

So, at work the other day, my New Boss was telling an “adorable” story our training director told her. (She tends to re-tell stories because, I believe, NOTHING happens in her empty shell of a life). The training director gave her daughter the whole big speech about the Meaning of Christmas and then later quizzed her on it. All the daughter would say is “It’s better to give than to receive”.

Since I certainly feel that is the Meaning of Xmas, the second hand story confused me. “Err, what’s the right answer?”

New Boss looks at me like I’ve grown a second head or stigmata or something. “Birth of Jesus Christ.”

Lightbulb. “Oh, yeah!”

In other news, I was snaked by the Christians again a week ago. My department sent out an Xmas card to a girl who no longer works for us (and I think is actually not even returning our phone calls, so why the card?). We all agreed this was a good idea, so one day I’m asked to sign the card.

Outside: A snowman and the words “Silent night Holy Night”
Inside: “Jesus’s love is so pure and so right”

Heh? I literally was gobsmacked. I sat and stared at the card, debating my options. Should I just accidentally “forget” to sign the card? Well, I like the girl we bought it for, so I didn’t want to snub her. Should I write “Come back soon, these bitches are killing me?” Well, I thought that might get some weird looks. So, I decided to just sign it, Merry Xmas and my name. I haven’t actually come out as an atheist at work but I have done my best to drop some hints. If someone asked I wouldn’t deny it and I have debated ways of mentioning it. For the most part, religion only comes up at work when we’re forced to listen to endless versions of O Holy Night (and not the Cartman from South Park version, sadly) on the “Xmas Music all the time” radio station.

In case you’re wondering,

yes, I have heard of the baby penguin who was stolen from a zoo in England. How awful. I heard that Toga the penguin’s parents are distraught. I hope that the people who did this are prosecuted if they’re caught. And then I hope they’re extradited to where I live so I can fuck them up.

And in case you’re not aware of anything I’m talking about