Mahjobiscrappis Update…

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Actually, quite a bit has gone on with the mahjobiscrappis situation. I had the meeting with an agency on Good Friday. Things were delayed a little while I was up north last week, but this week I straightened out a misunderstanding with the agency (apparently I gave them the wrong phone # for my old boss, who I listed as a reference) and they called my two references (old boss and D).

D gave me a glowing reference of course (hey, and I've got your back if you ever need a ref) but old boss requested I give her permission in writing. Ugh. So the agency emailed me about this at home. I read the email originally at work, but I decided that it was a trick if I didn't act like I don't read my email at work. So I gave old boss a note, which of course led into a conversation about why I'm exploring options.

And you know I'm too polite to say "Get me the fuck out of this henhouse!!"

So, my old boss understands. At least I think she does. And she's surprised to get The Call (asking for a ref) and sad but ::sigh:: understands. She wishes there was more she could do to make things better. I told her I understood totally – I mean, if I hadn't fucked off so much back in HR, I might still be there. Might! So really, it's my own fault for the most part.

The boy knows…

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The first night we were in Ohio, before we picked up Blanche and took her out for crab legs, we told the boy. We didn’t make any kind of production out of the whole thing. We just sat him down in the hotel room and explained that she would look different from how he’s used to and exactly why. He took it very well. So, we told the boy that it was OK to feel however he wants to feel? Want to cry? Fine. Want to talk to Blanche? Great! Want to think about the whole thing? Go right ahead. He finally started to outwardly worry about it on the way home last night, but I honestly think he was a little overtired and sugar shocked and that didn’t help.

I feel that the real shape of things is coming in regard to the boy’s reactions.

Bill & Michelle’s wedding…

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It was beautiful! Michelle was stunning. Her hair was so beautiful and her makeup was flawless! (Since I usually look like ass, I notice this stuff). Bill was…oh, jeez…my baby brother. He's TWELVE….why won't you people listen to me? He's too young. Where the hell did the time go? I'm pretty sure that it was only a few weeks ago we saw the movie Babe three times in the movie theater because we fucking LOVED that movie.

And now he's MARRIED? (Bill, not Babe)

Holy night!

Anyway – the ceremony was short but sweet. Clearly the happy couple listened to my father's begging and pleading for a seven minute ceremony. The part that Gene liked best was the rose ceremony. I didn't cry. Whoohoo!

Then, the pictures. (BTW, Groom, I want to see the proofs please because I want to have a picture or two and I'm nosy anyway!). They shoved me in a few and instantly I was sorry I wore pants but glad I didn't wear the dress I bought because Thunder Hams just don't look good in posed pictures!

The meal was very good and the cake was yummy. THe bride and groom danced to Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. The bride and her stepfather danced to a song I didn't recognize but looked very happy. The groom and his mother (mine too) danced to Just the Way you Are by Billy Joel.

Costume Drama…

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Sooo…ha ha ha….remember how stressed I was about what to wear to Macauley and Michelle’s wedding? How I looked at seventy five shops in 3 malls? Plus a trillion online shops? How my too kind friend Julie emailed me at least a half dozen really good suggestions?


I’m sorry, Elaine, WHAT did you say?


So, the Thursday before we left for Ohio, I went to the mall and finally bought something. It was a sleeveless long dress with a light blue background and little purple flowers. Very pretty. It came with the world’s ugliest jacket, but I figured I could just pick up one of those little shawl looking things and be done. YEA!

Did I tell you this? After I bought the dress, I had to walk through a few sets of theft detectors and they all beeped. Finally, I turned around and called out “I didn’t steal anything!” and kept walking. I knew I was OK because NO ONE from the store bothered to chase me down and cuff me.

Turns out, the theft detecting hangtag off that fugly jacket was still on there. Fucking idiots! If I have the receipt and the tags intact, I’m totally returning it. Life is too short and money too dear otherwise.

So anyway: on the day of the wedding, I put the dress on, only to discover that the armholes were so wide that you could see my nasty ass bra. Plus I never got around to buying a little wrap thingy, and my arms were a little sunburned from an outdoor lunch. I looked at my pathetic reflection in the mirror at the Adams Mark bathroom and one thought drifted to the front of my mind:

Get your pants on, you fat idiot.

So that’s what I did. Julie, I sincerely hope you won’t make good on your threat to injure me – I mean, I bought a dress….just didn’t wear it.


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Home Home Home Home Home. Ahhhh.

Made it here around 3 AM (yes, 7 hours ago). Asleep by 3:15. Ahhh. Slept like a corpse until Gene (who woke up at 7) came in at 9. And since then I have unloaded the car, hooked my laptop up to get it juiced, and cleaned out the refrigerator of all expired stuff.

Home Home Home Home Home.

Next up, rescuing the dogs!

The best vacation time…

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is the time when everyone leaves me the fuck alone. The boys are at a doubleheader movie. Blanche continues to stay in good health – we went to lunch with Blanche, SIL and nephew (and what is expected to be Nephew #2, In utero).

And now I’m all by myself. OMG. In a hotel room. With VH-1 Classic in the room. And a Wild Cherry Pepsi in the fridge. And a 1 pound box of Russell Stover Assorted Creams nearby. I’m still an atheist, but this is pretty darned heavenly.

Speaking of fucking and darned, I had the bright idea to try and give up cursing for 40 days (hey, now that Lent’s over…). I don’t think it’s working so far, but I’d really like to cut it down. Interestingly, Gene has become a total sailor since we left Cheesecake City. I blame it on that jackass Ron White. We’ve felt comfortable cursing in front of the boy for a few months now, but it really seems to have gotten out of hand.

We’re here!

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Whooo!! We left our house at 7:30, got the boy right at 10:00 and made it to Ohio around 8.

First things first:

Blanche looks great. We took her out for dinner. She was craving her favorite food, crab legs. She got 1.25 lbs of them and was thrilled. So, she’s really on real food. I am so glad!

Hmm. Nothing else to report. Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny stopped at the Russell Stover outlet (which I think I will rename The First Holy Church of the Russell Stover outlet) for goodies. Yummmmm.