Rockin’ Salad Night

Gene and I try to eat salad for dinner once a week. We call it (guess!) Rockin’ Salad Night. This week, I tried my hand at making homemade salad dressing. (Yeah, even after a full fucking day at the office). I used a Green Goddess salad dressing recipe from The salad was yummy – salad mix, mushrooms, bacon crumbles, cucumbers, tomatoes. The dressing was basically mayo, sour cream, terragon, green onions, sugar, Worchester sauce, all combined in the Cuisinart. (I’d never used it before so I had Gene show me how).

Last night’s dinner was BLTs, the previous night was Porcupine Meatballs, before that was Orange Chicken. I think what I’m learning is that I freaking hate to cook. I mean, I get home at 6:30 and when I get home, all I want to do is chill awhile. (Okay, like until 8…)

Tomorrow, supposed to be fettucine alfredo (fettucine out of a package of course, and alfredo out of a jar. I may add chicken).

Saturday, pepperoni calzones or stuffed green peppers again.


Not bad. I made porcupine meatballs (meatballs with rice mixed in), mashed potatoes and lima beans. I started the potatoes too late so they came out a little chunky (hilarity ensued when chunks of potatoes kept flying out of the mixer) but everyone still enjoyed it. I am so glad to be married to someone who loves to cook and eat gourmet food but has the grace to look at a plate of Hamburger Helper and not turn his nose up at it.

Currently watching: Dane Cook’s Tourgasm, costarring the World’s Hottest Comedian, Gary Gulman. Yuuuuum.

Stupid beagles, stupider Mommy…

So, Gene is STILL not home. Now they're in Cleveland. Early reports confirm that it rocks, it rocks.

A lady came from a closet company today to measure our closet. I want a king size bed. Gene says no big bed until we get rid of some of our furniture and convert the closet into more storage for the stuff currently in our furniture. So, now the closet. Because I desperately want a king size bed (the theory is that I will sleep better and I am all about good sleep!).

So the lady comes this morning at 10. I knew she was coming. When she rang the doorbell, I wasn't smart enough to kennel the dogs first or maybe even in advance of when she arrived. That's standard practice when Gene's home. So she walks in the door, the dogs run like hell OUT the door. So, I tell the lady to hold on and I yell for the dogs, who are so busy running that they barely stop long enough for Freedom Pee (what we call it when the dogs escape and pee in the common area in the subdivision).

They actually take off pretty far (around 20+ feet from our front door) but then are some how convinced to come running back. I grab Betty and let Scooby finish his Freedom Pee before I start dragging him by the collar. Since I took off running without a leash or two or some treats or anything, eventually I'm able to awkwardly carry both dogs far enough that they realize further attempts at escape are futile. Plus, they want to smell the lady. Betty even did the jump up and kiss on the face thing. The closet lady acted delighted enough (she's in sales, ha ha).

I can't believe I did something so stupid. I can't believe THEY did something so stupid, but then again, I'm the more highly evolved species, so I should have known.

In further news, I have also managed to kill the hanging plants I bought so the front of the house would look cheerier. Guess who didn't water then in 90+ degree heat?

I know, let's trust me with a human next.

Things to Do

So, since my husband has been gone for 8 DAYS (including 1 weekend and to include another weekend, starting tomorrow, and possibly a third…aaaaah), here is what I've been up to:

Working. Watching movies (just finished Gilda last night. The ending felt phony but Rita Hayworth was amazing!). Geeking, waaaaay too much. Reading (total trash – something about Gene being out of town makes me want to re read those awful VC Andrews novels). More Sirius 22: First Wave (July 4th weekend is all Depeche Mode, woohoo!!!). Writing, just a tiny bit. Thinking, also waaaay too much.

And also yard destruction. Sunday (or maybe it was Monday…the days really run together) I was sitting on the patio swing in the back yard when I noticed that there are grody plants/ weeds/whothehellknowswhat growing behind our fence but still in our yard (we didn't fence that part of the yard, but I guess we should have?). Some of these WTHKW things are as tall as I am. (Have I told you I am terrified of weeds that are taller than I am??). But now, with Gene unavailable, the dogs go outside with someone we don't even know (dog walker). And some of the forest has berries growing. Poison berries? Delicious berries? Solid gold berries? I don't care. They have to go.

Fortunately, I live 2 minutes from a Home Depot. Across the street from Home Depot (aka Agent Orange) is a Lowes Home Improvement. I bought a pair of hedge clippers with the loooong blades. In the evenings, I sit outside with the dogs surveying the forest, choosing my first target. Then I grab the hedge clippers. First, I felled the weeds (hell, they could be money tree branches and they are still GONERS!) closest to the fence so they wouldn't reach out and grab me (paranoid, I am!). If I lean on the fence and mostly blindly cut, I can actually do some damage.

I was hacking at the berry vines earlier when I thought, "I wish I had taken a 'before' picture."

Actually, I'm glad I didn't. Then you'd all KNOW I live in a ghetto. I mean, what kind of surburban family lets a fucking forest of Who the hell knows what grow in their yuppiefied back yard?

Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to get rid of the forest that I can't reach by leaning? The forest goes back a good 6-8 feet and I can really only get the closest 2 feet. And no, I am not leaving my safe back yard to go get close and personal with the weeds. The hell you say. Indeedy, I think the hell not.

What’s New, Part IIII

(or IV, if you want to be particular)…

Don't you wish I hadn't started this particular topic?

So, we had BIL, SIL and 'phew over for breakfast the next day (the boys didn't get home until late the night before) and they left. That night, the three of us had fondue for dinner. If there's one food Blanche was fond of, it was cheese. Wednesday, I went back to work and the boys left for Ohio.

They are still there. That's part of why I said earlier I feel like I'm grieving alone. Maybe I should have gotten it all "done" Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, before the boys left me alone. But right now I'm coming home to an empty house. I don't want to live in a house of sorrow or something, I just feel like there's all this inside me (most of which has been written down in these hideously dull posts).

What’s new (Part 1 of 4)

Fine, fine, fine, here we go…

So, Blanche passed away a week ago Thursday (or basically 2 weeks ago). She was in a “home”, but she’d only been there 4 days following a stay in the hospital. Basically, the hospital said there wasn’t anything more they could do, but BIL and SIL didn’t feel comfortable leaving her at the house alone. She was originally in the hospital this time because she’d fallen, possibly due to a cardiac episode.

Gene and the boy were going to go up to Ohio Friday, the day after she passed away, to spend time with her (well, that was the plan before she passed). I have not directly asked him if he’s upset he didn’t get to say goodbye. I suspect that he’s just not hardwired that way. He has stayed very strong throughout this entire time and I respect him for it, although it makes me feel a little alone in my grief. (More about that later.)

Friday, I decided that I wanted all of us to do the things that would remind us of Blanche in good ways. So, we went to O’Charley’s for lunch. When the boy was smaller, Blanche took him to O’Charley’s and once, they split some sort of White Chocolate Pie. At the time, we were big on not feeding him desserts so we got onto her about feeding him white chocolate. “White chocolate is hardly chocolate at all!” she huffed.

So, we ‘toasted’ her (with our forks) over our plate of whatever decadent dessert O’Charleys is currently pushing. Later, we went to see Cars and the DaVinci Code because I knew that she didn’t want us to sit around the house, moping. Cars was hysterical BTW, and DaVinci was DaAwful.