Cooked again…

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Tonight, I made this salmon dish for dinner. Gene wanted fish or chicken for dinner, and he found the recipe. Plus I got flustered at the grocery store today (I was doing a shh! secret shop and my regular shopping at the same time) and bought the salmon early. Whoops.

Anyway, I give it 4 stars. It was delicious. I wish I had purchased smaller salmon fillets instead of the enormous pieces I ended up with. Or even -duh- cut the fillets I bought into smaller pieces. Oh, well! The recipe was very easy (especially since Gene cut the cherries and the mango for the fruit salsa) and tasty. Cleanup may promise to be a nightmare, but that is my fault for not spraying the dish with Pam before loading it with the fish. Whoops.

I served it with some of Elaine’s Famous Ubiquitious Frozen Corn.

BTW, is corn bad for dogs? I hope not because I used it to trick Scooby into eating his dog food. I think he got a total of maybe 1/4 cup. His dog food has peas in it, but he hates peas. (A very picky beagle).

BTW Part II: I’m sure no one caught this, but I published this post with the wrong hyperlink initially. The original link was to this: The Scariest Baby Stroller EVER. Holy crap. A six seater???

Dirty Doings…

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(Sorry…considered titling it Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, but just couldn’t bring myself to it).

I finally get my meeting with Big Boss tomorrow, supposedly first thing. Woohoo.

Here are the points I intend to make:

1) I am concerned that my direct supervisor (New Boss) is not giving me the same treatment she is giving her Toady. (Naturally, I will not call them New Boss or Toady).

2) I would like to be reviewed by Big Boss and only Big Boss. (New Boss informed us today that she has written out our reviews in case Big Boss wants to include her thoughts). The reason is that (see point 1) I do not want what I see as her skewed view of me to taint my reputation in the company. Or the raise.

3) I would like to move to be directly supervised by Big Boss, taking New Boss out of the loop entirely. I would take over the payroll duties (all 1 or 2 of them) that New Boss currently handles. New Boss would, of course, continue to supervise her Toady. (Really, what’s the point of a worthless boss without a toady?). Aaaanddd if we want to talk money, I want to make exactly the same as Toady is, after her review. I’ve been at the company 6 years. I get basically awesome reviews. I’m due.

The reason I keep calling this whole thing sordid or dirty is that I specifically decided that the conversation should happen while New Boss is out of the office. Is it really throwing someone under the bus if they totally deserve it?

I discussed all of this with Old Boss and she feels I need to be honest with Big Boss. I really hate that. Just how honest? “Big Boss, New Boss is a fucking jackass” honest? “I really question her role as my supervisor” honest? “I’m great, how are you?” honest?

Also: we all had to fill out very stupid self assessments. The rumor is that Big Boss said they were only going to be seen by the employee, Big Boss and Old Boss. Which I guess is why a copy of my self assessment was delivered to New Boss? Niiiice.

I guess what I’m learning is that there is almost no one safe to align with at my employer. Old Boss called the lot of us a bunch of spoiled brats. I think she included me in that, which is OK.  I like to think, though, that she mostly meant New Boss, Toady and the two higher level people who are mostly on the phone. That leaves D and I out of the spoiled brat range. Yeah, I like that.

Dumb, dumb, dumb…

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When I got home last night, I fed the dogs a beef rib (short rib) each. They freaking love them and they get them about once a week. But when Gene’s out of town, they get 1 rib each every day to make up for all the treating they miss.

So! I give the dogs the ribs and watch some TV. Eventually, the dogs get bored and come to the living room to hang out with me. At some point, Betty got back into her kennel to retrieve what was left of hers (mostly the bone, the shape and size of a pack of gum). And then we all went to bed. First, she scoots under the covers (probably to piss off Scooby, who prefers to sleep there). After a minute of that, she starts to freak out and get out of bed. She’s whining and can’t close her mouth.

I’ll be damned if she didn’t manage to get that bone caught between her back teeth, making it impossible for her to close her mouth. The ENTIRE bone. As in, the bone was wedged all the way back and stretched to both sides of her mouth. It was one of those times that I was exceptionally glad that Betty and Scooby aren’t evil like my parents’ dachsund, Max. If Max had a bone wedged in his mouth and I had to retrieve it, I would have pulled back five stumps.

And yes…this is the second time this has happened. My plan is to only give the dogs beef ribs or any bone when we’re home to supervise and check once in awhile. I don’t think that the bone was cutting off her air supply, so I think it was just uncomfortable and not dangerous.

(Yes, they make boneless beef ribs, but the bone is part of the fun, Gene feels).

A Very Important Question…

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My laptop screen is in desperate need of a good wipe down. I’m not sure what my screen is made of, but it doesn’t look like Gene’s laptop screen. I think dusting it will do the trick, but my laptop is my favorite toy and I don’t want to risk ruining it.

Seriously: if I take a clean white sock and gently, gently use it to dust the screen, do you all think I will be OK?

Clerks II

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I dragged Gene to see Clerks II yesterday. I would have dragged him to see it Friday but circumstances (ie, jobs) got in the way. (Yes, even with leaving work at noon Friday).

Clerks II was so impossibly awesome. As predicted, it was totally badass. Most of my (known) readers would hate it, but I loved it so much. Totally vulgar, tasteless. Definitely a different class of movie from the first one – this thing had a soundtrack (?) and was in color (??) and co-starred Rosario Dawson (??? – love her, BTW).

Anyway, loved the movie. You don’t have to have seen the original to see the sequel, but I think having seen the first one gives you the proper perspective needed when walking in.

The Review Revue

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I know I need to post more. If I don’t, sooner or later even my MOM will stop reading the blog.

Anyway, it’s been weird lately. I’ve received some really sweet compliments lately at work, to the point where I’ve asked several people if I have two weeks to live and no one told me. Everyone agrees that I should have slightly longer than that. (Phew). The AA told me – then told everybody (old boss, new boss, new boss’s boss, D, etc) that I have such a positive attitude and that she wishes everyone was like this. And the new HR Assistant said that she is blessed to work with me.

Join me in a WTF?

They are talking about reorganizing where we all sit. Honestly, I’ve been moved 3 times since I have worked there and I don’t want to move. Now, if I could move away from New Boss and Her Toady, I’d probably do it.

In even funner news, we are almost to Review Season (it usually lasts a season because they are soo slooow and slackadasical). Last year, New Boss and her boss wrote my review and gave me a raise that has led only to me being the Lowest Paid Person in the Building. New Boss’s Toady (BTW, did I tell you she has a fucking Jheri Curl? remember Michael Jackson on the Thriller LP cover? Now imagine that on a 47 year old cow…yuck, huh?) got a BIG raise, mostly because she went into the big boss’s office and screamed until she got it. And the hot rumor is she’s getting another grand due to promises made to her by someone who doesn’t even work there anymore.

So now, I’m supposed to have some sort of heart to heart with the same Big Boss (not the BIG Big Boss, just the Big Boss) about how I feel that I need him to take total responsibility for my review because New Boss will give preferential treatment to her Toady (I think they are in a snit because I’ve received those compliments). So far, I have spoken to D, to Old Boss and to totally random coworker about this, but not yet to Big Boss. I want to talk with him, but I don’t want to as well. Sooner or later New Boss will have to figure out that she’s being excluded – and why – and it’s just going to make things difficult. She is a bitter, petty woman with a shell of a life. She is pathetic and lazy, negative and bitchy and has absolutely no place in supervising trained fleas, let alone humans.

Old Boss told me that New Boss’ll have to be part of my review because she’s my direct supervisor. Well then, I said, I don’t want her in the room. Old Boss says I have to be absolutely honest with Big Boss because he deserves that. Big Boss is a nice man, but he’s the type to say OK to anything, forget all about the conversation, and say OK to the total opposite when the next person discusses something with him. I have heard through the grapevine that New Boss and her Toady have burned some bridges with Big Boss AND Big BIG Boss but I don’t know if it will be enough.

Hooray, Anniversary!

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OMG, party people. I had SUCH a good time. Eventually!

The day started with Gene taking Betty to the vet’s office for her annual visit and both dogs to the kennel to be boarded overnight. Gene made it home shortly before the lady from Closets by Design came over to discuss the shelving for our bedroom closet. (This sounds awful, but the end result is I finally get a king sized bed, whee! Eventually!).

The lady left, I packed for both of us, we left to go to BFE to see Blanche’s gravesite and give her wedding china to Gene’s cousin Eileen. We left a few minutes before noon and had to be there at 3. It’s a two hour trip, so we stopped for lunch. We hadn’t even ordered lunch yet when Gene corrected me – we had to be there by 2, not 3. Heart attack! We asked the waitress how much longer we had to go until getting to BFE. She said around 30-40 minutes, which put us there on time, more or less (okay, it made us late around 15 minutes after we finished eating).

Well, not if you take a wrong turn and end up in an entirely different state!!!!!!! No, I am not making that up. We ended up about 90 minutes late. Why didn’t we get directions off that internet thing? I’m asking myself that.

So, we visit with cousin Eileen, give her the china, take pictures of the headstone and leave. (Yes, you can “visit with” people even in a graveyard – this is the South). Eventually, we make it back to Cheesecake City and to the hotel and to dinner at a nice restaurant. We’d never been there before, but I wanted to do something different this year. We cab it back to the hotel and come upon a cigar bar in the hotel. And we ended up spending two or three hours there. Gene smoked two cigars, we had dessert (the hotel’s “Signature Dessert” was Krispy Kreme bread pudding) and I had 3 (?) exceptionally girly cocktails and Gene had something that I’d been dying to try and was relieved not to have ordered (Johnny Walker Red and ginger ale, aaack). We sat on a big comfy leather couch and talked and talked, mostly about Plan B. It was amazing. Best Anniversary Ever!


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Oh, hi.

Happy 4th Anniversary. Four years ago today most of you were at my wedding. Sometimes I think back to that day and I think of my friends and family and the sacrifices you all made – vacation days from work, money for hotels, rental cars etc – just to see me get married. I seriously get choked up, still. I appreciate it so much. It was an awesome day, a little rainy (if more rain on your wedding daaaay means fewer tears in the marriage, I’d gladly get married in a hurricane). And everyone was there. Everyone – from my grandmother to my best friend to Gene’s old boss to our Christian friends to our athiest friends. Awesome.

Anyway, tomorrow’s a very busy day (vet’s office, closet lady, visit to BFE, dinner) so I suppose I should clean up from dinner. Yum.