And the movies!

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Still haven’t seen the movie version of Devil Wears Prada. Ehh. I’m saving my movie picking prowess for Clerks II instead. (The boy saw a preview for it in front of Superman and called it the movie where they compare Star Wars and Lord of the Rings). I really wanted to see “Devil” but, meh. The reviews weren’t super hot and I really loved the book. I’m going to hope for better things from the Nanny Diaries movie instead.

But I’ve seen a ton of movies at home. Still trying to work my way through the AFI Top 100, so I actually sat through the snooze fest that was Annie Hall (#31, supposedly better than It Happened One Night, hell no!). Sooo awful. Any movie that requires suspension of disbelief so huge that I must believe Woody Allen is sexy? Yech.

Next, I’m working my way through Now Voyager again. I always get this one mixed up with Dark Victory, which is pretty funny because I think I just figured out I’ve never seen Dark Victory. Oh, well.

So, about that book…

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I just finished reading “But Enough About Me” by Jancee Dunn. I loved it, loved it, loved it. One chapter is titled “No, none for me thanks: What to do when your subject offers you heroin”. I read the chapter title and then had to go do something else for a few minutes, but I puzzled over it until I returned to the book to read the chapter. The answer for me was in the first few words – Scott Weiland. Har har har.

Anyway, for any music geek, it was an awesome read. I recognized the author’s name (She wrote for Rolling Stone when I was a subscriber) and really was glad that it turned out to be good.

Sadly, I cannot give the same rave to Baby Proof. This is the newest book by the writer behind one of my favorite books, Something Borrowed (which I like so well I literally will start over again when I finish it each time – thank heavens sometimes the library helps me to end the cycle). I’m not going to get into the plot much but it just didn’t do it for me. I guessed the ending, read the ending, was wrong, still didn’t care. Usually the fun for me is seeing how we get from Point A (the start) to Point Z (the end), especially when I guess right. But this one just left me cold. Oh, well. Thank you, Cheesecake City-County Library for making it possible for me to not waste money on books that end up sucking. (But yeah, you should really get Something Borrowed).

ooh, ooh!

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Did you know that haricots vert are GREEN BEANS??


I’m at, my second favorite place to find recipes (after the Naptime Gourmet) and they are advertising a Bastille Day menu. Humm, I say. I know a couple of chuckleheads who were MARRIED on Bastille Day (that would be Gene and I). One of the recipes was for Haricots Verts Lynnoaise. I was reading a book yesterday (more on that later) and one of the people in the book mentioned these Haricots Verts things and I wondered at the time, what exotic food are haricots verts? I imagined some sort of small exotic goat dish or perhaps tiny potatoes harvested in the mountains of France.

Humm. Green beans. Dang. Actually, I adore green beans – or should I say, J’adore haricots verts! – but the recipe called for icky things such as vinegar. Yeck.

Oh, hi!

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I’m still here. Nothing exciting to report. I’m not at work! Wheee! (Actually, that’s pretty exciting all by its lonesome self).

You should read this blog instead of mine: True Wife Confessions. It’s like PostSecret but more venomous, with less art. Yaknow, I think that if I ever start a blogroll, that’s what I’ll call it: “Blogs you should read instead of mine.”

I couldn’t hear out of my left ear most of Sunday and half of Monday. Then my left ear was itchy so I was scratching it (Yes, yes, you’re not supposed to put your finger in your ear) and when the finger emerged, I could hear! (Technically speaking, I feel that having JUST made a doctor’s appointment is actually what fixed it…you can save money on the co-pay by just making the appointment and scaring your body into thinking that it’s going to the doctor. You may recall that this fixed my backache earlier this year when I went back into PT).

And, my brother’s wedding pictures are available online. My SIL Michelle looked even more beautiful than I remembered. And my brother is still 12. I don’t think I can “accidentally” post a wedding picture on here (Hey, I care about copyrights!) but rest assured, they looked marvelous. And I really should have worn a dress because the pictures I’m in look like a woman waiting for the bus accidentally wandered into a few pictures. Whoops. I totally suck!