Geek Looove…

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It’s a weekend with the boy. It is 7:30 AM and we are all up.

(I should make some breakfast for us all…I wonder if we have any sweet rolls…)

Anyway!! Gene and the boy are sitting at our dining room table discussing the difference between storage and memory in terms of computers. It is so cute that he’s teaching the boy all about this stuff. Especially at half past SEVEN on a Saturday!!

Now about those sweet rolls…

Why did I think this was a good idea??

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There is a guy in my house right now, cleaning the living room and master bedroom carpets. These kinds of chores are much better when I can use them to torture Gene with (“I’m sorry, Babe, the only time they could come out was during your morning meetings!”). I am just waiting to hear what horrors have occured – I don’t care if the mattress gets ruined (new one arrives tomorrow!) but I’d hate for the TV to get ruined. The new one of those (MERRY XMAS, GENE) isn’t ordered yet.

Speaking of work, there is a mahjobiscrappis update and it’s actually a good one. I just don’t feel like typing it now. Neener, neener.

And Happy Birthday Brandy.

Fun with Demotivations

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Awhile back (maybe a year?) I posted about wanting to replace my motivational poster at work with one that suggests “Maybe the way to fix morale is just to fire all of the unhappy people.”

Now, has an even better one: “Worth”. (If you aren’t interested in clicking, I will tell you that it says: “Just Because You’re Necessary Doesn’t Mean You’re Important.”

Holy moly is that brilliant. If my motivational poster is oriented the same way as Despair’s “Worth” poster, I am going to have a switcheroo.


and yea, it kicked ass…

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Every other Thursday is the day I cut the paychecks for my company. Yesterday was that Thursday. Yesterday was also CD 28, if you speak the lingo. Between the work stress and the girly stress, it was a rotten day.

Around 4, things were really starting to hit the fan and I had one horrible thought:


I think that thought a lot – My primary drug of choice is cake.

I looked up and D was going outside for a minute, headed toward the refrigerator stocked with…CAKE!

Because D is a sainted figure, I soon had cake.

So much for two consecutive Choco-sober payrolls. Oh well.

PS: Gene wants me to mention that I was supposed to bring him some pecan pie, which we also had in the work fridge. I didn’t.

aggh, I’m a little overwhelmed here!

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Two words: furniture shopping.

All I wanted was a fucking king sized bed so I had a decent chance of a restful night’s sleep instead of how it is now. Two humans + two beagles that triple in size after 10 PM does not equal restful sleep.

::insane rant snipped – you are welcome::

I did not want to blow a fortune on furniture. All I wanted was a big bed so I could get some Zzzzs in comfort. Ugh.

So Gene has the following plan. He has given me a budget and has asked me to do one of the following:

1) Do nothing – a queen sized bed isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a tight fit for 4 living beings.

2) Buy the mattress we loved best and a frame for it and two cheapie nightstands. Eventually buy the furniture we love, after Plan B (hohoho – money after a baby??) arrives, after the home equity loan is paid off, after our (my) 401k loan is finito.

3) Go ass-crazy on the stuff we love and just be done with it.

I’m leaning toward #2. My parents have had a king sized bed on a frame at least as long as I’ve known them (;)). And the stupid mattress has some sort of lifetime warranty – the saleswoman assured me that meant OUR lifetime, not the mattress’s.

I rate furniture shopping somewhere between dealing with attorneys and dealing with car salesmen on the PITA scale.

I forgot to mention…

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At the baby stuff store, I saw the MOST amazing thing…

a $400+ LAMP. Since it was in the baby store, I assume it’s intended for a nursery. But SERIOUSLY???

Mothers of the world, would YOU buy a $400 ceramic pig lamp for your baby girl’s room?

(Criminey, I intend to spend less than that on something of actual importance, like the crib or something…)