On my mind

I want a new job. Now may be a stupid time to actually make a move. Supposedly payroll is going to be mine, all mine (muah ha ha ha) in the next month. (Which means it’ll happen sometime in February). The guy that does our taxes needs an office manager. Maybe I can do that?

I’ve been where I am for 6 years now – about a week ago was the sixth anniversary of the day I walked into that office, supposedly for “a few days”.

(I always say that someone should put up a sign.) I worry that I can’t do anything else. Six years is a long time, considering I’ve only been out of college for 7. I’m scared to move and not excited to stay. If the payroll transition really happens (and New Boss isn’t, herrrm, laid off in the meantime) I think she’ll make it unbearable for me.

But yeah, I left the accountant a voicemail, asking for more information.

And Plan B: Yeah, it’s still a plan. Lately, I find myself scared of that, too. What if I can’t handle it? (Not the first 9 months – everything ends sooner or later, right? – but the subsequent 18+ years.) With my tendency toward being easily overwhelmed, it’s something to consider. What if I’m making a terrible decision?

And, the stupidest of the three topics: television. We don’t have a TV hooked up in our bedroom right now (it was unhooked the day the consignment store took away the furniture) and the new one won’t be set up until sometime between now and Thanksgiving. I really miss it for the nighttime noise and the movies I have on the PVR. I was in the middle of watching something (I don’t remember what now).

Holidays: Thanksgiving with the in-laws here, Xmas with the in-laws (and my family too, hooray!) up in Ohio/Indiana. So much for a quiet holiday for Thanksgiving.

We’re going to visit Blanche next weekend. I meant to go in August for her birthday but it didn’t happen. It’s stupid, but I want to ‘talk’ to her.

Anyway, enough for now…

On notice

First off, I miss watching the Colbert Report. More about that later.

The following things/people/concepts are “On Notice”:

1) Tori Amos – so fucking precious. (Hey, Stephen Colbert has BEARS as something he is afraid of, I have T.A.)

2) Reverse Snobs – in particular, my boss and Her Toady. Today’s Reverse Snob comment: Boss: “Those rich people who dress up their DOGS for Halloween”

Toady: “They probably spend more than I make in a year!” (um, I cut her paycheck, and I know what she makes in a year and not even Paris Hilton spends that on her dog).

3) Efficient People – Jeez, slack off awhile. Your stupid efficiency ruins my inefficiency. If you have always done something on Friday and all of a sudden start to do this on Thursdays, do not be surprised when my part of this isn’t ready until – guess! – Friday (actually, or Tuesday – oops)

4) Adelphia Internet – our internet is changing. My new email address is Elaine.mylastname@roadrunner.com. Do you know how many places have my old email? A lot. Stupid corrupt company.

5) Sites I can’t read – is it me or is the Internet slower than usual? I blame this on the Adelphia jerks, more computers eating up bandwidth or perhaps my reputation proceeding me. Dear internet: If you do not want me on your message board, please email. Thanks

6) The “C” word – just a tasteless, vulgar word.

7) A/V Company – HURRY UP! I want a TV in my bedroom so I can watch the Colbert Report. Do you know that I missed George Lucas supposedly on the show as a guest? (Or better yet, can you believe that I’m upset???)

8 ) Baseball – a.k.a, “Hellllooo Michigan!” – but also, ya know, the less baseball there is on TV, the more new Family Guy episodes there would be room for. (It may not even be baseball causing this. Perhaps hockey? Curling? Jousting? Oooh, the luge!)

Not at work yet, woohoo!

I have a 10:30 doctor’s appointment. I could have¬†gone to work early at 8 and worked til 10, or even gone in at my usual time at 9 and worked til 10, but nooo… I’m home and I don’t have to leave for another few minutes. Hooray!

So I’m geeking here in the living room, listening to Gene do his job. He is a total fucking badass. He’s got some jackass on the phone reading him the riot act and he’s reading them the (what’s right under “riot act”?) scuffle act right back. So cool.

(This doesn’t technically fall under the “Sweet Things My Husband Has Done Today” line, but I don’t have another Gene related section).

(ETA: I think that if the jackass had to work where I work, he’d go nuts. Our main software was down all Friday and half of Monday – I literally did nothing yesterday until 1 but online jigsaw puzzles).

Date Night!


We went to GameStop (well, HE went to GameStop and I waited in the car), then we went to a small chain pizza place for dinner and then across the street for gelato and a peek in the window of Gymboree, which was next store.

(Bad news – they have penguins again THIS year…and they’re even CUTER….!!! Gene says wait til next year but I’ve got my hopes pinned on Black Friday for the one or two pieces that I loved).

Ding-dong the boss is gone…

which old boss?

MY old boss?

(OK, well, TECHNICALLY it’s new boss, or Helmet Head as D and I call her).

But, whee!

And she won’t return until Tuesday.

Her toady even left early yesterday – she was gone by 2:30 or 2:45. Whenever I’m alone in my department, everyone comes to my desk in shifts and says “Alone?”

I always smile big and say “Yep!” and, if it’s someone who knows what PITAs my coworkers are, I say “It’s like it’s my birthday and Xmas all in one!”