A Farewell to Mabel

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It goes without saying that my mother needs to skip this post. Thank You.

My mother’s mother has passed away. I love(d) her very much. When I was in high school and having a stressful week with the school newspaper, Grandma’s house was a refuge from all of that. We’d sit around and watch TV (in later years she discovered the Game Show Network, which ROCKS) and just chill. She didn’t have a computer so I couldn’t wile away the hours on AOL, which was kind of the point. I used that time to bond with her, sit and read and relax.

She was a HUGE Dean Martin fan and had a collection of his movies, music and a singing Dean Martin doll. I think her favorite song was “I Don’t Know Why I Love You (But I Do)”. She even has all the Dean Martin roast tapes, from TV (I think it was a Christmas present from my Mom).

I saw her while I was up north for Xmas. She was in a retirement home. She looked like my Grandma but she wasn’t. She wouldn’t eat or drink much and Mom told me she would pass soon. Grandma repeated herself, like saying “I hurt I hurt I hurt I hurt.”

She doesn’t hurt now, and that is a blessing for her. I love her, and I miss her.

(One of my co-workers has renamed this year Two-Thousand Sucks).

Merry Late Christmas

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I totally had a post (well, kinda) ready to rock on Xmas itself but it didn’t work right. I wanted to post the lyrics to Gene’s favorite Christmas song, Merry Christmas from the Family. We forced my mom and dad to listen to it in the car on the way back from dinner on the 22nd. I think they were very impressed.

Anyway, we’re home now. I even worked all day. Well, technically until 5. The payroll process has 3 main steps and I couldn’t do Step Two and without Two, I can’t do Three. Woo. Hoo. And, the rest of the computer stuff went down around 1. Yeah, I’m thrilled. (Why did I come home from vacation, again?)

Date Check

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So, we’re here in IN, relaxing at the hotel after a tough day of…well, not much, actually. Watching TV, we see the commercial for the security alarm where a man is trying to set the alarm but the code is his anniversary and (ha ha) he can’t remember his anniversary, so he makes the alarm go off.

“Pop quiz,” I say to Gene. “What’s our anniversary?”

“July 14th!”

“You had to think about it!”

“I wasn’t expecting the question. I remember it when it’s important: when we celebrate it!” (very true)

“Yes, you always remember it”

“What’s MY birthday?”

“August 17, 1969”

“What’s your Mom’s birthday?”

“December 23, the year she was born” (I know what it is, but I’m not telling YOU)

“What’s your Dad’s birthday?”

“March 3, the year he was born” (Ditto)

“What’s your mom and dad’s anniversary?”

“September 16, the year they were married”

“What’s HIS birthday?” Gene jerks a thumb at the boy

“January 22, 1994”

The boy finally pipes up, “What’s your grandpa’s birthday?”

Uhhh. I ALWAYS get this one wrong. I always think it’s December 19.

“Ha ha, you don’t know it! It’s December 15!”

“How do YOU know that?” I ask him.

“Because you forgot it last weekend!”
(Which is sadly true…I still thought it was the 19th)

As Darlene Love says…

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“It is December 24th (okay, it’s the 22nd…wait, no, it’s the 21st…) and I am longing to be up North…”

Well, HELL NO!!! I AM up north, bitchezzz!

(Sorry, I’ve been meaning to refer to you all as bitchezzz lately….Merry Xmas)

We made it to Indiana about 3 hours ago. The drive took a lot longer than it usually does because we stopped for about a half dozen naps. Frankly, bitchezzz, party people, I think we need to start doing this drive in two parts or exclusively during the day. Gene loves driving all night but we are getting too OLD for this. Especially me. And double especially me when I’m wacked out on coedine.

(YES! Doctor Hottie called in a script for some cough syrup w/ coedine. It is a wonderful thing and I love it so well and I can’t wait to take more)

Later tonight, we are having dinner with my mom and dad. And maybe Macauley/Bill and his wife, but maybe not. (Hey, I’d skip dinner with us, too).

Xmas Confession

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(Subtitled: I’m NOT READY YET)

(See also: Coedeine, lost and found)

(See also: Scissors, lost and not yet found, oh well)

And thank you WordPress for finally letting me type in the body of my Write Post box. Bastards.

I’m NOT READY for Xmas yet. Technically, I’m just not ready to leave town (this time tomorrow we’ll be 3 hours closer to IN).

I have yet to…

…Move wages from wrong SS#s to right SS#s (we are closing the Payroll Year tomorrow – yes, 10 days early)…

….Do a second load of laundry so Gene can have more clean clothes…

…Pack laptop or toiletries (at least we’re driving so I don’t have to worry about how much I have of each item)

…Wrap presents for the boy, my dad or my brother

…Locate birthday card for my Mother. She hates cards but where the hell do I put the ubiquitous present otherwise??

…Find scissors so I can wrap more presents (if you get a present from us next Monday and it’s not wrapped or even in a gift bag, please just let it go)

…Officially ditch cough. I finally got my doctor to just call me in some fucking syrup w coedine, so hopefully this one will be solved shortly. Vote no on bronchitis!

…Send Xmas cards to anyone. I am such a tool.

On the bright side…

…Work Xmas gifts are ready to be loaded in the car…

…Gene, the dogs and I are all packed for our Christmas destinations…

…I found the perrrfect Xmas gift for D. I hope she likes it. I hope she doesn’t find out what I spent on it because she will croak and probably me return it. (For the record, I paid less than 1/3 of what eBags is charging – I love D but I don’t love her THAT much).

…tomorrow is IT at work until the 27th. Woohoo!

I will try to post while I’m on vacation. I will have my camera with me and may even take pictures with it. You never know, right?

No coedine?

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Apparently some dumbass threw away the cough syrup w/ coedine that was my miracle drug earlier this year. (I suspect the dumbass was me, but just in case, let’s blame the dogs). The real doctor wouldn’t give me anything (jerk) so I went to the CVS Minute Clinic today (I saw the real doctor on Tuesday, so hopefully that span of time keeps it from being Rush Limbaugh style doctor shopping). Still no coedine, but now I’ve got prescription cough pills. All I want is to get rid of the cough so I can visit my grandma while I’m up in Indiana.

Today was also the first day I felt like doing anything useful, such as Xmas shopping. I still don’t have anything for D, which is concerning. I wonder what time the mall opens tomorrow…. Hopefully I can get the wrapping done tomorrow since I’m staying home while Gene takes the boy home to his Mom’s.

The return of sweet thing!

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So, I’m feeling better. All it took was staying in bed from Saturday evening through Tuesday morning and then part of Tuesday evening (silly me, trying to go to work). And the help of a great man…fortunately, the one that I married.

Need a drink? Check!

Food? Sure!

Food you really shouldn’t eat but assume it’ll taste good since you’re sick? Whatever you want!

(Seriously, it was a diet free for all…not a good thing, but at least I got a little nutrition).

He waited on me the entire time. Every meal, glass of Sierra Mist Free (BTW, I must be feeling better because I tried to drink one with dinner last night and couldn’t stand it). I was so, so glad. He did an awesome job and I appreciated it so much.