Update, April 2007

I wonder if I can make a post that references all of my categories…

1) Baby dreaming – Still not pregnant (or trying, of course)

2) Certifiable, undeniable – In therapy, getting quite a bit out of it. Sometimes I take my Wellbutrin, sometimes I don’t. I attribute being able to go to bed at a reasonable hour to not taking it. After around a week of “accidentally” forgetting, I get a little snappy. I see my regular doctor later. Maybe I will ask him for a different drug.

3) Deadly poison, deadly poision, Ahh! Tasty fish! – I have mastered microwave baked potatoes (scrub, poke, salt, 5 minutes, turn, 5 minutes, done). Mmmm.

4) Elsewhere on the Internet – I have had the same 3 items in my LL Bean “Shopping Bag” all weekend (khaki skirt and two tshirts) all weekend and have not even bothered to find my credit card. What am I going to do with a skirt?? Apparently khaki skirts are what all the rilly (no spelling error) super cool girls are wearing this summer (along with some of the ugliest damned shoes I’ve ever seen) and we all know I’m a shameless follower.

5) Ha! – Apparently there is a career out there where women actually make more than men, CNN says. The story is a video link and I don’t bother clicking those, but I bet it’s either modeling, hooking or porn actress. We’ve come a long way, Baby.

6) I Are Educated – Forgot what the word cliche means

7) Indiana – Happy First Anniversary to my baby brother Macauley/Bill and his beautiful wife Michelle. I can’t believe it was just a year ago that I was cluttering up your wedding pictures. If you get married again I promise to not look like a cow.

8) Let’s Get Ready to Ramble – Part of me says this is all a big ramble anyway, so, that’s enough for now.

9) Life in Cheesecake City – Baskin Robbins has a new Reeses Peanut Butter Cup sundae and when I went to get one today they were out of some integral part of it. Jerks.

10) Mahjobiscrappis – Despite apparently not getting along with my coworker, I did manage to get stuck buying her a group birthday gift. (Toady: if you’re reading this, it’s going to be a Yankee Candle. Act surprised!)

11) Nerds Ahoy – Gene gave away all of his “Poker” stuff. (Whoooo! He’s not sad and I’m thrilled to reclaim the floor of my coat closet)

12) Reading Writing Listening To – Supposed to be reading The Worry Cure, have actually written two entire pages this weekend (hurray!) and Sirius 22 is on the TV but I have it muted unless something good comes on.

13) Snaked Again, Naturally – No goofy religion related stories now, sorry.

14) Someday When I am Queen of Everything – I don’t know, but when I am queen of everything, it will rock.

15) Sweet Things My Husband Has Done – He cooked me a yummy steak for dinner tonight. (We bought a new grill)

16) That’s Entertainment – You should really rent the movie Accepted. It stars the Mac guy from those “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads. And is mind blowing-ly hysterical, although, not as funny as Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

17) The Family – Things are pretty good w/ the Boy. I hope he works hard the rest of the school year to bring his grades up.

18) The Hounds – Are going on vacation to summer camp when I go to MI for the girls weekend because Gene is going to Texas for a concert and then somewhere for work.



A terrible way to spend 1/7 of your life…

I read that once about Mondays, but sometimes I think Sundays are worse. As of now, I have to make it through 5 days of work. At least by this time tomorrow I’ll be down a day.

New Boss is out of town all week, which is ordinarily a fabulous thing. However, there are now only two of us (plus a newish girl) in my part of our office and the other girl (not the newish one) doesn’t seem to be speaking to me. She may have valid reasons, she may not. My doctor recommends asking her, but I don’t think I can do that. She’s made motions lately about leaving the company, so the avoidance part of me thinks “Ehh, she’ll be gone soon enough and then I don’t have to deal with her at all anymore, so why risk hearing bad news?”

On the bright side, the newish girl is from our training department, and I know her slightly well, and definitely better than my other two coworkers. So at least there’s someone to talk to.

My brain is now jello

Gene and the boy are at the movies and for some reason I decided to sit down and avoid writing watch some YouTube videos (as we all know, MTV and VH1 don’t show videos anymore anyway). First, I re-watched the Alanis Morrisette version of My Humps (still funny).

But, as it happens, things quickly went downhill and now I think I’ve been lobotomized by YouTube. I watched the original (ie, Black Eyed Peas) version of My Humps, which I had somehow missed. (I was fine before – did not miss much) but then I watched two Fergie solo videos (Fergilicious and London Bridge). Clearly, I no longer have a short term memory problem.

Now I have a questionable judgement problem! Ha!

(Seriously: This crap really reminds me why we’re a nation comprised primarily of half-witted infants…holy moly, THIS is entertainment now? Explain to me puhlease why Fergie, a former meth addict who has literally pissed herself mid-concert lives but Kirsty MacColl is gone, seriously, puhlease. And how the hell did Hugh Hefner’s harem become TV stars??).

(If you want mindless entertainment, read People Magazine or listen to Katrina & The Waves “Walking on Sunshine”, both of which are shining examples of mindless entertainment that do not also simultaneously degrade the entire human race).

was bad, is now worse

So the vet said to give Scooby Benadryl twice a day, and I’ve been trying to actually make sure it gets done. I covered one in some peanut butter and shoved it in him a few hours ago. It’s bedtime now, so I got up to start the going to bed process (you know the one – the one where the woman unloads and reloads the dishwasher, turns the TV off, locks the door, turns on the burglar alarm, and the man gets in bed) when I reach to pet Scooby for being such a good boy when I notice a mostly untouched, peanut butter covered Benadryl stuck to his collar.

It was bad enough knowing Betty is prettier than I am, but now Scooby is smarter? Not fair!

Everyday is like Saturday…

(OK, Morrissey said that Everyday is Like Sunday, but today’s not Sunday).

I have been so frigging busy this week. New Boss’s Toady was out of the office all week (yippeee!) so I helped New Boss with a lot of her work, to the point where I input all of the invoices that our restaurants sent in so far. I left work at 1 Friday to make a 2:30 dentist’s appointment (so far, I get to keep my teeth!) and 6:00 doctor’s appointment (current topic of discussion: Why do I hate Toady? So far all I can come up with is “She likes country music” and “She’s too organized” D, help me out – why else I do dislike Toady?).

Today first thing was the Nissan dealership for an oil change. But – yippee! – that’s not all! I need new rear brake pads, new tires and something called a fuel induction service. I’m taking it in again next Saturday to get all of that done. I guess I can just hand over my entire paycheck. The tires are 90% of the cost, but since we’ve put over 40k miles on it in less than 2 years, Gene and I both feel it’s important to maintain the car well. (We looked at a car for him a few weeks ago and have decided instead to keep our money and thank our lucky stars that we don’t need a second car right now).

Next, Scooby went to the vet’s office for his annual checkup. He’s in great shape. And now he’s sleeping on my feet, keeping them warm. All of which is going to really tick him off in a minute because I need to get up and go to the grocery store.


If Gene figures out that I switched our Blockbuster.com movie queue so Sex & The City Season 3 Disc 1 is shipping next, he will be so annoyed…It’s a total guilty pleasure for me but when the 3 movies we can have out at once are 2 discs of chick TV and a family movie (the early works of Sir Adam Sandler count as family fare, right?), he feels left out.

I think I’m going to switch it again so the next movie to come to us will be Jackass 2 or something like it. OOh! Or I could go rent it at the real live Blockbuster store. Yess! Good plan!