Anybody know?

Does anyone know why I have Video Killed the Radio Star stuck in my head? And the worst part is that that is the part I have stuck in my head – an endless loop of “Video killed the radio star! Video killed the radio STAR!” (the second “star” is in caps because in my head the song sounds a tiny bit like a commercial jingle for some toy from my childhood, perhaps a My Little Pony).

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

is actually not all I want to say (so Sting can just take that sentiment and shove it…)

I’m home until 2 today because we had an appointment this morning connected to yesterday afternoon’s appointment but NOT connected to Tuesday’s The Boy thing.

Hey, I know! Let’s do a blind item:

What husband of an underrated blogger is going in for some nip and tuck? No one is saying for sure exactly WTF is going on, but rumor has it he’ll be half the man he used to be!

In other news:

I successfully did not buy silverware. Today I am thinking about tennis shoes, again. My Nikes are pretty close to biting the dust and that stupid AmEx gift card has just about enough left to pay for most of a pair. And I’m walking one of the dogs every day so it’s important to have the right footwear (my awesome sandals are not the right footwear).

(I wish I had saved the AmEx gift card and gift checks from my employer to buy something really wackadoodle when I am greenlighted to buy Plan B gear).

I do not need, I do not need, I do NOT NEED…


I need to stop going places on the Internet that has things I can buy. Stupid is having a sale on…oh, who knows? Yesterday it was toys (Plan B will need toys!), today it is silverware (I like eating things!), tomorrow it will be something else entirely. It will have the following in common, though:


I do not have a baby in need of toys. I have an embarassingly vast array of baby stuff (to which I fessed up about while in Detroit and do not feel the need to do so here) and that’s enough until there is an actual baby.

I have silverware, enough for 8 people if they don’t look too closely at our knives (what is wrong with Henckels? Their fancy knives are awesome but we are on our second round of knives and they are just awful). I am not having a state dinner at my house. I am probably not even having CHRISTMAS dinner at my house.


PS – Mmm, so pretty.

PPS – Do not need, do not need, do not need.

PPPS – It’s not that I don’t need ANYTHING, it’s that I don’t need this stuff. I can’t think of anything right now, but more sense and freedom from writers block would be a good start. Does Amazon sell that?

Boy is Fine

I took today off to go to the hospital with Gene. The boy is fine, it seems. The surgery took an hour or so and he is probably just about on his way home now with his mom and stepdad.

I also learned today that the boy on drugs is HYSTERICAL. He informed us while we were in the “holding room” (before the OR) that he is Spicy. He’s a pretty funny kid normally but on drugs? Too funny.

And, me

I am really really overwhelmed right now. The boy’s surgery is tomorrow. Wednesday and Thursday we have to go to another hospital for another reason (everything is OK). A week from Thursday we go to that hospital again (everything is still OK). Plus it’s slightly busy at work and I can’t seem to do anything right there lately. And Gene’s sick (but needs to get better right now). And I’m chomping at the bit to get a move-on w/ the maybe PT job of the future more than ever because my loving day gig employer is apparently going to totally be crappy and cut my vacation days from 4 weeks PLUS holidays (Xmas, New Years Day, MLK Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 2 days at Thanksgiving) to 25 days INCLUDING holidays. Don’t want to use a vacation day for a holiday? Fine! Work on Thanksgiving. ::eyeroll:: And yeah, the 4 weeks vaca is pretty spectacular, but don’t forget that I haven’t seen a dime of 401k match in nearly 3 years. And let’s not forget the fact that we are almost at a YEAR since the payroll printer started its long decline toward boat anchor status. It is there now, BTW.

And I have gained weight. Ugh, I totally feel yucky. Everyone at work keeps saying “You’re going to have to buy smaller pants” but I think “Heh, why buy smaller pants when these are feeling tight?” I think I should re-read my book about Syndrome X to center myself again. I am to be retested for the prediabetes in July and at the rate I’m going, I will fail, fail, fail. Perhaps I will also start testing my blood sugar again (yea). I really need to get serious. I do not want to end up with gestational diabetes.

(Hey, that reminds me of what I wanted to look up at BabyCenter….)

Maybe, just maaaaaybe…

Good Things!

1) I have heard back about the possible part time job that would eventually allow me to get the hell out of my current day gig. Hopefully I’ll know more in June (I can’t talk in specifics)

2) I found a TV stand for the boy’s room. $50 @ Target, the real store (the Tar-jay near my office is way better than the Tar-jay near my house), paid for with a gift card that was from Gene’s employer. I put it together today all by myself and it looks GREAT. I am so proud of myself – my mother is in charge of putting together all DIY furniture at my parents house and I think our family here is headed the same direction, gender-wise.

3) The downside is the boy probably won’t get to see the TV stand for awhile as the knee/hip/leg injury that was a problem two years ago is cropping up again. He’s seeing an expert here in Cheesecake City (his mom’s taking him) tomorrow so hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll know more. All signs are pointing toward surgery, but that was the same story last time and that ended up being BS.