Confront THIS!

So I realized on the way to work today that it’s time for me to deal with a few issues that I’ve been avoiding. There were three (1 – doctor’s office 2 – eBay purchase 3 – insurance premium payment from a franchised restaurant). My goal was to scratch all 3 off the list before I left the office today.

I accomplished this – kinda.

1) Doctor’s office once again gave me the BS answer about “results not in yet.” I can’t bring myself to get ugly with these folks because technically the sample was taken by LabC*rp (ick), not my ob/gyn’s office and Dr. P will be the one to deliver Plan B, not LabC*rp. I did make my next appointment since, at the end of the day, the test results are only relevant on a trivial basis (the results could be that my progesterone level was 1,308* and it wouldn’t matter because I am 100% not pregnant this time). The difference is, I paid for the damned results (between my copay and the $ Cigna kicks in) and I want them! (OH! And Cigna has in fact already paid LabC*rp, the pigfuckers).

2) Sent “check up” email to seller, now I’m too chickenshit to check my email to see if she’s responded. **

3) Sent email to franchise location’s payroll clerk. The story is that we’re offering the same benefits to our franchise employees that we do to our corporate-owed location employees, but one of the franchises claims they were never told how to go about paying for these benefits. Umm, try asking?? Or even taking a wild stab in the dark and cutting a check?

Now that all is said and done, I think I kinda accomplished each of these tasks but not really. As of right now I have no lab results, no eBay item and no check from the franchise (or even an “Oh, that’s what I was supposed to do??” email response).

Oh well. At least I tried.

* Not sure, but I think a progesterone level that high would be detrimental to my health

** ETA 12/1 – Worked up courage, item to ship tomorrow. Yeeees! Merry Xmas to ME.


I’m in a crabby mood. I apologize in advance, but….

I’m sick.

My boss (New Boss) is a huge, huge HUUUUUGE biotch, biatch, bizzatch, whatever. It is all I can do to not physically shove her sometimes. Gene basically told me today that the next time she gives me crap about a certain subject to tell her literally to fuck off.

My stupid doctor’s office doesn’t seem to understand how fugging annoying it is that they haven’t gotten back to me with my progesterone test results. Dammit, the blood was drawn on Wednesday, what the hell is the delay? (Actually, the delay is a) They are backed up from the holiday and b) their printer is broken. What does a broken printer have to do with anything??). The results should have been in on Monday and now they’re saying by the end of the week. This is my busy week at work and it would be so nice to know if I have a hope in hell of this being our month as a consolation prize.

And the big thing I bought on eBay hasn’t been shipped yet. It’s a physically big item and I know the seller from a message board so I told her to take her time (yes, I am an idiot).*

*ETA 12/1 to say that I also found the exact item NEW online for only another $20 plus free shipping, etc. I wish I’d seen it before – much less stress.

and I forgot to mention THIS sweet thing…

So, while I was at the new chiropractor’s office, guess what Gene did?

He went to Gymboree.

Yes, really. Everything was 30% off before noon and I had an additional 20% off my entire order coupon (plus now we have Gymbucks because Gymbo knows all about getting you on the comeback). I gave him the coupon and his orders were “gender neutral and don’t forget the matching hats!”

And when he retrieved me from the doctor’s office, he told me that he could never go there again because he would go broke. Hee hee! (“Especially if we had a little girl” which is EVEN funnier).

Seriously, he did a fabulous job. The reason we were shopping Gymbo was we needed a nice present for Gene’s best friend and his wife. Their first is due in early January (I think – we aren’t close so I don’t know exactly) and they either aren’t finding out the gender or aren’t telling the gender (meanies!) so, beige and yellow it is.

Another Sweet Thing Gene Did…

So, I’ve seen a chiropractor or a physical therapist for many of the years I have lived in Cheesecake City. And you know what? I always still had pain. Yeah, that neck cracking part is so lovely that I’ve contemplated lighting a cigarette aftewards, but the relief only lasted a day or two.

Gene got a referral to a chiropractor from his personal trainer and has so far really liked him. I finally let Gene talk me into visiting this guy (it’s more that I didn’t want to miss work than unwillingness to see the new doctor). Instead of the usual rack ’em and crack ’em treatment, this guy talked to me a lot about muscles, posture, scar tissue, etc and then he did wonders with counterpressure. He willed parts of my shoulder into submission, parts that haven’t been without numbness or pain in a long long time (years?). I knew that I was a fan of counterpressure but I had no idea that it could do so much!

And I feel faaaabulous. (D, you should see this guy sometime).

So, Thanks Gene!

Oh what a night!

So, you’re asking, what did you and Gene do for Thanksgiving?

Well, we had Thanksgiving at a restaurant. We could only get in at lunch so we were finished with the eating portion of the day by 2. After that, much, much, MUCH sitting around. Many many many hours of DVR’d TV shows (Kid Nation, Dirty Sexy Money, etc). We were resting up, you see…

because we were going to the mall in the middle of the freaking night. We got there right around 1:30 AM. I’d love to say that we were shopping for others, but we’re selfish jerks, so it was mostly for ourselves. (New sheets, hooray!). The crowds were beyond insane (makes sense, as I think we were beyond insane to attempt this!). I was amazed at how many people were on the phone – calling people just to have someone to speak with at 2 in the freaking morning. Highlight: KBToys had a TWO HOUR wait to check out. Forget that! Gene and I dropped whatever we were looking at and took off.

Here’s the deal – I had fun, and I had fun because I had Gene with me. The crowds were crazy (and believe me, I would not have attempted this alone) but I had Gene with me. I always wanted a best friend to do crazy stupid stuff like this and it turns out that I married him. (Awww). Just one more thing to be thankful for.

(Also thankful for the 3 AM Waffle House breakfast. Yum!)

Thankful ’07

So, what am I thankful for this year?

1) I have a wonderful husband who loves me, even when I get going on some crazy Plan B scheme.

2) I have a family who misses me. I hate being away from Indiana but it means a lot to be missed.

3) I am thankful for my friends who listen to me yammer endlessly about the job.

4) I have a job. Yeah, mahjobiscrappis, but it is a job in a time when plenty of people don’t even have a crappy job.

4b) That job has an internet connection. Woot!

5) Gene and I are finally to the point where we’re trying to have a child. I’ve waited what seems like such a long time to get to this point that even that feels like a victory.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been said many times, many ways…

But why do they make corduroy in plus sizes?

Speaking of fashion, I solved my gym pants dilemma. Lands End, baby! I bought their yoga pants in regular and petite. The petites are great and the regulars really aren’t bad, either, so I’m keeping both and I ordered another pair in regular. I can’t imagine why the pants at Dicks Sporting Goods were so ridiculously long (No offense, tall friends!).

What I did on my (boss’s) vacation…

New Boss returns from her vacation today. She’s been gone since midday Nov. 2. Ugh. It has been a fantastical, fabulous tribute to Slacking Off. And today it all ends 🙁

But, here’s what I accomplished:

First off, she was gone for a payday, so I was certainly busy last week on Monday and Tuesday. I think Wednesday we met The Dude and Thursday is when I had my hot date with The Dude, so all of us pink collars spent a LOT of time Thursday comparing notes about our hot dates w/ him (oh yes, he gets around, heh heh).

Friday? Interminable. Yesterday? I upgraded Internet Explorer, installed some Windows updates, checked each of my 3 email accounts approximately twelve times, chitchatted with my sister accountants, went to an early lunch with Gene, websurfed, answered approximately 4 pieces of mail and filled out 4 Department of Labor Multiple Worksite Reports. Ooh, and IM’d with Julie (no, not THAT Julie).

Now, all of the work related stuff I would have had to do regardless of if New Boss was in town or not. The great thing about being (wayyy) underutilized with her gone is that I didn’t have to work as hard to look as busy.

See, here’s the deal: When your job fluctuates wildly between being incredibly busy (ask me how tomorrow and Thursday will go) and incredibly unbusy, you learn that it’s best to do your work when people are actually watching. They won’t notice if you’re not working when they’re not there, but they will definitely (okay, possibly) notice if you’re clipping coupons at 2 in the afternoon. There is no glory in doing all of your work in the first 30 minutes after you arrive at work (which I could have done yesterday) because then you will have to fill seven and a half hours with….something. And you can’t say Eff it and leave early because your boss isn’t there, and that’s the best way I know to guarantee that 47 urgent phone calls will come in needing your help.

I really dislike this. I feel like my work ethic is being degraded by this entire experience. I swear, I don’t mind working hard (a nice steady hard, not insane hard) and knowing how to just get by is just so depressing. The word from on-high (New Boss’s Boss) is “Work slower.” I am not making that up.

I am already excited about her next vacation, which cannot come soon enough. (Sadly, it’ll probably be well into next year, as her husband has a job where he earns regrettably few vacation days).