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So, if you haven’t read lately, go freaking read some news stories about what the fuck is going on in Thailand and India.


One of the Americans who went to KL with us is in Thailand right now on vacation. Gene said that one of his co-workers has heard from her and she’s reported to be safe. The kicker is that her flight has a layover in freaking Mumbai, India. (If you don’t have time to read the articles I’ve linked to – you should read them, lazy jerk – the gist is that rebels or something have taken over the Bangkok airport and 78 are dead in Mumbai after rebels or something have started attacking five star hotels).

I keep rewriting this paragraph – started this post two days ago. I keep thinking, what if all of this crap had happened in Malaysia while I was there? What would I have done if there were murderers running around the Renaissance in KL looking for Americans? It’s all just too scary.

Thankful ’08

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Well, I don’t have too many traditions here at (does my annual post about Xmas music count?), but one thing I like to do is talk about what I’m thankful for. Yes, it is an original concept, and yes, you are welcome to steal it. (Ha).

I am thankful that I have a wonderful husband. It’s been a difficult year for both of us (not the marriage part, per se), but I think things are looking up.

I am thankful for my family, none of whom I will see on Thanksgiving. (I may see the inlaws on Christmas, which is a WHOLE OTHER TOPIC – RRRRRGH)

I am thankful I have a home to live in. I love our house and I really hope we never have to move.

I am thankful I have two rotten beagles who keep my feet warm (we have been lax about making the dogs sleep in the kitchen since vacation) and I am thankful I have White Dog to help me travel the world from my living room.

I am thankful I have good friends who make me laugh.

I am thankful I have an ob/gyn who will phone in a prescription for Round 4 of Clomid (yesss! Back on the crazy train!).

I am thankful in a thousand different ways that I am home in America instead of away in Malaysia. More on that topic later.

I am thankful that I still have a job. It’s been touch and go lately (and I think the feeling is mutual, although it helps that Gwen would rather not do my job and I think D would quit first) but hell, one of the paychecks coming to the office on Friday is my own. I like getting paid, if being independently wealthy is not an option.

And finally, I am thankful that the shitty Muzak at work doesn’t start with the relentless Xmas music until Monday.

Thank you

Google search…

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So someone apparently got here by searching for “cheesecake carry-on luggage.”

Why, oh, WHY did I not think of that when I was packing for my trip? I could have packed a cheesecake. Maybe next time.

(Actually, I bet that security would have really wrestled me to the ground if I was packing baked goods… did I already mention how upset they were at my closed, full can of Diet Coke?)

Self-portrait with huge pimple, 2008

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Here I am on the skybridge between the Petronas Twin Towers. Petronas (an oil company) lets around 1500 people go on the skybridge 6 days a week (no Mondays). I had to be in line by 8:30-ish that morning to ensure I got a ticket, but I hear that if you want a ticket on the weekend you’d better be in line way earlier. The Skybridge is on the 41st and 42nd floors. The tourguide said that the skybridge moves approximately 10 cm but the top floor (or maybe the spires, not sure) of each tower shifts approximately 70 cm. I don’t know how much that is, but it sounds like a lot. Regardless, the view from the 41st floor was amazing.

A break in a local Malaysian coffeehouse…

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soooo, Facebook…

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So I just made the mistake of pulling up the list of everyone who is on Facebook who graduated from Ben Davis High School in 1995, just to see who is on there.

There are TONS of people. My graduating class was somewhere around 850 people, including the January graduates and the people who went to the “alternative” schools (whatever that meant – either discipline problems or pregnant or both).

Either way, I see a ton of familiar names. A few of them have found me already, which I find enormously flattering (having a very unique Danish last name helps, I guess), and have “friended” me.

So, Internet. Should I do it? Should I go on a spree of trying to “Friend” some of these people? I haven’t done a terribly good job of remembering to chat with the people I have already “Friended”. Oh, and there’s the omnipresent chance that I’ll be deeeenied, just like back in the day. (LaineyD fun fact: I was once voted in the top 3 least popular girls, practically in a three way tie with the two girls who were my closest friends at that time).

I’m overthinking this, aren’t I?

Here is an egregious post about the lovely massages

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Hmm. While I was on vacation, I had:

Two table massages, one with a body scrub

One reflexology foot rub

One upper body chair massage

One back only chair massage


I should really have tried to pamper myself a little! (ha!)

Anyway, the two table massages were at the hotel and were incredible. I wasn’t too impressed with the body scrub one – I chose the coffee scrub and mostly it made my belly look tan/jaundiced for the rest of the day. The massage therapists were the same both times, I think (Gene and I had these massages together) and I so loved that they were almost entirely quiet. I hate too much conversation when I am trying to relax like this. To me, the conversation should consist of helpful hints like “HEY stop that!” or “Is that enough pressure?”.

The reflexology foot rub was really interesting. I had it done at here. I wasn’t sure really what to expect – I’ve never had reflexology done before (is it the same as accupressure? Maybe, not sure). So inside, there are all these recliner chairs, maybe a dozen or more. They have you sit in one and take off your shoes and the lady washes your feet and then it starts. First, she punches your feet.

Did you see what I just said? I said she PUNCHES your FEET. Your FEET (!!). Not hard punches, but still. And when she is sure that she won that round of her versus your FEET, then she massages your feet. Not one of those lame foot massages husbands give wives that lasts five minutes before the begging for reciprocity starts, but the kind where she spends easily five minutes just massaging your big toe. Honestly, even the punching feels amazing. I kept my eyes closed the entire time, but the chairs next to me were not so far away that I could not hear their feet being punched as well. So that was a little unsettling.

(I just had the idea: Hey, I wonder if the place I get my pedicures at offers reflexology? I checked: They do, but it’s way more expensive. Oh well. What cost $25 in Malaysia costs $60 here).

Anyway, the rock star of this whole post is definitely the fish pedicure. I found this site with pictures of the place I went to (and here’s another blog with even more pictures!). The price she quotes on the blog is RM38 (approximately $11 US) but!! Since I went on a Thursday, they had a special going. If I bought a massage, I’d get the fish pedicure for 60% off. That made it something like $5 US for the pedicure and $30-ish for an hour long massage. The blogs I’ve linked to really described it well. I got the massage first and it was another reflexology style one, at least on my feet.

After the hour was up, I was escorted to the fish pond (see the second blog for the best pictures). All you do is put your feet in the water (or as much as you can get in the water without standing) and instantly you are covered with fish. I was in the “little fish” pond and the fish were each about the size of my middle fingers. And when I say “covered with fish” I mean, there had to be at least twenty fish on each leg (I was in there up to my upper calf).  The first five minutes were torture. Even though I knew it was coming I was still shocked that there were FISH eating my FEET (what does Asia have against my feet???). I read and re-read the fish spa’s brochure to take my mind off of my predicament and eventually I relaxed. If you can make it through the first five minutes, the other 25 are easy.

It turns out I was seated next to a body guard for a Asian/Malaysian celebrity (princess? mistress? pop star? No one would tell) whose charge (the celebrity/princess/mistress/pop star) had her fancy feet in the big fish pool. I wish I’d asked the fish spa people who she was, but at the time I thought the guy seated next to me was a banker on his lunch hour and the celebrity was just a lady who wore a gorgeous blouse and swirly skirt to shop. I figured it all out (as much as I have, anyway) when I passed the whole posse on my way to the Tod’s store.