Spring has arrived…

I think spring is here… the birds are chirping, the weather is going to be 70+ degrees this weekend, and the mice are back.

That is, the dead mice.

In my house.


I emailed Gene about it last night: “Please advise where you would like FedEx sent containing Betty and 1 dead mouse”

He called – not emailed, CALLED – to say “You aren’t FedExing my dog…” LOL.


So, it’s Friday. I have been awake until at least midnight every night this week. I think it’s the Wellbutrin’s fault, although if I took it earlier I’d probably not have this issue. I love the Wellbutrin for giving me all this awesome stay awake ability, but the downside is that when I finally go to bed (at least midnight, one night recently I was up until three am, argh) I am down for the count. When the alarm goes off, I wake up long enough to call Gene and talk for a minute or two. And then – back to sleep.

So anyway, it’s Friday and I can stay up all night if I really wanted to. Ironically, I’m finally tired at a normal hour. Pfffft.

And in other news, did I tell you all about the smoke detectors? Apparently two of them are having issues and have been beeping since the electricity died on Monday during Snow Storm ’09 in Cheesecake City. I replaced the battery in one but the beeping continued (!!). It was making me cranky but it was giving both dogs anxiety (think about it, they’re stuck at home all day listening to this, poor babies) so I decided it was time to just freaking detach them until Gene can get home and fix them. Would I rather not have done that? Well, yes, but there are still at least five detectors elsewhere in the house that are functioning so if there is an emergency in the next week, I should be safe.

(Yes, we are replacing all of the smoke detectors ASAP – you’re supposed to replace them every 10 years anyway and the units are 9 years old now)

Off to go find new smoke detectors that aren’t annoying.

Happy Friday!


Gene, come home!

So I’m almost at the end of Week #3 of Gene being out of town and I am SICK OF THIS (stuff). I love, love LOVE alone time, me time, writing time, playing Crazy Cakes on Pogo until my hands are numb time, but AHH. I am ready for Gene to come home!!! It is BORING at home, just me and the dogs. Eating alone has gotten really boring. D and I went to lunch yesterday and it was so great to enjoy a meal with another person (thanks D!).

But today, instead of being good and eating the last of the Swanson $1 frozen entrees*, I decided I wanted some yummy sushi from the place across the street and UGH. The place isn’t set up for to-go orders so I had to stand at the bar, which was crowded, so I basically hovered near some couples. I feel bad for those poor people. All they wanted was to get their drink-and-sushi on and here’s some dork in a pink sweater just kinda…standing there.

UGH. I am sick of this. Come home!
* yes, $1 Swanson frozen dinners. They are exactly what you would expect for $1 – a few tragic chicken fingers (or salisbury steak…or meatloaf), 5 french fries and a dozen or so cut up carrots. The grocery store had them on special two weeks ago and I stocked up on those as well as $1 frozen pizzas (like Totino’s, but for one person!).

About the weather…

It is March.
It is the South.
It is snowing.
(Like I said on Facebook, I sure hope we get a snow day off tomorrow, that would be totally awesome. I’m supposed to make a trillion copies of something for work tomorrow, but meh).

In other news, due to the weather, the satellite is out and has been for about 3 hours. I don’t know why the internet is up, but I’m glad it is.