so, where have YOU been?

First, I could have sworn I posted recently. Wrong!

Anyway, can you believe I had a four day weekend last week and still couldn’t get my act together here on my site? Yes! Really!

It was a very nice staycation (was supposed to be a way better real vacation to Florida but that was cancelled due to The Economy). (So maybe this is better since we maybe would have ended up with swine flu). We cleaned the house (what does it tell you about my tolerance level for doing stuff that I have to take days off of work before I’ll clean the house?), we got new tires for the Murano (and got to drive a loaner Nissan Rogue last Saturday – the Rogue is very nice although too small for the Kanine Kamper in the back of the Murano), we ran errands and I got my hair cut! (In a fit of desperation I went to a place in the mall on Saturday). Oh, and we had sushi. Yum.

The only thing on my To Do list that I didn’t to do was bake brownies. Since Safari crashed while I was in the middle of writing this post (omen that I shouldn’t bother blogging?), I may bake them now. Mmmm. 

Oh! Speaking of the blog, if this blog goes dark on or around 5/2, sorry. It will be exactly 1 year from the day I registered the domain and WordPress (my original registrar) thought that I was still registered through them. As if. I changed the registry a few months later to DreamHost and that gave me a year or something before I have to reregister. Anyway, if the site goes down tomorrow or Saturday, it’s not forever, but it may be until I can sufficiently jam my foot up WordPress’s… anyway. You get the picture.

And finally, I’m sorry that I haven’t been around. I’m hoping to have some good blogging material sometime in May but you may be stuck with rambling loony posts like this one and/or posts where I talk about the 50 songs in the Elaine’s Favorites playlist on iTunes. (Hint: it has more Pet Shop Boys than Fleetwood Mac, although I’m not sure what that means).

Big weekend…

So, we went to a chili cookoff but didn’t eat chili and spent 3 hours Saturday waiting for the cops (which is why we didn’t get to eat chili).

(And how was YOUR weekend?)

Anyway. So, we dropped the dogs off and headed out of town to go to a chili cookoff in a small town a few counties away. After awhile on the highway, we decide to take country roads to our destination. After awhile on the country roads, we decide that since we are headed that direction anyway, we should stop off and say hello to Blanche.

Except, remember the last time we tried this and got so lost we ended up in a neighboring state? Yeah. Thanks to Hertz NeverLost, we had good directions to the funeral home but we couldn’t remember the name of the church she’s buried in (so sue me – it was something or other Baptist church and you can’t throw a beanbag without hitting a half dozen Baptist churches down here).

Eventually, we find it. We check out her gravestone, leave some flowers, and proceed to take off, possibly to try and find Gene’s late father’s burial site (which we knew was in a VA cemetery about 20 minutes away, although we would have been lost once we got there!). Oh, and by this time it is 11:30 or so and I haven’t eaten a thing all day. I am famished. And thirsty.

So, we start to drive down this little two lane road (is it a two lane road when there is one lane for each direction?) and I look over and see…uhoh. A stray dog. Remember Awesome-O? Awesome-O II? Awesome-O III? Well, we had us (hee) another Awesome-O. She was friendly. She had a decrepit collar on but no tags. She came right up to us and was IN the car about 20 seconds later. 

So, the city we’re in? Is one of the 10 poorest in the entire United States (CNN tells me so). There are no rescue groups and the one and only vet’s office that was open scanned the dog and said she wasn’t chipped so they couldn’t try and find her owners. “But hey, you may have found yourself a new dog!”

(Umm, NO).

So eventually we get the city cops involved…who call the county sherriff’s office involved (because the dog was found outside city limits, it’s a county issue)…who finally get animal control to show up. And that lady put that cute little dog in the back of her truck (the kind with crates, like you see on Animal Cops) and thanked us and drove off. And I’m pretty sure that Awesome-O IV went to live on a farm for the rest of her days. 

(It’s 3 PM by this point)

We wandered through the chili cookoff area, which had devolved into a few carts selling drinks, candy apples, etc but the chili was gone 🙁 On the bright side, we got to the hotel (which is why we could not have kept A-IV), got the grime off of us, relaxed, watched a little TV, went to a really good dinner and then watched a little more TV.

And now we’re home and back to regular life. So regular, in fact, that I am going to go fold laundry. The joy of grownup life.

PS: I am including this under the “Sweet Things My Husband Has Done” tag because, even though he’s beating himself up for wasting the early afternoon trying to get a dog (who we may or may not have accidentally stolen, per the cops) someplace safe, it was still done with a good heart. If it had been Betty or Scooby, they would have been lucky to find a stranger like him.

Spoiled rotten…

So, Gene did many sweet things yesterday!

1) He cleaned the guest bathroom! (Since we let the cleaning lady go, the guest bathroom is categorized as His Problem. Perhaps you think that the rest of the house being Largely My Problem makes it out of balance, but I think that this means there is one less toilet to clean and I am FINE with that).

2) He cleaned up the kitchen after last night’s very complicated dinner (I mean, a pasta pot AND a skillet? I know that *I* wouldn’t have wanted to clean all that – really).

3) He took a cabinet door off its hinges so we could go order a replacement from Lowes Home Improvement and then! He actually went to Lowes to order it. (Seriously – if it had been a Me Problem, the door would have stayed propped on the stairs for months). And! When it comes in he’s going to install it! With his bare hands! Color me impressed, especially if one of those bare hands is holding a screwdriver.

4) And then! We went to Chik-Fil-A for milkshakes. And he paid. Yea! (That may sound stupid, but we are budgeted only so much fun money a month, and I’d spent a bit of mine buying him milkshakes so this evens us out).

5) And this week! He is going out of town Wednesday night (big concert in Washington DC) so you know what that means! Taco Bell! Yeehaw. (Or maybe frozen food, but let’s assume Taco Bell).

My Easter Egg Hunt

(or, Why did someone get here by searching for “Cooler than the Easter Bunny”?)

Anyway…the year that we lived with Gene’s mom, we had custody of The Boy on Easter Sunday. And at that time, The Boy was young enough to believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, etc. And at that time, I wasn’t going to let a holiday go by without a Big Fat To-do. I remember going from store to store to buy all the greatest stuff for The Boy’s Easter basket. And I remember braving the yucky smell of vinegar to dye Easter eggs with him. (I only let him dye a half dozen, all of which he chose to dye several colors, so each egg kinda ended up the color of a mud puddle). And I remember hiding the six eggs around the house so he could hunt for them. I even hid one on his bedside table, theorizing that he would be So! Excited! that he would miss that one. (I was right). I even made a list of where I’d hidden the eggs, so there wouldn’t be that terrible smell a week later because of a forgotten egg (another good reason to only dye 6!).

And I remember how happy he was, and how happy that made me. Oh, The Boy, you are loved even now.

Happy Easter.

PS: I got a set of Pyrex glass casserole dishes from the Easter bunny this year, one of which I used to make Baked Ziti for dinner last night. Turned out pretty well. And leftover Baked Ziti is an appropriate Easter breakfast, right?

Big Plans!

So, I have two BIG fun weekends coming up. Next weekend, Gene and I are visiting a small town about 2 hours east of here for a chili cookoff. No, I don’t know why, but we have Marriott points to burn and our trip to FL was cancelled (stupid unraise) so we also have wanderlust and a need to get the hell out of Cheesecake City. 

Annnnnd…. the weekend after, we are both off for an extended weekend. I am taking off Thursday, Friday and Monday and Gene is out all that week. We are considering going to the beachy town in South Cheesecake with the initials “M.B.” but frankly that seems like a lot of work. And I’m not sure I want to take the dogs to the kennel two weekends in a row. Perhaps I can just talk Gene into getting pedicures here in town and maybe going to a movie.

Oh, and in honor of Easter, I think I may take and post a funny photo tomorrow. Well, I think it’s funny (as does Gene, if that tells you anything) but it may offend and cause you to stop visiting. LOL.

Tried something new…

So, I have a pseudo-Bucket List. Instead of it being a list of cool things to do before I die, it’s a list of things that everyone else on planet Earth has done, that I haven’t yet. Currently on the list: drive a riding lawn mower, get in a bar fight (or maybe just a fight fight, whatever), drive a go cart, ride a mechanical bull. There are also a number of movies on the list that I’ve never seen. Drinking that tiny sip of beer at the airport in Frankfurt in November took “drink a beer” off that list. I’d also never played with silly string until a coworker got me a can of it for my last 29th birthday. 

Anyway, I’ve never eaten Peeps. Gene bought a pack of them. I ate one. It was awful. Never again. Why eat Peeps when there are Cadbury Mini Eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans? Another coworker has informed me that Sweet Tart jellybeans are even better. I have a bag in the pantry waiting to be enjoyed.

Deductible, be gone!

Hmm. So it is the end of the first week of April and I’m not finished  with my $500 annual insurance deductible. Last year I polished it off by Valentine’s Day. Should I be glad that I haven’t had to visit doctors as often this year or annoyed that Blue Cross has gotten off scot free so far this year?

Speaking of health insurance, I hate open enrollment at my workplace. I’m in charge of the insurance for our hourly employees (well, I handle most of it, but Gwen handles the brainy stuff) and today was the first payroll of the new plan year (it runs 4/1-3/31) and it turns out that the report of enrollees to move to the new plan was seriously old. An employee who cancelled the old plan in October was on that list and a lady who has never had dental coverage through us mysteriously made the list for dental coverage.

Something else that makes me a little crazy: since our plan year at work begins on April 1 and the plan year for Gene’s employer begins 1/1 (like 90% of the rest of the planet), it makes it hard to change between plans. I was considering moving to my employer’s plan but geeeez, I’ve already paid 3/4 of this year’s deductible and I’d have to start all over again. Pffft. It would have been a money saver over the course of 12 months, though. Oh well!

April Fool’s…

So… tomorrow is April Fools Day. And a certain husband of mine sure loooooves to “get” me on April Fools. I wonder what he has planned? The good news is that I think he forgot about it until this evening. I told the girls at work that if his idea for April Fools is to call and tell me he’s been laid off I will give him one hell of a beat down.

(Not that that didn’t stop me from considering calling him and telling him *I* had been laid off, but fair is fair).

(Have also considered doctoring a pregnancy test but that’s just not funny anymore).

(Hmmm… would it be a good April Fool’s joke to bury the XBox controllers in the back yard? No, I don’t think so).

(ooh! Naked dude screensaver… now how do I pull that off, so to speak? LOL). 

(Alternate: Screensaver from The Girls of Krispy Kreme…)