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( has a tag for his baby-related posts called “BABIES!”, so the title is copying him).

So, one piece of really good news: I am going to be an aunt. My little brother (Macauley/Bill) and his wife Michelle are going to have a baaaaaby!!! That is exactly all that I know but I intend to nag for details when I am in Indiana NEXT WEEK (yay!).

(And yeah, I handled this news really really poorly so I have some major sister in law ass to kiss next week).

(Act surprised, Michelle!)

And on to Plan B – the meet n’ greet with the reproductive endocrinologist was today. Hopefully we’ll get some test results back that makes all of this mostly redundant but it’s good to be prepared just in case. We have a little insurance coverage so we’re going to have an appointment with them. If they agree that IUI is an acceptable treatment method we’ll go with that (it is tremendously cheaper than IVF). If they disagree about IUI, then, hmm.


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Tire replaced free, just had to pay for mounting and balancing. There was also an issue where the car made a noise whenever I’d back up and turn (like out of a parking space) and they fixed it apparently for free. Yay!

And then I came home and did an entire day of work in about 20 minutes. Not bad! Going to go run errands soon.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…

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So on the way home from work today I stopped to fill up the car, congratulating myself for thinking of it today instead of having to stop tomorrow while we’re going from place to place in Cheesecake City. And of course my congratulations were hampered by spying a pebble on the left rear tire. And of course the pebble ended up being a nail. Yay. Gene wrenched it out (I drove the car home, convinced I would have a massive blow out on the highway and end up dead) and sure enough, air came pouring out of the tire. Double yay. So, we plug it up again and tomorrow I’m going to go to the dealership and make them fix it. Oh how I hope there is road hazard coverage on the tire. I definitely do not want to buy a tire tomorrow!!

Doctor, my eyes…

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“People go just where they will

I never noticed them until I got this feeling

that it’s later than it seems”

So, I am generally – and by generally, I mean since I was 12 years old – a fan of Don Henley. However, lately – and by lately, I mean in the last few years – I have found some meaning in some of Jackson Browne’s stuff. Today the iPod spat out Doctor My Eyes and the above line made me think. First, I love the line “People go just where they will” because it’s true. I don’t give advice in most situations because, why bother? People are going to do what they are going to do. You can tell someone,”Hey maybe you should wait to do that” but why? People go just where they will.

And there’s the rest – “I never noticed them until I got this feeling that it’s later than it seems,” which I like because it is later than it seems. I may feel like I’m still 19 years old (and clearly I do – it is such a 19 year old thing to listen to music so closely) but I’m not 19. I’m 32. Too old to audition for American Idol (which is fine, as we all know I can’t sing), too old to be Miss America (to say nothing of too married to be Miss America), too old to be a hoochie girl dancing in a rock video (unless it’s a Weird Al parody of a Robert Palmer song, where, instead of airbrushed models backing him up, he has a lineup of shimmying water buffalo dressed in their finest Lands End t-shirts and khakis).

(That may be the greatest idea for a music video, ever).

Anyway, the years are passing. All of a sudden, the singers on the radio are younger than I am, the managers at work are younger, and even people younger than me are all of a sudden having kids. (And you thought I wouldn’t bring up babies – don’t you know whose blog you are reading?). Am I already too old for that, too?

“Doctor my eyes,

Tell me what you see

I hear their cries

Just say if it’s too late for me”

Next Tuesday we have a followup test from our July medical adventure and the informational session with the reproductive endocrinologist’s office. The main piece of information I hope to pick up is “Can we afford this?” I suspect the answer will be “Bitch, please!” (Or perhaps, “How do you feel about giving yourself a shot in the ass?”)

(Or maybe the followup test will come back super good, I’ll do another round or two of Clomid and I will end up pregnant and you all can stop listening to me whine about this).

(Yikes, who let Pollyanna weigh in on this?).

Getting this off my chest…

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(heh heh, chest)

So if I had a billion dollars I would buy Facebook so I could make the following rule:

“Profile pictures must be of a person and not your cats, cars, or adorable twin babies. Your cat and babies sure look cute but eventually you’ll end up under ‘Suggestions’ with the caption ‘you and Bob both went to Central High*’ and everyone who went to Central High will say to themselves, ‘Gee, I don’t remember a 3 month old in the graduating class at good ol’ Central High.’ Pictures of you holding the baby or cats are fine.”

(I promise it’s not the 3 month old part that annoys me. It could be a profile picture of a particularly attractive jelly doughnut – echh, jelly doughnuts – and I would feel the same way).

* Central High = generic name of course… Google n’ all, right?

Payroll clerk’s lament…

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So, this morning I made up a song to sing to the dogs. I am willing to bet the meaning is transparent and possibly universal. Wanna hear it? Here it goes:

“I, I, I, don’t want to go to work today!

I, I, I, want to sit on my ass and play!

I, I, I, don’t want to go to work today!

‘Cause yesterday was payday and it’s all downhill from there!


That reminds me, I meant to sing it to Gene. Maybe later.


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Thank heavens for Facebook. And for a husband who is far, far better at empathy than his wife. (And wasn’t mad when we overslept this morning, whoops).

I love weekends

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Yesterday, the dogs went to the groomer, I cleaned the living room, a bathroom and the kitchen (I never had to clean the kitchen back when we ate out more…oh well). Gene and I had a delicious sushi lunch, went to the grocery store (saved a fortune thanks to triple coupons – LOVE triple coupons) and picked up the dogs. And then we watched a couple of terrible movies from Netflix (which will be replaced with stuff that I will watch when Gene is out of town!). And then I made the mistake of going on Facebook, where non-HEM Julie told me that IKEA (the furniture store that sells meatballs, or The Meatball Restaurant, depending on who you ask) has their delicious meatballs for only ninety-nine cents all weekend.

And Gene said we could go. YAY. Meatballs (and Daim torte) for dinner. I love it when dinner is $10 (and dessert costs 3x more than the entrees).

Mmm. So tempting to go back today.

(No can do – haircut for me, pedicure for me, folding laundry, packing for Gene, BLTs for dinner, blah blah blah).

(but OMG is it ever tempting).

(did I ever tell you that the #1 souvenir I brought home from Malaysia was a kilo of Daim candies? So delicious).