A year ago…

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A year ago I worked a half day to get the paychecks from our payroll provider ready to go out to the stores. I left at 1 and Gene and I took the dogs to the kennel and we finished packing. We were waiting for the car service to take us to the airport but trick or treaters came first so we gave them whatever we could find in the pantry. And the the car came and our adventure began. Cocktails at the airport here, tipsy stroller stalking in the most beautiful part of the airport I’ve ever been in. Video games and movies on the way to Germany, running through Frankfurt to get to our flight (seriously, a 40 minute layover??? really???). More video games and movies on the way to Kuala Lumpur, a migraine, my first exposure to the yumminess that is chicken sausage (seriously – delicious). Landing in Malaysia, trading our dollars for ringgit, finally breathing fresh air for the first time in 2 days (migraine disappeared), the taxi ride to the Marriott Renaissance Hotel and then we were there.

I wish I was headed for that adventure today, too. (Gene’s new client is Uncle Sam, though, so no chance of Exotic Foreign Travel unless the Eff Dee Eigh opens a branch in the Far East). The entire two weeks – crazy taxi drivers, milky oatmeal, fish pedicures (!), strange TV channels, and feeling like I was the only American in the whole city – are wall to wall memories. When I’m feeling down, when I need a break, when I feel like my life has gone nowhere, I go to those two weeks. They are my happy place.

Dear People Selling Things:

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So, I hear there is a new law that says that if a company sends a blogger free stuff and the blogger writes about the product, they also have to say “And WidgetCo sent this to me to review…” or something.

Let’s get something straight, OK? If you are a company who wants to sell stuff (especially if it is stuff that my readership [ie, my family] is into), you are more than welcome to send it to me. I will review it. I will say that it is the most amazing thing ever and I will say it even if the product is lousy. WANT FREE THINGS.

This goes double for people who make the following items:

1) Gray pants

2) Perfume (but nothing ghetto fabulous or “designed” by a tacky celebrity)

3) Those dealywhackers that live in your car and give you directions. (Seriously. I live in a city with not one but many spots where Smith Street intersects with Smith Street, near where Smith Street intersects Smith Glen St and Smith Grove Avenue. One of our doctor’s appointments last Friday was on one of these intersections and I sincerely thought we might have to abandon the car and become hobos).

4) High thread count sheets (or Wamsutta – my new favorite bed sheets cost $30 and the thread count is lower, but the brand is better, so I think I came out ahead)

5) Dish Network. Or DirecTV. Or Time Warner Cable, I don’t care. (Especially if I can have a free DVR).

Out of words…

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I am basically out of things to say. I am looking toward a future – two futures, actually – and I don’t really know which way to go. I can’t even put together the words to explain what I mean. I can do nothing and maybe things will work out and then maybe things will REALLY work out or I can do something and things may work out circuitously but it’ll take longer and it means going so far back, I mean, like pretending the last 10+ years never happened.

In other news, I suspect Monday is going to be uuuuuugly at the office. I will be out half the day so I have hope that by the time I get there the worst will be over and I’ll still be there for the after ugly bitching. (Seriously. Office of mostly women + employment bloodbath = standing around and doing noooothing). The good news – for me – is that I talked to Gwen earlier in this week at the end of the day and said, “Can I have a moment of your time sometime tomorrow?” She said, “Sure” and then immediately emailed The Almighty D to say “Is Elaine quitting??” So, at least my boss is afraid of losing me. That’s nice. (Our talk was just about my medical adventure, but I like it when my boss is scared. I’ve spent enough of my 9 years there terrified of termination, let her quiver a bit).

Huh, Pollyanna was right

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(who knew?)

So, today I saw four doctors. Actually, three doctors and a dentist. Therefore, my day went like this:

7:45 AM: “Brush your gums more!” (I haven’t had the heart to tell my dentist that we should all just be pleased that I make it out of bed in the morning and that any time I spend brushing my teeth is just gravy)

10:00 AM: “Here, take some cough syrup with codeine” (YAY)

2:00 PM: “Why, YES your insurance will cover 1 or maybe 2 rounds of IVF and NO you don’t have polycystic ovarian syndrome and call us on the first day of your next period (sorry Dad) to schedule bloodwork” (I’m pretty sure Gene and I both gave Dr. K the tilted head confused look that Betty gives us when we ask why she won’t get a job)

3:00 PM: “Yeahhh, the test came back WORSE than last time, so sure hope you’re planning for IVF! And you might want to consider this test and that test. Your insurance may cover it or else it’ll cost $1500.”

So, OK, that last visit sucked, but the other three weren’t bad. Yay! But you know what’s really impressive to me? I came here to write one of my “What was the point in waiting????” posts but instead I wrote this one. Yay me.

Wow, so…

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So HOW long has it been since I’ve written here? Sorry about that.

Here is what the last month has been like:

First, I was obsessed with a game called Cake Mania that I downloaded somewhere for free. I played it for hours a day. I had it bad. Then Gene was out of town so I didn’t want to write here because I was trying to catch up on back episodes of Gossip Girl (yes, I am that kind of loser). Then Gene came home – sick – and then we went on vacation and I didn’t write here (or at least much?) because my internet access was spotty. And then we came home from vacation and I was sick (oh, the injustice) and had to work all day and instead spent my free time taking Lunesta and going to bed at 9 PM and not cleaning my house. (I’m better now except the cough that will only go away if I can convince Dr. Hottie to call in some cough syrup w/ codeine for me – yes, I do love that pleasant narcotic sleepy thing from codeine, but I also know that the cough won’t leave until I do this).

So, now I’m not writing because what am I going to write about? Gwen – my boss – gave me some crap yesterday and while I certainly gave her the respect of listening, I was also shouting (inwardly) “Don’t TELL me how to do MY JOB. My hands have been all over this for 9 years and you. would. drown.”

(Sometimes, I miss Stefania, my old boss who didn’t give a crap).

(Happy Boss’s Day Gwen!)

Anyway, so Friday is The World’s Most Expensive Medical Day 2009. Dental cleaning, million dollar baby appointment and another specialist appointment immediately following.

Speaking of medicine, want to hear something funny? Gene’s employer is charging him an extra fee every pay period if he is going to cover me on his health insurance because my employer offers me coverage. I think they should call it the “We like it better when our employees are married to housewives” surcharge. Assholes. (Well, I say that now. I haven’t looked into enough of the open enrollment crap yet – if perhaps they would spot us one teeny tiny round of IVF, I think I would feel differently).

So, in conclusion, I’m not dead – yet -, I’m not broke – yet – but I am still here.

Oh, babies…

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So we are going to the reproductive endocrinologist’s office next Friday at 2. So scared. Right after that (yes, I am a master planner) we meet with the doctor handling Gene’s end of things. And to add the dentist that morning. Yea siree bob.

(Plus, Gene goes to the dentist at the end of October)

(and I have Gene’s cold right now and took a Lunesta whihc apparently worked realy well so I think it’s bed time)

Vacation 2009

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So, I’m in Ohio right now. (Please do not rob my house). At some point this year, I decided that I wanted to take a full week off work and do the Indiana and Ohio visits and :: theatrical sniff :: I deserved a FULL week of vacation, complete with BOTH weekends so I would not have to choose who I visited for the weekend part, except it would have had to be Ohio as we are going to a wedding (!!) tomorrow.

Mercy pie, a week is a LOOOONG time. (And I am palpitating with fear, trying to figure out what I forgot to do that Gwen will shoot me for when I return to work on Monday).

(Also: I am right now avoiding doing some real writing, so there you go).

So, it has been a great vacation and I am not lying. First, I woke up last Friday morning with a huge cramp in my side that turned out to be a UTI (my first! oh, the timing) so I had to leave work early and there was SO much I should have done that I did not and OMFG, Monday will be hell. Anyway, Cipro is a wonder drug and, as Mom put it, at least I don’t have anthrax.

Oh, and Gene came home from a business trip with a sinus thing. Yeeeeeeargh!

But this meant that I was not certain we’d be leaving for Indiana the next day as planned. Originally, we were going to get up around 7-ish and leave Cheesecake City by 9. So instead, we left at noon and got to IN about 10. Thereby erasing an entire day of Fun In Indiana.

Fun In Indiana = Mom and Elaine take off to do Things. One thing we did was buy drywall for a project at Mom and Dad’s. It had to be a certain thickness and it had to be flexible to patch up a hole in Mom and Dad’s curvy staircase. (Almost all of you have been to my parents house – or possibly live there – so I am sure you can picture it).

(Oh, and the project is going to be done this weekend, so I dodged that bullet. But look forward to seeing the finished results at Xmas 2009).

One of the highlights of the time in Indiana was slugging my brother. He knows why. I know why. When I related the tale to Friend Julie, I said that hitting my brother never gets old and I meant it.

(Oh, hey, now we’re home in Cheesecake City – still, please do not rob my house).

Ohio was also nice. I had an entire afternoon to myself on Friday – and you know how I adore alone time! – while Gene and his brother went to see Inglorious Basterds. Saturday morning I woke up and realized that when I packed, I inadvertently forgot my nice pants (stupid Cipro and UTI, ugh!) so I had to wear jeans to the wedding yesterday. Fortunately, Ohio state law does not prohibit college friends wearing denim to weddings in order to make the marriage legal, so it was not a worry (in the end – although I had to talk myself out of an early morning trip to Meijer for pants). The wedding was really nice and it was so great to see a friend marry someone she so obviously loves (not that any of us married people we didn’t love, I guess it’s hard to explain).

Anyway, home now. Need to pick up the dogs, I just don’t feel like it right now. (I do, however, feel like slugging Gene, who is still sick).

Thank you, Indiana!!

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So I’m writing this from the luxurious TownePlace Suites on 71st St in Indianapolis. I should probably be packing, but Gene’s still asleep so I can’t turn the lights on. Next stop, another Marriott property and the in-laws and a wedding on Saturday (yay!).

Indianapolis has been wonderful. Mom and I spent a ton of time together shopping, eating, talking, eating, talking and shopping. We went to bookstores, Bed Bath & Beyond, a little Italian restaurant called Olive Garden… it was all so great.

I can’t spend as much time in Indiana as I used to – I used to fly up to IN and spend an entire week there, no dividing the week – but honestly the longer I stay in Indiana, the more I want to stay. In Indiana. And that is not possible (I love Cheesecake City, our house, our car, and I miss our dogs. Plus, my job is there). (Plus, how can I miss my family if I don’t go away?).

So, go away I must. It’s been fun, Indiana!