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So, it appears that All, Downy and Purex are serious when they say “UNSCENTED FORMULA.” I know this because I just did laundry (yes, in Columbus) using Purex’s 3 in 1 laundry sheets and whooo, this “Oasis Fresh Scent” crap is totally cloying. I never realized how much the smell of detergent and fabric softener really stick to clothes. (The unscented version of the laundry sheet is lovely and 100% recommended, especially on sale w/ coupon).

(I had to do laundry because my nephew managed to kick a half full cup of chai latte remnants on my jeans – that’s another lesson: don’t buy apple flavor chai, it makes a hell of a mess).

Super Payroll Wednesday…

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The last payroll processing for 2009 is tomorrow. Like the day before Thanksgiving, it’s going to be a marathon processing where I handle two days of work in one day. Plus, we can’t make any errors – it hasn’t been that many years since I used to print a used car’s worth of payroll correction checks each pay day.

So, no pressure.

(On the bright side, I’ll be out of the office early tomorrow and Thursday is when we leave for the Frozen North so at least there’s an end in sight).


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I am sorry that I haven’t posted much of interest lately. It’s all in the drafts and I can’t bring myself to post it. The whole not doing IVF after all thing has really got me down and there’s a lot to say about it, just not here.

I am certain I will post here again before Xmas Day, but just in case I don’t, Merry Xmas!

Can I be absolutely honest?

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I will probably either delete this post or leave it as a draft, but here goes:

…I don’t want to wrap Xmas presents.

…Or send out Xmas cards.

…I almost cancelled our trip up north for Xmas. I didn’t, though, because I really really want to see my family. I even strong armed Gene (well, not strong armed) into visiting Indiana before Ohio because I would really like to see my beloved Aunt Lyn.

…All I really want to do is sit right here with White Dog on my lap. I need to get inspired to try and do a little writing but there is so much awesome stuff on the internet that I never get there.

…I have done most of my Xmas shopping (minus Gene’s best friend and D), so it’s practically easier to just keep moving forward.

…I am just not feeling Christmassy this year. Maybe it’s because I’m an atheist, LOL.

Santa: Baby

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Nothing new on the baby front – one of us kinda freaked the eff out about actually paying for the care n’ upkeep of a Small Person, so the other of us is just Not Thinking About It But Hopes For Better News in Early 2010.

(Oh, and one of us respectfully requests no Plan B chat over Xmas, please. Babies Not Yet Born = Yes, Babies Not Yet Conceived But Would Live At My House= Try Again Later).

Wanna hear something super cute? So, Gene is XBox friends with my brother, Macauley/Bill. As you know, Bill is going to be a FATHER in May. Due date 5-14. So, whenever Gene goes through his XBox friends list, he sees my baby brother and under his user name is “5-14 A New Era*”

C’mon, say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

(* I think that’s what it says. Either way, it is adorable).


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(that is not a typo, that is how the late great Blanche pronounced disposal, as in garbage disposal. That was one of those Blanche things that made me nuts before she died but now I can’t say “disposal” the right way half the time).

So, guess what appliance croaked at our house? Yes, the garbage disposall. Apparently it ate itself. Now even the appliances are committing suicide to get away. Did you know there are several brands of disposall? And that each of them come in different  # of horsepower. I think the old one had 1/3 or 1/2 HP but we hope to replace it with a 3/4 or 1 HP model. I can’t wait to pat the sink after the new disposall is installed and say “Yep, there’s one pony in there!”

(Eeeww, that came out sounding more gross than funny. Sorry).

Anyway, the handyman is coming over tomorrow to discuss installing a new disposall as well as a few other random tasks that Gene and I are too lazy and/or untalented to accomplish. (Brandy, remember the time that you said that I like to hire people to do stuff? You’re 100% right).

A new record…

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So, the Xmas music started today at work.

Congratulate me – I made it to 9:15 before making a face about the annoying music. (The song was “Hey Santa” by the Wilson Sisters).

Only 19 days to go!

In other news, yes, I *DID* sing along to Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” when that came on. I’m not a total grinch 🙂

Old Dogs…

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So, Scooby is 6 years old. He is not my cuddly dog – he is long legged, full of sharp corners. We trained Betty to drop things using a command called “Leave it!” (and this works even when she has something delicious like wet food). When we tried to do the same training for Scooby, he drops it and then runs the hell away.

Meanwhile, Betty knows “leave it!” (she will leave it even when we put a treat on her head…!), “roll over,” etc and will do any of these commands for a treat. Scooby… he knows “sit” and “down.” Oh, and when I want him to jump up in my recliner with me, he won’t jump up until after I offer to let Betty sit with me.  I’m not sure, but I think perhaps Scooby thinks this is a game. Or else he really does not want Betty to sit with me.

Anyway, long story (not at all) short, Gene finally got Scooby to roll over. He does it grudgingly but he’ll do it. Yay! I told Gene (possibly using my “Scooby” voice – I’ll never admit it) that Scooby’s an old dog and he has a new trick.

(Oh, and if you say “beat it!” he will also run far far away).