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taxes. We got our tax return back today. We get a small refund from the state and that is a good thing. Perhaps we can sign the check directly over to the IRS because we owe the Feds. I think it was mostly the lowered amount of federal tax deducted due to the Making Work Pay credit. I mean, between Gene and I we were down nearly $20k last year so something had to cause it, right?

BTW, confidential to someone’s ex something: You should totally file an amended return for 2009 if you didn’t claim The Boy, because we didn’t. (Who’s the puta estupida now?)

(Hmm, still you).


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So, the good thing that happened yesterday is that I picked up my new glasses. I was going to take a picture of myself in them but after I figured out the webcam thingie on White Dog, it turns out I have about 5 chins. So, no pictures for you!

(How is it possible that I am the only woman on Earth who has a ridiculously good self image? I thought I was skinny! Ugh!)

Here are the frames, though. Make sure you look at them in the ‘plum’ color, as that is the color I bought. Thanks a lot, eye doctor’s office – why would I ever have wanted to order these glasses in a non-crazy color like brown or black? PURPLE! That makes sense.

(Actually, they are very cute and I do like them. I kept looking at myself in the rearview mirror on the way home from work yesterday. I looked skinny in the rearview – glad the webcam is here to gently suggest I am a wildebeast).

oh, hell

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I had a job interview this morning. I met with three people, including the woman who (I think) would have been my direct supervisor. I think it went really well, although they insisted on asking all those goofy non-questions like “Tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict and what you learned from it.”

Aaaaand when I got home Gene handed me the phone. It was the recruiter I’d been working with calling to give me the delightful news that they decided to not hire me.

Oh, maaaan! I wish I hadn’t had the interview at all, although it was a good experience. I spent way too much on a moderately ugly suit to wear today and if I hadn’t had the interview I could have returned the suit and definitely the stupid “shell” the saleswoman convinced me to buy (seriously – $40 for a silky tank top???)

The good news is that the company is going to be hiring many many positions in the next year, so hopefully one of those will be a good fit for me.

(Their loss, right? RIIIIGHT? D, don’t answer that…)

I did it

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It’s Friday (actually, it just turned Saturday). I did it. I survived the week. An entire week sick. I only missed work 1.5 days (I ended up working 4 hours on Tuesday), although I could not feel my face for part of Wednesday. I don’t know why, although I think that Mucinex (and only getting about 3-4 hours rest) is at fault.

I hate being sick mostly because I never get the kid glove treatment that SOMEONE gets when they are sick. How come someone decides that when I am sick, the answer is for me to pick up take out every night? (Because they are, what? Too well to cook? More like I was too sick to clean up after them…) If someone was sick, they wouldn’t dream of going outside the house, let alone into a restaurant or even through a drive through. And don’t ask about the gross mess that was my kitchen – how did it get so bad if we weren’t cooking dinner?

Every bit of energy I had this week went to work. If it’s true that we need my salary so bad, doesn’t that make sense?

Grrr. I really try hard not to complain about someone on this blog, but meh. It’s my damned square of the internet and I will bitch if I want to.

European Tour 2010

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So, theoretically we are going to Germany in June/July. Now, flights to Kuala Lumpur were crazy expensive, but we only had to pay for one ticket (mine) since Gene’s lovely employer paid his way. So I keep cruising over to to look at flights and here are my thoughts (because I know you care):

1) Expedia, please stop trying to pre-populate the field for destination airport. I start typing “BER” (Berlin – All airports, because there are currently two and isn’t that wacky?) and it tries to suggest Bermuda. Don’t make me cry, Expedia. I want to go to Bermuda, but our friends aren’t there. 🙁

2) Why, oh why are the flights from Cheesecake City to Berlin so goddamned expensive??? Seriously. When I booked the flight from Cheesecake City to Frankfurt (we flew from Cheesecake to Frankfurt to KL), that small part of the trip was practically nothing. Why, I have actually paid more to go to Indianapolis (why? Because it’s worth it!). So why is Cheesecake to Berlin $1500?? (AUGH). Germany is not far! It is right there :::points in the general direction of East::: !!!

3) And why do the cheapest flights (a mere $1300 for Cheesecake to Newark to WARSAW to Berlin) insist on us going through Poland? I have heard the jokes and HELL NO. (Sorry, Poland! Although I recall eating pierogies and those were delightful…)

4) As a Leonard Cohen fan, I am severely tempted to intentionally book a flight through JFK. ‘Cause, you know, first we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin… (Why doesn’t Gene think that’s funny? WHY???) (Is it because JFK is technically in Queens, I think?) (WhatEVer!)


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Not that you asked, but…

home sick today. It all started Friday with some minor barfyness which I thought was a fun side effect to the generic Zoloft (? Paxil?) that Dr. J prescribed for me. By midday Saturday I was not a happy girl and after a 100% disastrous Valentine’s Day not-dinner (loooong story involving a 6:30 reservation and a small parking lot and not involving getting to eat)… let’s just agree that I’ve pretty much just taken to bed. I don’t think prescriptions give one the chills, so I’m thinking cold or flu. Yay.

I can’t decide if I’m feeling better or not. I feel a little dizzy and easily tired but I have an eye doctor appointment at 8:45 am tomorrow so I am going to at least go to that. I would like to make it to work for part of the day or else Wednesday (big payroll day) is going to be hellish.

Burning thoughts…

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1) So, I still get coupons from Huggies and Enfamil. Do you think that when a person turns 80 all of a sudden they end up on the mailing list for Depends?

2) I was reading my shampoo bottle today. I am using EverPure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. (It is fine, BTW). Supposedly it is specially formulated for color treated hair (I am going to color my hair again this weekend, maybe) but what I thought was very interesting is that this product is 100% vegan. Really. Do vegans color their hair?

I’m fine, hope all of you are too 🙂

Yay me!

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So, the dogs needed flea treatment. We use Frontline Plus (we used a new pill flea treatment, which I loved for its ease but hated the cost). I bought a 3 pack (1.5 months worth for two dogs) at Petco for $62. I’d been pricing it online and I thought that seemed high, but I decided that I was wrong because why would there be such a disparity in price?

Today I go to Petco’s website and the same doggone (ha ha) stuff is $42. A difference of $20! That is just stupid! So then I get really aggravated and went to (the tantalizing home of Bing Cashback) and searched for Frontline Plus.

Whee! has it on sale. Plus 20% Bing Cash Back.

So, my choices were: 1.5 months from Petco for $62, 1.5 months from for $42 OR…(I love this!) 3 months from for $71 before 20% Bing Cashback. Minus 20% = $57. WOOOHOOO! I got more than double for my money. YAY!

And yes, I did return the original package to Petco. The cashier told me they’d price match their own website (???!!!!) but that I’d have to bring them a printout for the difference. From their own website!


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So, even though both the door and the book have been closed on Plan B, I still have Hope. Hope is a total biiiitch and I truly hate her. Why, just today she woke me up at 5 AM whispering “Hey, you’re late [yanno, late] and you do still have all those Clearblue Easy digitals I wouldn’t let you throw away…”

(Okay, I used the grocery store brand non-digital first but I threw away the box when I cleaned out the bathroom so I wasn’t entirely sure what the result was, so I *had* to bring out the big gun).

(Oh, and the CBE digital said “Hell No!”)

(Here’s an idea: funny pregnancy tests – the results are “thumbs up” for positive or the middle finger for negative)

(It would be PERFECT. The first pregnancy test for people who can’t understand the regular tests and are illiterate and can’t read the regular digitals)

(Then again, some people take these tests hoping to not be pregnant, so maybe this would have to be marketed to illiterate infertiles, which is an awfully small group)

So, thank you for listening to my TMI tale, dear blog readers. I don’t think Gene would have understood (“Well of COURSE you’re not pregnant!”) – it’s just that Hope is awfully beguiling with the “You never know!” stuff.