They say it’s my birthday


Well, okay, it’s actually not til Monday, but today was my last day of work.

Until Tuesday, anyway (a girl can dream! Told Gene that if we won the lottery I’d be off work a lot longer and that my first phone call would be to Gwen and the second would be to Dr. K).

My coworkers must love me (mahjobiscrappis, but the coworkers aren’t). Stefania gave me 2 dozen mini cupcakes (yum!) and a gift certificate to a fancy place for a pedicure (she is so sweet! I have been working with her a lot since the company downsized her toady so she did this to show appreciation as well). Gwen brought in a gorgeous cake (chocolate and yellow cake, peanut butter cream cheese frosting…just deadly!). And my beloved Sister (from another Mister*), the Almighty D, made a totally awesome chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

So, I am so glad I did not make a birthday cake for myself (and I am 99% sure Gene didn’t make or buy one) because we have enough baked goods to last us at least through Mom’s visit.

(I suspect I have a well earned reputation at the office for being a cake fan).

Which brings me to my next point – Mom is coming for a visit!!!! I am so lucky to have her come down for a long weekend and my birthday! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN. IKEA, outlet shopping, walks around the neighborhood. YAY!

(the only sad part is that by this time next week it’ll all be a faint memory).

(well, OK, not faint… but a memory nonetheless).

What day is it?

At least a dozen times today I have wanted to call my mother and ask if she’s ready to visit us tomorrow.

Sometimes it takes at least 5 minutes before I realize that today is Wednesday and she’s not arriving until Friday.

In other news, I processed a bunch of I-9 forms (to make sure there are no illegal aliens or terrorists in the company’s employ) and was horrified at the number of people born in 1985 that we have hired recently.

Again, it took a few minutes to realize that I have lost a decade and that these people are 24/25 years old, not 14/15 years old.

There! Now don’t you feel smarter?

Let’s talk about something funner…

(Fact: When my little brother was little, he liked to say either “funner” or “gooder”. Mom tried to get him to stop but then one day – and for the record, I had to Google this because I thought perhaps I was dreaming this – Dolly Parton was on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse [do you see why I thought maybe this was a dream?] and she said “goodest” and Bill was all “I TOLD you it was a word!” as only a first grader can be)

Hmm. What was I going to write about? (Fortunately, the Googling of “Dolly Parton Pee Wee Herman” took my mind off my previous post).

(Pause while I jog my memory)

(So glad I did not just Google “Dolly Parton Pee Wee” because I suspect those results are gross).

Oh, right. The lady at the groomer asked us if we wanted a third beagle. Another of her clients needs to find a new home for the dog and supposedly the dog is very sweet. I told her that I didn’t think so, but if worst came to worst, to keep us in mind.

Surprisingly, Gene was up for discussing the third dog thing. If we ever adopt a third, I would want another beagle, preferably a mix. Even more preferably a mix like Betty because she is such fun to cuddle with. (She put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep – who can resist that?). Right now is not the right time, though. I think maybe we’ll look into it after we go visit our friends in Germany. Boarding two dogs is crazy, but three is even crazier.

TMI of the Day…

It has been 11 months since my last round of Clomid. There is absolutely no way in hell there is any of it left in my system. Why (why why?) am I still crampy half the month? (And it’s not because of the double shot of crazy pills either – that’s new as of February)

In other navel gazing news, it just occurred to me that I should call Dr. P’s office to make an appointment for my (ugh) annual. Considering that that the last time I was in Dr. P’s office, I practically tap danced out of there, medical records in hand, shouting “And the next time I come here I will be pregnant!”, it’s a little depressing to have to go back there, tail tucked, for just another stupid pap. My records at Dr. P’s have the phrase “trying to conceive” written all over them, and having to admit failure…ugh.

I am actually considering seeing my regular doctor for this year’s annual. Dr. J (or Dr. Hottie as I have called him) always makes me laugh. He is a fun doctor and he never tells me I’m overweight and that I need to take more Metformin (which is to say, any). Then again, he also said I needed to take another stab at trying to talk to someone about IVF.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll go find a new doctor instead. “Babies?” I’ll scoff when asked. “No babies here, doc. I just hate ’em!”

Ten Movies in 2 Days…

(or, Holy Hell, Academy – did you have to increase the Best Picture Nominees to 10?)

So, the movie theater showed all 10 Best Picture nominees today and last Saturday. If you’re thinking that’s a lot of movies, you are absolutely correct. If you’re also thinking, “Just how long does that take?” the answer is 20 hours and 2 minutes.

Last Saturday, the first movie up was Avatar in 3-D. I thought it was a pretty movie with a mediocre story.

Next was Up in the Air. We skipped it to run home and feed the dogs. Loved Up in the Air when Gene and some of my family saw it on Xmas Day. George Clooney just never looks anything but smokin’ hot, right? And Vera Farmiga is so pretty.

We made it back to the movie theater in time for Precious. Wow, that was the feel bad movie of the year, wasn’t it? Meanwhile, the acting was remarkable and if I were watching the Oscars tonight (stupid cancelled satellite dish, argh!) I would actually root for it to win Best Supporting Actress for the woman who played the mother.

Next up, the anti-Precious, The Blind Side (or, Precious + Plucky White Woman). This is Gene’s favorite of the Best Picture nominees – he said it stuck with him. I understand that this movie is based on a book – I would like to read it because I suspect there is more to the story. It was nice and heartwarming but it was so glossy that I felt like it was a Lifetime TV movie.

Finally on Day One, Inglourious Basterds. (Damn you Quentin Tarentino for not spelling your movie correctly!). I really really really really liked this. And I am not any kind of fangirl, believe me. I.B. was my favorite of the 10 movies.

Fortunately, we had an entire week to rest up for the second 5.

First up on Day Two was Up. Okay, I loved Up but the early part where the Old Man and his wife find out they can’t have kids made me cry (despite knowing the scene was coming), so Gene and I skipped it because that wound is salty enough without going for a second helping, thankyouverymuch. Instead, we went to lunch and my turkey, bacon and cheese sammich was yummy.

Next up, A Serious Man. Gene gave me a look when someone in the row behind us mentioned that the first 20 minutes of the movie is in (subtitled) Yiddish.  A Serious Man is a movie about a man from a cursed family – but it’s a comedy, really! – and how awful his life is – in a funny way! – including a scene where his ex-wife tries to get him to pay for her lover’s funeral. Had a surprisingly abrupt ending, although we were on a trajectory that made it pretty clear that a meteorite was going to land on the poor guy’s head or something. A number of the others who were taking part in the Best Picture Showcase did not enjoy this, but I did. Not sure about Gene.

The third movie that day was The Hurt Locker. Gene reallllllllllly wanted to see this when it came out and I am so so glad we didn’t see it during its early run (mostly because I wasn’t sure what to do if we had 3 more hours to kill at the mall). The movie was OK, not really my thing. It set the tension bar high about 5 minutes into the movie, so I was a bundle of nerves for two hours. Gene disliked the movie because he felt it was too liberal and unrealistic. Still don’t know what a hurt locker is. Perhaps I will ask Gene.

Fourth was An Education. Now, one of the things you may know about me is that I pretty much have a Ph.D in the study of Older Men and Younger Women in books, movies and music so An Education was absolutely My Thing. A month or two ago I actually debated calling into work so I could go to a theater way down in Cheesecake City and see a double bill of An Education and Nine. Anyway, it ended up being a great little movie although probably has no chance of winning Best Picture.

The last of the Best Picture nominees was District 9. Yes, we’ve seen it so we left after An Education. I kinda wish we’d stayed to see it again because traffic outside the mall was completely insane. I mean, terrifying. A minivan wanted our parking spot but we couldn’t go anywhere because a car near us was 1/4 in his parking spot and 3/4 hanging out in the aisle, talking to some teenagers. You know who goes to the mall on Saturday nights? IDIOTS, that’s who. I could go on, but let’s just agree that we made it home alive and that worst case scenario, I have life insurance. Anyway, District 9 was good and interesting and you should rent it or get it from Netflix or steal it from Target. However, it is also a movie that owes its Best Picture nomination to the Academy changing the Best Picture field from 5 movies to 10 (other movies that benefited from this, I think, were: An Education, A Serious Man, The Blind Side, Up and Up In the Air. Or maybe Inglorious Basterds).

So, there you have it. 10 movies, 2 days, 3 bags of popcorn.

(PS: Dear Academy: Please make a rule that no movie with obvious misspelling in the title can be nominated for Best Picture. Thank You).