It’s just my job…

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I still love my job. The work is more difficult than what I’m used to (I keep wanting to say, “But of course the client has their vision insurance as a post-tax deduction!”, but I’m reminded that there a million ways to run payroll and I’ve only ever seen one of them) but the people are great and I think I’m getting better at it every day. There’s no Almighty D, though, and that part sucks. (Well, there’s Almighty D on Instant Messenger, but since we both have to dodge our bosses, it’s a little sporadic).

Here’s something funny…so, my department is comprised of 6 ladies (me and four others in my office and one in an office in the midwest). One day, one of the local ladies sits down and tells us she has a dilemma. Intrigued, I wheel my chair over to hear all about it. It turns out that she went home at lunch and left her purse there. “I’m on E,” she said, “really on E. What should I do?”

Another co-worker offers her a few bucks as a loan. All I can think is, “Did she just admit she took Ecstasy at lunch?”

So, of course, I am me, so I piped up (quietly) “You’re on Ecstasy?”

“No! I’m almost out of gas!”

Oh. She – her car – is on E(mpty).

Duhhhh. Fortunately, she thinks I’m hilarious so we all had a good laugh, especially when I said we should have a dance party anyway.

Here’s something I’m not used to: my old company had single stall restrooms, whereas the new company has a ladies room with six or eight stalls. Whenever I go to the ladies room with a coworker, she always continues the conversation. Is that weird? Maybe it’s just that one co-worker, who seems to like me (she’s nice, but not Almighty). Maybe at this job I’ll give all my coworkers nicknames instead of soap opera pseudonyms. If so, this one is Bathroom Talker.

Last night was my company’s “Summer Event”, which was bowling at the bowling alley down the street from my house. Gene couldn’t make it but nearly everyone else had their spouse with them. Bathroom Talker’s husband had to miss it as well, so she and I stuck together. Turns out, I’m a pretty decent bowler still. Sadly, I could not use my beloved Bowling Phrase, “You can pick that up, babe!” because, well, that would be weird.

Today, though, I am reminded that I should have stretched or something first…my right pinkie aches (but I think it’s been broken for awhile – unless one should be able to move the top half of a finger independently from the rest of it?), my back is patently unhappy and I feel all dehydrated (despite being stone cold sober the whole time).

Still, I love my job. Nice company!

Today’s highlights…

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So, by rights, today should have been cuh-ray-zee busy at work. I have several new clients “going live” tomorrow, making it necessary that I spend today making sure their year to date payroll data is spot on perfect.

Therefore, it sure was a pain in the ass the way today ended up going. Spent the morning waiting for answers from the middlemen, spent the afternoon waiting for the freakin’ fraking :::shakes fist::: I.T. people to fix my computer. (This is a computer, BTW, that has been employed at the new company exactly as long as I have).

Basically, I spent half the day staring at my monitor, wishing that Outlook would not require me to input my password 47 times and then that Windows would just let me log in, fer cryin’ out loud. I.T. finally called at 4 in the afternoon. The fix took about 2 minutes. Yay.

One of the emails I had was from a middleman (technically, a middlewoman). She sent an email at 1:30 full of a lot of “you’d BETTER NOT do blah blah blah” and “you’d BETTER do blah blah blah” and then another one at 3:30 that was full of “WHY HAVEN’T YOU RESPONDED YET??” (for the record, I am making up the “blah blah blah” part but not the capital letters part).

Here’s what’s really obnoxious: she was right. Grrrr. One teeny tiny incorrect thing in the setup of a new client can wreak a fuck-ton of havoc and end up with a woman yelling at you via email, in Jersey-ese.

I can’t decide if I’m passable at my new job and getting better or just hopelessly doomed to mediocrity. My fingers are crossed for passable. Either way, it beats the hell out of the old job 🙂

This will probably end up as a rant…

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I am so fuckkkkkkking pissed off.

So I finally called Former Boss Gwen. We had a loooovely chat about my new job and how things are going at my former employer. Last payroll, the new payroll clerk had a hard time of it because of technical issues with the files.

It wasn’t anything I did. I promise.

However…while she didn’t exactly say it, Former Boss Gwen seemed to think that I sabotaged the payroll files.


And on the way home from work, I called D who pretty much confirmed it. (and I’m not mad at D).


really??? Ten years at that place, taking on new task after new task, taking a $4500 paycut, arranging 99% of my time off to not be during the crucial days of the payroll cycle and this is the first place that woman’s brain goes????


(PS: Still loving my new job. Love it even more now!!)


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Lest all of you think life at Chateau LaineyD is all stress and sadness, here is a cute conversation to dispel that rumor:

So, Gene and I watched some TV (courtesy of Hulu, XBox and the mysteries of technology), mostly stuff from USA Network (Burn Notice, Royal Pains).

Me: “So, do we have anything left in the queue?”

Gene: “No, I don’t think so.” ::checks queue:: “How do we have an episode of (dude reality show) Top Shot? We shouldn’t have that until tomorrow.”

Me: “Could we have slept through Saturday altogether?”

::Gene and I look at each other curiously::

Gene: “Well, maybe we did.”

Me: “Wait, no, White Dog’s clock says Saturday. Phew!”

See, this was a possibility because, after an unnaturally early 6 am wakeup (grrrr, cell phone/work) and Chik-Fil-A breakfast run, the humans at the house decided it was naptime and the next time I came to, it was almost noon.

Me: “Guess what time it is?”

Gene: “Noon?”

Me: “Almost!”

and then, we finally woke up for good at 1.