Pretty please?

Can we just stop using the word “lurve” and the acronym “KWIM”? And the phrase “method to my (your/their/our) madness”?

When I’m the queen of everything, those words and phrases are gone. Also, teenagers will be taught the proper use of the word “proverbial”* and if they can’t get it right by the time they graduate from college they will be sent to Australia. Sorry, Australia.

Wow, it feels good to get that out.

*At the old job, Stefania’s Toady used the word “proverbial” despite not having a bloody clue what the word meant. I think she thought it meant the same as “infamous”**. She’d say things like “It’s time to write down the check numbers in the proverbial notebook” and I wanted to lose my mind and tell her that it’s not a proverbial notebook, it’s an actual notebook. I never actually did that, but now I can complain about it here.

** And speaking of infamous, why is the word “famous” pronounced “fay-mess” but “infamous” is “in-fuh-muss.” It should be INfamous, as in, “Come over here, I’m in Famous Footwear looking for socks.”

First, we take Cincinnati…

then we take Berlin!

(OK, actually, first we take Cincinnati, then we take Paris, THEN we take Berlin).

Am I the only one who thinks it is hilarious that there’s a flight from Cincinnati to PARIS? Every time I think of it I imagine the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy walks out of her black and white bedroom into the Technicolor of Oz. Especially since the airport in Cincinnati is technically in northern Kentucky. (BTW, I’m from Indiana, so if I call the mighty Great Lakes region hick-town, I am also calling myself a hick).

If I haven’t mentioned it, our layover in Cincinnati is thirty three minutes long. It is literally the only part of this whole trip I’m scared about. Well, technically I was worried because I had not heard back from our hostess in Berlin when I emailed to make sure the men had told her we were arriving. But it turns out that they were out of town…. just a little long weekend…in DENMARK. It must be so fucking cool to be in Europe.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do if our friends couldn’t host us after all (we’re staying w/ them), but I suspected that it would involve a pass on the Eurail. I think I may have been dropped on my head, because I was picturing us backpacking suitcasing our way around, sleeping on trains, etc when, boom! A reply came from our hostess. Whew.

(And then Gene told me that Leonard Cohen would be in Germany when we were… how tempting to go be Leonard-heads and follow him around!)

(We may still go see him once…he was in Berlin in August, but that would have been TOO perfect!)

Happy National Payroll Week!

(or, as they now call it at my former employer “National Hug a Donkey Week”)

(D, are you laughing???)

So, it’s National Payroll Week and my new employer takes it seriously. (This is the craziest company…everyone works until at least 6 every night, a full lunch hour is rarely enjoyed, and they often play just as hard as they work). Every day this week had a special thing. All week we could dress casually – including shorts, although I’m sticking to jeans every day. Tuesday we had breakfast, Wednesday was a pitch in, today was pizza for lunch and tomorrow is Ice Cream. Oh, and there was cake today (unrelated, but who cares?).

Anyway, hi, everyone. I really just wrote this post to make a donkey joke (see above).

Here’s what’s new w/ me…

1) Going to Germany in a few weeks. Boss Man took a week to approve my vacation so by the time I could book our tickets the cheapest flights have us with a 12 hour layover in Amsterdam.

2) Work is fine. One of my coworkers is less than thrilled that I’m going out of town, but, oh well.

3) Not going home for Xmas this year. It wasn’t a choice between Indiana and Germany, BTW. In Big Payroll, no one goes anywhere in December and January. Maybe February. (It could be worse…at the company I interviewed with earlier this year, no one gets a full week off for many many years).

4) I forgot to send a present to my sister in law Michelle for her birthday (9/1) so I’m going to wish her a happy birthday here (and hopefully get her something super cool from Germany).


Here’s an important life lesson…

So, I made mashed potatoes last night to go with dinner…

(YES, I made dinner…and potatoes!! on a weeknight!)

and learned a very important life lesson (the kind that everyone but me knows already): Always, alllllwayyyyys remember to lock the bowl into the stand mixer. If you don’t, you end up trying to shut the mixer off while simultaneously trying to keep the bucking broncho of a bowl full of potatoes, milk, butter, etc from dispersing its contents all over your kitchen.

Glad I could help.