hereis my day

argggggggggh. long day w little kids. dinner wih inlaws and extra kids (icluding 1 ute liddle girl), dinner package that came w/ bottleof wine. would dbe bad to not drink all of free inwe right? if you dont drink free wine, terorists win and that is bdad. also had extra cocktail because,w hy thef uck not? path home from dinner took me right past reproductive endocrinologist (and lookti me spelling endorcrinositig right!).

(BTw, ws not driving, Gene was driving and was 1-000% sober).

now having juice + Parot bay rum. Rum puts the UMMMM in YUMMMM.

Therefore entire drinnerw as to gird me from being sad fro driving past reprodoctive endocrinologist. Is saaaad to drive past ign reaing “REACH” but free wine and cockatail helps. Eould rather be patient at REACH but hy, feelinb good anyway.

Hapy thinaksginvg, am htankvingful it happens 1x/year.


Thanksgiving, so far…

Last night, I got home from work around 6:30 (how does a 10 minute drive TO work end up a 20+ minute drive FROM work?) and helped with a couple last minute things before Gene’s brother and his family arrived. And then I took White Dog and put my feet up on the sofa and geeked until the pizza arrived. And then I geeked until the family arrived. It felt soooo good to relax; yesterday had been a day full of chills and thrills (when Boss Man called me into his office, the last thing I expected was a promotion) and honestly, I should have had Gene chill some wine.

Inlaws arrived around 8, we ate dinner (yummm, Donatos Pizza I love you!) and then hung out in our awesome living room to play Forza on XBox (it’s a driving game, although mostly the nephews drove cars into walls). My job was to make sure the dogs and children were gentle with one another (Scooby lasted about 45 seconds before making a beeline to his kennel, only emerging when he heard the word ‘treat’ and Betty was braver but mostly sat in my lap).

Inlaws left around 10 and then I started making apple pie. Yes, I did double check the oven to make sure nothing was left in there accidentally. By about 11:30, the pie was done (and looks delicious!) and I was back on the couch, geeking, watching The Mentalist on DVD and getting an extremely well deserved foot rub. (Seriously, I wonder if I can get a massage on Black Friday?).

Today, Gene has made the bean dip, started the mulled wine and in a few minutes (or when my chair stops being so darned comfy) I’m going to make Pumpkin Crunch. I promise. But right now, the fireplace is going (hooray for gas logs!), the dogs are curled up in front of it (and so damned cute!) and I kinda wish I’d just bought a pie.

Thanksgiving ’10: Progress!

Don’t mind me, I’m just excited that something is finished. Plus, I may be high off Stanley Steemer fumes.


White Bean Dip with Pine Nuts (w/ pita) – DONE

Cream Cheese, Sausage & Rotel Dip (probably w/ tortilla chips) – Thursday

Nuts & Bolts (baked Chex mix, family favorite, using Blanche’s recipe) – DONE!


Rib Roast with Garlic and Blue Cheese – Picked up, starting at 1

Side Dishes:

Mashed Potatoes – Thursday

Creamed spinach – Thursday

Rum & Sweet Potato Casserole – starting at 2

Pasta Salad (leftover from work pitch in on day before Thanksgiving)- DONE (by Gene)

Yeast rolls (heat n’ serve)


Pumpkin Crunch – SOON!

Apple Pie – DONE!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars – DONE! (hooray!)

Thankful ’10

(Lead buried within)

This year, I am thankful for…

…my husband. When he winks at me, my heart skips a beat.

…my family, for putting up with me being a slack ass about visiting and calling.

…my job, for hiring me and coming up soon, for PROMOTING ME. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So far, I think that 2010 has been a better year than 2009. This time last year, the realization that we probably weren’t going to be going through IVF was as raw and open as a gunshot wound. This year, it has started to heal over (but not so healed that if Gene said, “Fuck it, let’s get deeply into debt” I wouldn’t say “hell yes!”). And of course, the new job has made a huge difference. Did you see what I said about promoting me? (I think it’s a promotion – I guess we’ll see!).

20 Years Ago Today…

Twenty years ago today Mom took me to see Fleetwood Mac. I wore (going from head to toe): the worst perm of my life, a black and white checked ‘boyfriend jacket’ (with some sort of tshirt underneath), a hilariously short skirt and….well, I don’t remember the shoes.

Before the concert, we went to dinner at the restaurant attached to Market Square Arena. They had the windows covered so we couldn’t see the stage, but we did get to hear the roadies check all the instruments.

The concert was magical and wonderful and awesome. The iteration of Fleetwood Mac playing that night was the band after Lindsey Buckingham left but before he rejoined, but it was still 1000000% awesome. Music means so much to me. I walked out of there with a t-shirt that I adored so much that I never wore it so it would never get worn out.

Sidebar: Apparently we bought dad a tshirt at that show. He unearthed it sometime early this year and sent it with Mom when she came down for my birthday this year. I should wear that shirt today! (My shirt from that show would never, ever fit me now…might be too snug on Betty the corgle!)


Things I have done today:

1) Preheated oven. With an entire plastic wrapped pan of Nuts & Bolts still inside. Sooo glad I didn’t mummify the Nuts & Bolts and just covered loosely. (For the record, they were in the oven to keep them safe while the cleaning lady was here yesterday).

2) Freaked out when I realized exactly what that smell was and turned off oven.

3) Put entire pan of chocolate chip cookie bars in oven and set timer.

4) Was shocked to figure out that the cookie bars did not bake, worried that oven had broken.

5) Realized I did not turn the oven back on.

Grocery store bloodbath

(Or, Thanksgiving 2010: The One Where We Go from ‘Hedonistic Long Weekend in Vegas’ to ‘Relaxing Meal at Fancy Local Buffet’ to ‘Holy Shit We Need To Buy a Roast. And A Couch’)

Needless to say, Thanksgiving 2010 has not turned out the way I had hoped originally. The good news is that we have all the food we need for the Thanksgiving meal (except the rib roast, which I pick up on Wednesday). The bad news is, of course, that all of that food has to be cooked.

Today, we got up and went to the grocery store. We filled up the entire cart plus the entire rack under the cart, where we usually just put the 12 packs of Pepsi. And then we came home and I put everything away, unloaded the dishwasher and then reloaded it. And then we went up to the town where I used to work (Hi D! See you Monday!) so Gene could go to the outdoor stuff store (something about looking for ammo) and I went to the Dollar Tree (Motto: The Methiest Place on Earth)

Sidebar: If you ever go to a fancy department store and feel kinda gross and poor, you should later go to the Dollar Tree. You will feel like a mo-fo millionaire and like the most ‘together’ person on the planet, assuming that you are not an actual meth head. If they could bottle the Dollar Tree experience, it would sell better than Prozac.

Anyway, after our respective ammo and aluminum pan shopping, we went to Red Robin for lunch and experienced delicious food and sloooow service and then we went home.

To clean.

And most of it wasn’t regular cleaning, it was “Organizing”, which is something Gene gets a yen to do about 2 times a year. When this happens, it’s best to stay out of his way because he has a vision. Basically, I let him do all of the work, which is why I wasn’t too upset about unpacking 8 million bags of holiday groceries by myself. If it were up to me, organizing the kitchen (or any other room) would just mean hiding the stuff on the counters in a cabinet, closing the cabinet and hoping it all goes away. Any time he handed me something to deal with and I didn’t know what to do with it, I just put it in my home office. The office is now a wreck with thisses and thats, but I’m just going to close the door and hope it all goes away.

Guess what I won’t be posting about…

the Monday after Thanksgiving?

Stupid Xmas Muzak! My beloved new employer doesn’t even have Muzak! (the downside is that sometimes I spend all day humming the last song I heard – OK when it’s something great, but humming some shitty country song makes for a long day).

The delight of no Muzak…plus free lunch on Fridays…plus the shorter commute (our gas budget has gone way down! yay!)…makes the new job great (well, minus the No Almighty D part).