Things I have done this week…

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Holy cow, it’s Friday. WOOHOO!

1) Wednesday, we had to print all of the paychecks that normally print in our Midwest office. Lots of scurrying and insanity ensued, finally ending at 7 pm when we made our UPS salesman (?) pick up our 40 packages and drive them to the UPS center at the Cheesecake City Airport n’ Bait Shop.

2) Broke a tooth. But not really. So, Wednesday I was sitting at my desk and eating pretzel M&Ms (mmmm) when I realized I had something odd in my mouth. It was a small (small!) piece of something white so of course I assumed I managed to break off a small piece of a tooth. This was backed up when I noticed I had a toothache soon after. The dentist disagreed with me and couldn’t find anything broken, cracked or missing in my mouth.

3) Continued learning Life Lessons at Work. Today’s lesson “Read the summary report VERY carefully before telling someone they’re getting an $800 refund of taxes collected…especially if it turns out the refund is more like $25…and we had to debit them $1200 as well” just plain sucked.

4) Went to bed last night before 10 to make up for being up half the night Wednesday (Tuesday?) night with killer heartburn.

5) Tried to convince Gene that “Neutrogena Jones” would have made a great name for a Blaxploitation film. (Yes, I tried to explain it to him the morning after the heartburn, when I was so sleepy I couldn’t stand up straight in the shower).

And with that, only one more week until Sadie arrives. YAY! Scooby and Betty have started sleeping in the same kennel…totally their choice (“Scooby and Betty, could you not have told me you wanted to do this $100 ago when I was buying kennels?”), although last night I thought I heard the sound of one of them (Scooby!) trying to claw his way away from Betty. Heh. Silly dogs!

And in further excitement, Gene and I are both a little under the weather. I hope it is not a surprise that one of us is taking it better than the other and that one of us asked the other to go to the store for Ginger Ale and Pepsi Throwback. And that the other of us is going to bed now.

Grumble grumble GRUUMMMMMMBLE…

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Ugh, it is February first, we are one-twelfth of the way through 2011, why can’t 2010 just end already???!?!?

Here is something aggravating… let’s say that you’re a client of my employer and one of your employees has an incorrect W-2 (yes, it is that time of year so I’m going to talk about W-2s!!!). It might be the employee’s fault, it might be the employer’s fault, it might be my fault.

Regardless of this, I am unable to give an ETA on when the client might expect an updated W-2. Because I don’t know the answer, although I fervently hope it’ll be “before Valentine’s Day”. And if the problem wasn’t caused by my employer, the client is going to pay through the nose for the correction. Seriously. If the issue is an incorrect Social Security # and the employee worked in all four quarters, the cost to fix the W-2 and taxes is about $450.

(Yes really).

(And no, I don’t get a commission).