Dog Food Dumbass…

So. Three dogs sure do eat a lot of dog food!

Last month, apparently on May 29, I ordered about 6 different kinds of dry dog food. The dog food store that was literally at the front of my neighborhood went out of business (sad), but the puppies gotta eat…

(I ordered a variety because, since we were starting from scratch, why not try to figure out which kind the dogs like best?)

(Spoiler alert: They’re dogs. All three of them liked everything equally)

Anyway, apparently I managed to create an “Auto ship” for 6 small bags of dog food, to reoccur every month. On the 29th.

Fast forward to today. I’m thinking, Hmm, almost out of dog food, gotta order some more. I mention this to Gene, who says, “Hey, they charged us (redacted dollar amount) twice today”.

“Really?” I check my account with and, lo and behold, my autoship activated. Twice. Sixty pounds of dog food and (redacted dollar amount times two) …. uh oh.

Fortunately!’s warehouse is smarter than I am and had already cancelled the duplicate order. The good news is, the dogs will be fed for basically a month. The bad news is, it cost about 2x the cost of 1 big bag of food. Nuts. I’m so annoyed when I do something so dumb.


Don’t mind me…just practicing posting using the Smartyphone…did I tell you I added ‘Smartyphone’ to my phone’s dictionary? I feel like such a trailblazer. In other news I tried texting yesterday w/ Denise…finally joined the 21st century!

Where have I been?

(really, where have I been? My short term memory’s been crap for awhile but now my middle term memory too?)


Two weeks ago, Gene and I went to dinner and to see Gene’s favorite musical performed. Dinner was yummy and the first act was great but one of us fell ill so we had to leave early 🙁 Sad.

One week ago, there was a whole big kerfluffle, but we ended up driving to Cheesecake City’s Airport n’ Bait Shop to rent a car (Gene was going out of town) and then went to see the musical performed again. The first act was again great (the second act, meh) but we missed our fancy late night dinner because the musical ran long (just about 3 hours, including intermission). It’s OK, grilled cheese is almost as good as the Melting Pot.


So Gene went out of town on Sunday after we had an atrociously huge (and delicious) brunch (that was not The Melting Pot). I went home and cleaned the house like a good little wife.


And then I went to the Outlet Mall to play Skeeball. Skeeball ceases to be fun after about 20 minutes when you can no longer feel your back. Skeeball is a young person’s game, mostly because young people are short and do not have to stoop to play.

So after that I drove home with a stop off at a yogurt place called Red Mango. OMG, it was delicious. So good that I dragged Gene there after work on Wednesday. OMG, it was so good on Wednesday. And then on Thursday we both woke up feeling generally food poisoned. Damn.

(Pssst, I’m totally going to go back sometime as soon as the thought of frozen yogurt, pineapple and coconut don’t make me gag).

So that was that. And on Wednesday, we got some upsetting news at work. My job is very secure but one of my teammates is making a lateral move to another group, which is very bad because her knowledge of my employer’s service makes up at least 70% of the total knowledge of me and my teammates.

(Pssst, Monday is going to suuuuuck!)

Last night (Friday) my employer hosted the annual summer outing, which was bowling. And yes, I enjoyed delicious bowling food and delicious bowling soda. And I bowled either one or two strikes and then some horrifyingly awful frames. And since I was with coworkers (including at least one male) I couldn’t quote the toothless woman from the bowling alley Brandy and I visited frequently in Indiana – “You can pick that up, babe!”