Shoppers High

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So, I completely understand so-called “Shopaholics”. Gene wants a new monitor (actually, he wants two) and of course he wants them to be of the brand sold by his employer so now I’m on the lookout for a deal. Best Buy? No. No. No. No.

Next weekend is Cheesecake State Tax Free Weekend so we’re considering waiting until then. Or later, as it’s not entirely a necessity but it’s definitely a big want.

I just checked and their price is actually the best since they don’t charge sales tax and they offer free shipping. I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet but I literally just felt my entire body relax.



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So, I have to get a Super Important Payroll Certification sometime in the next year if I want to keep my job. After a day like today, I’m rather meh on the whole thing anyway.

But anyway, this certification is awarded by passing a Super Hard Test That is Very Very Difficult. (Jesus Christ, American Payroll Association, it’s payroll, not neurosurgery!). To pass this test, you must study like you’re preparing for a career in rocket science. To study, you should join a study group, which costs a small ton of money (fortunately, my employer is footing the bill for this).

So I joined the study group, which was slated to start on this coming Monday.

Except there’s a low enrollment (two of which were me and Broomhilda). “Can you attend the class if it was on Saturdays?”


“Can you attend the class if we had it online?”

Errm, Okay?

“Never mind, the others can’t do Saturdays. We’ll have it on two weeknights a week, about 15 feet from your cubicle!”

“Great! See you Monday!”

“Oh wait, others can’t make it. We’re canceling the class. Here’s your (employer’s) money back. Good luck with your test!”

So, here are my choices:

1) Try and study for the test by myself and/or with the help of two of my certified coworkers, who have very generously offered to spend time quizzing me, etc.

2) Put off the test until the Spring, when Year End is going on and I spend all of my time a) working b) considering a possible career move to fast food. The study group – if it even happens! – would take place during that time during Year End known as “the time when I don’t have time to even consider food service as a career choice”*

3) Take a class at a local community college, which would be entirely LaineyD sponsored and cost $800.

(yes! Practically a mortgage payment for a class for a certification that I don’t even effing want anyway!)

* = Who the fuck thinks these things up? The entire boondoggle must be from someone who never really does payroll… Sure! Payroll professionals have nothing better to do two nights a week in January (!) than sit around and think about payroll theory.


Restaurant Week finale (only a week late!)

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Last Friday, Gene and I ate at a seafood restaurant that is owned by a company that owns a few other local restaurants here in Cheesecake City. I started with a melon and cherry tomato salad and Gene had gazpacho. Gene’s gazpacho was better, especially because he had it two nights in a row (two different places of course), which means that I have temporarily dodged the cold soup bullet. (yay!)

Gene had surf n’ turf (except fancy, because it was served in a “bento box“). I had salmon and it was booooring. Honestly, I was still feeling crummy from a long stressful work week (like I have any other kind right?) and the sinus infection so I would have been fine with just ordering the fish tacos or something. Oh well.

I had a fancy chocolate cake for dinner and it was OK. I think Gene’s dessert may have been better. He won the night. We also decided that we should go back there for Gene’s birthday dinner so we made reservations to return in a few weeks (thanks Open Table app for Gene’s phone!).

Saturday was Mexican food with Denise and her husband. The food was good but the company was even better. I hadn’t seen Denise since March and that is waaayyyy too long! Gene and I both ordered off the regular menu but there was a ridiculous amount of food – salad, bread, chips, salsa, cheese dip, my entree, Gene’s fajitas, etc – so I will call that one a draw. Actually, I won because I got to hang out with Denise for a good 90 minutes.

Sunday was dinner with Gene’s coworker and his boyfriend. They are a lot of fun and the conversation was amusing but holy hell the food was meh. I went entirely off menu and boy was that a mistake! I had a BBQ chicken flat bread and a side of truffle fries. The fries were yummy and delicious, the flat bread was a disaster. The set menu for restaurant week had included lettuce wraps and I kicked myself for not ordering those! Oh well! I think Gene won that night too. We will probably go back to that area because there’s a restaurant next door that has mixed cheeseburgers and sushi. What the hell is not to love there? (I assume the burgers are cooked…must verify that).

Restaurant Week Updates…

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So today we went completely ‘off road’ and didn’t order anything on the special restaurant week menu. Partially because the special menu came with a glass of wine (I probably shouldn’t drink since I’m whacked out on amoxocillan) and partially because we’d had all of their appetizer choices and were feeling rather meh about all of them. (Seriously, before the paycuts, we used to go to this restaurant religiously for lunch on Sundays.

(Denise: we went to the place that you and I met at for dinner around Christmas)

(Mom: we went to the place that you, Gene and I went for dinner for my birthday, where we watched Purdue in the bar)

(Everyone else: Come visit and we’ll go there, I promise)

I had: deviled eggs, cheeseburger with french fries and a few bites of Gene’s dessert

Gene had: gazpacho, trout, a mojito and strawberry shortcake (which was nowhere near as good as the shortcake Gene had Tuesday)

Gene wins.

And because who doesn’t like hearing about the minuteia of my health…I’m feeling better. I made it through an entire day at work and since the first 90 minutes of the day lasted about 12 hours… bleh. It was fairly slow at work today (hooray for catch up!) but when I was on the phone I got tons of sympathy from my clients (and no, I didn’t play the “Please be nice, I’m siiiiiick!” card because that is Completely Unprofessional). Hilariously, a client was giving me an enormous amount of crap about something (he was wroooong) and still very kindly said “hope your allergies or cold or whatever feels better soon!”.


Cheesecake City Restaurant Week…

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So, we are in the middle of Restaurant Week and here’s how it’s going:

Last Friday, we went to the Melting Pot. Yummmmy. The special right now is Latin American so all of the meat had a special spice to it. As we did with the winter edition of Restaurant Week, we are determining a ‘winner’ for each course, each evening and eventually, the entire Restaurant Week. I chose the Latin American entree, so I won the night.

Saturday was a restaurant known for its vast wine collection. We ate there last Restaurant Week as well. The service was lackluster both times so I don’t think we’ll go back. I won that night although Gene won the appetizer round (his bisque was better than my salad); my duck was better than his steak. I’ve kind of forgotten what I had for dessert, but it was better that Gene’s dessert so I won. Yay.

Sunday was a fancy Italian place. I started with the carpaccio, which is raw beef sliced very thinly. It was incredible! But Gene’s scallop with truffle was better. I was shocked too! I thought I would win the main course round – I ordered Black Ravioli (it’s black because it’s colored with squid ink). Gene’s veal scallopini was better (and my ravioli was…well, OK). Things got better when my chocolate lava cake made me weak in the knees…until I tried Gene’s pana cotta. Oh well. It was easy to lose when the opposition was so damned delicious. I hope we go back there sometime not during restaurant week.

On Monday, we went to a restaurant across the street from our house (during the week, we stay closer to home since I work until at least 6 pm each night). Normally I don’t really care for the restaurant – it’s a little too much money for too little food – but with the restaurant week special it was a lot more reasonable. I started with the calamari, which had a little hint of wasabi sauce and was freaking delicious. Gene’s appetizer was goat cheese, roasted garlic and (roasted red peppers?) on pita and was also good, but nowhere near as good as the calamari! Yay. For my entree I had crab cakes – they were good, but oddly Gene enjoyed them more than I did. Gene had the ribeye, which he enjoyed. It came blackened (intentionally), which I just don’t get. Dessert was cheesecake for Gene and carrot cake for me. Gene won because none of the rest of my dinner was as good as the calamari.

Tuesday was a restaurant near the house. My appetizer was “Juusto”, which is a baked Scandinavian cheese. It was a young cheese, which causes the cheese to squeak a little. Mmm. Gene’s appetizer was bisque. It was good but rated a zero on the squeak-o-meter. My entree was half a chicken, which was delicious. Half a chicken is a lot, though. Gene had steak (he likes steak, what of it?) and it was also delicious. Dessert was strawberry shortcake (Gene) and cheesecake (me). Gene won because, again, the rest of my meal didn’t compare to the appetizer.

Today – Wednesday – I was home sick from work most of the day but we still went to dinner. Typically I work until 7 on Wednesdays but since I left work at 3-ish (sinus infection, on antibiotics, hooray) we actually went to the restaurant – another random local place – right at 5 PM. In time for the Early Bird Special – restaurant week meals are typically $30 but the early bird was $14. Since my appetite was pretty nonexistent I went for the Early Bird meal (“I’ll be the only person not named Myrtle who’s ordered the Early Bird!”). It was bisque (I could have had salad but I really wanted something hot to soothe my throat), a nice piece of Prime Rib, and for dessert a scoop of ice cream. Which was also nice on my throat. Gene had a time of it…he was going to order the Early Bird, with the fish instead of the prime rib, but they were out. So he got the restaurant week meal and asked to add on asparagus to his meal. The poor waitress was mortified, having to explain that they were also out of asparagus. Gene’s meal ended up being shrimp cocktail (OK, but a little fishy), house salad (no idea how this was, but it looked good to me), lamb shank (he’s had it before at this place; I had a piece last time and it was a greasy gravy covered mess, not my idea of good) and an “Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich,” but homemade. It was nice. I stole a little of his hot fudge for my plain ice cream. Winner is TBD – Gene’s on a work call and we didn’t discuss winners.

(Actually, I win because I’m just waiting for the Contac to take effect and send me to sleep. So ready for a good night of rest!)

A few words on journalism…

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So, I’ve been reading a bit about the News of the World scandal in the UK (that seems to be spreading to the US) and it just occurred to me…after all of this is over, do you think there will be room for ethical, decent journalists? Not liberal, not conservative, but interested in reporting stories properly? The way I was taught journalism back in college.

Yeah, I know, good luck right?

Other stuff too

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1) Of course we’re not moving to Indianapolis. Someone just likes to get my hopes up by dangling job postings in front of me and then ::boom:: snatching them away. Because who wouldn’t want to live in the south, where between us we have 1 friend and zero family members?

2) You know what sucks? Walking on eggshells.

3) I posted today on Facebook that men get PMS. I wanted to continue the thought with “And Midol for Dudes should be administered via suppository.” I rejected that idea, though I did toy with the idea of “something something boot suppository for men”. I rejected that idea, as well, when I remembered that I have too many prissy Facebook friends (no, I don’t mean you!) who’d get all offended.

4) You know what else sucks? Overtime bans at work. I didn’t get to have a lunch hour yesterday, plus I came in at least 60 (and today 90) minutes early but left at my usual times. Ergo, I now have around 4 hours of OT if I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. It’s either get rid of them that way or lie and say, “oops, forgot to clock out for lunch!” and then the hour’s lost entirely. I did that once last week. Everyone on my team has at least a little OT to work off, so I’m pretty sure I won’t get to just say “screw you guys, I’m going home” Friday at 2. (But it is tempting!)

5) Another thing that sucks: Accidentally making eye contact with your CEO, and he asks how it’s going. Stupidly I tell him that I contacted a client who was pissed about not getting a call back (ugh, such a big mess…) and instead of getting a “Attagirl!” (undeserved though it would have been!) I get a 20 minute personal lecture about calling clients back quicker (whiiiich is why the “attagirl” would have been undeserved). Thanks dude. I am mandated 8 hours a day and sometimes shit doesn’t get done on time. Sowwwy.

Random Things…

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Here are two things that bug me:

1) When school teachers misspell words on their Facebook updates. I really do fear for the future. I mean, holy cow, they aren’t updating their statuses in Latin for crying out loud. That said, I made about a dozen typos in the last 25 words, so whoops. Karma, you suck.

2) When married people share Facebook accounts. Dude, they’re free. You can each have your own, assuming that you don’t include in your profile that you’re “Married But Looking” or something.

on the move? probably not…

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Every few years, Gene forwards me an email from upper management about jobs that need to be filled… remember the time he wanted to go work for a data center in Afghanistan?

This time it’s an account where we’d live in either Washington DC or….

Hmm, some city I think I flew over once… Chicago? Noo…. ended in “polis”….

Minneapolis? No, that’s not right…

Now I remember:



I don’t have my hopes up (about 50 things would have to happen for us to be able to move to Indiana, including selling our house in Cheesecake City) but I’m on browsing…just for fun, of course.

(Edited to add…Googled “Client Name Indianapolis” and it seems the client site is next to where my mother works.)


(It’s “The Odd Couple Goes to Work”!)

Here’s the second best part: the job also requires that one spend half their time in Somewheresville, England.