• Took Scooby to the vet this morning. They think that him scratching himself so much (from his allergies) has given him a little infection, so I walked out of there with an antibiotic and prednisone. So yes, Scooby will be on Prednisone. I expect that by Monday he’ll be up all night vacuuming. It’s about time he earns his keep.
  • Two companies came to the house yesterday re: quoting for furnace replacement. My favorite (from the company that Denise worked with for her HVAC) said that the furnace is fiiine, the heat exchanger thingy is NOT cracked, and that we probably won’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning (although we did buy a CO detector today at Target). He did say that we have a cracked coil in our AC and that replacing the coil will cost approximately 1.5 EP* or we could replace the entire A/C unit for approximately 4 EP.
  • Since it is late September, and the other HVAC company gave us (well, sold us) a freeon fill up a few days ago, we may table the whole thing for awhile.
* E P = Elaine Paychecks

What, me worry?

Short Answer: YES.

Long Answer: Here is why I haven’t blogged lately. It’s all just a loooong string of worry.

  • Worried about the stupid test (a week and a half to go!), passing it, failing it.
  • Worried about work (a lifetime to go!), getting it all done in 40 hours per week. Big boss had a meeting where one of his talking points was “(company) has a negligible amount of overtime!” and I wanted to jump up out of my chair and a) throttle him or b) say “That’s because you BANNED it, you asshat. It’s easy to crow about the lack of something when YOU BAN it! All that means is that some of us are working off the clock!”
  • Funny story: Left Tuesday @ 2:50 PM (two hours early and I hadn’t had a lunch that day) and returned Wednesday to find a fat (not phat) stack of shit to do, assigned to me by the recently returned Belinda. OMFG, I’m pretty sure I was being punished for daring to leave early. I’m still working on that stack, BTW, and it’s going to fire off a giant shitstorm on Monday and OH GOD WHY WASN’T I SMART ENOUGH TO GET A REAL JOB???
  • WHY?
  • Work to-do list has 14 items to do. I’m currently on item #5, I believe. I miss the good old days where my to-do list was “1) Make To-Do list, 2) Read Yahoo! for an hour”. Gene and I watched the season premiere of The Office, and at the scene where Pam’s watching something weepy on YouTube, I said, “Oh, for nothing better to do than watch YouTube at work!”
  • I need 4 hours at the office to finish the stack from Belinda, start up two new clients, take an online class in whatever (it was due on 9/2 so I am pretty behind!)*, and complete an exercise from another class that was due today at 7. I’m so embarrassed, but I had to ask for an extension for the exercise as I was too busy doing things that would actually make some money for My Fearless Employer. When the email from our trainer came in to approve the extension I almost cried.
  • Ooh, right, been on the verge of tears @ office since Wednesday.
  • Belinda said I should take half of today and barricade myself and study for the stupid test. Ha ha. Instead, I spent a little over an hour (half of it off the books) going over one troublesome test related thing w/ a coworker. Time well spent? Who. the. fuck. knows.
  • (Seriously, if I’d spent 4 hours today studying, the crap from Belinda from Wednesday would be even further behind and I’d get yelled at for that. The stack is actually 8 smaller tasks, each of which takes at least 2 hours to complete so really, my wish for 4 hours to get all of that done is foolhardy at best. Can I have 8 hours instead?).
  • And on the home front…
  • Furnace is effed up so we need to replace it to avoid death by asphyxiation (carbon monoxide for the loss!)…
  • Which will probably cancel Las Vegas, which is OK, since I’ve only had my motherfucking hopes pinned on it since APRIL. (Not that I planned to strike it rich there, just that no one at Mandalay was going to ask “Hey, Elaine, could you reset my password/answer my question/input pay data for the equivalent of 480 people?”)…
  • And tomorrow I get to take Scooby to the vet because his coat (skin?) is looking really awful (and not in a “My dog’s coat is not SHINY” way, more of a “Why is my dog spotted?” way).
*Update: I just finished the online ‘class’, which was in problem solving. I solved the problem by taking the stupid course on a Friday night, finishing at 1:30 in the morning. Problem Solved!

Test update

I don’t know if the tickers in the last post make sense to anyone but me, but they’re ticking off the days until I take my certification exam and then the days until vacation. (The latest on vacation: Still not booked, Gene does not appear to have been chosen to speak @ Geek Week ’11, haven’t decided between the week in Vegas and a 5 day cruise from MD to Bermuda, but I just saw the average temp in Bermuda in November is 70 degrees…gotta say I’m back on Team Vegas)

Anyway! One piece of good news: I just finished going through the handouts that my boss Belinda emailed a few weeks ago. The book (called the P.ayroll Sou.rce) is the size of an average college textbook but three inches thick, the handouts are 8.5×11 and about 50 pages. I am also the lucky recipient of a treasure trove of study materials from my coworker, Pattie. I’m supposed to share them with Broomhilda from work but I haven’t yet. I think I may drag the lot of it to Office Depot so I can have a copy for myself.

And there’s a practice exam in the gigantic Payroll book as well, and one on the A-freakingPA’s website too. I hope it all adds up to passing this test on the first try! It would be good to pass it now because…

1) Wouldn’t have to take it again in the winter/spring

2) Boss Belinda didn’t pass it the first time

But, I’m not certain of passing it this time due to not having the backup of the All Important Study Group, so I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t pass it this time. At least that’s my thought now, let’s see how I feel on October 4th!


It’s 3:30 here and I really resent the fact that I’m awake right now.

(Well, it’s not the only thing, but it’s the most pressing because I’d like to be asleep instead!)

Happy National Payroll Week, BTW (also known as Hug a Donkey Week). Later today (or ‘tomorrow’ if I get to go back to sleep and enjoy the next 3.5 hours asleep!) there’s a pitch in at work. What am I bringing? No clue. I’ve done all the heavy hitters – pumpkin crunch, pasta salad, shredded chicken tacos (did I talk about bringing those to a pitch in at work? Total nightmare). I’m checking out the “A Year of Slow Cooking” website for ideas.

At the new job (well, not that new, it’s been over a year) they don’t take pitch ins as seriously as we did at the old job. Possibly because we’re too busy being not bankrupt to plan this shit. It usually ends up being a mish mash of stuff from the bakery aisle at the grocery store. And I think I’m going to join the herd this time.



Updates, various and sundry…

1) Still haven’t scheduled my certification test. Today’s wrench is that I need someone boss-like to sign my authorization to take the test before I can schedule the damned test. And who knows how I’m going to get my hands on a funding source for this boondoggle. APA, please make this be slightly easier than joining the CIA. Please.

2) I was supposed to have my (errmm) annual doctor’s appointment yesterday. The highlight of it (not to say that a pap smear isn’t the most fun you can ever have…) was that I was going to leave the office at 4. Ooh, leaving work early. The sun shining, the highway not a parking lot. I looked forward to that all week! But I got to work and my coworker Mark (who arrives before me) wasn’t there. He was sick (really sick or faking, I’m not sure, but I have a suspicion that we’ll be down one Mark in about a week) so, no doctor or leaving early for me! I called their office and it turns out that the doctor wasn’t going to be there anyway.

(Add that to the “Things I Just Loooove” list: the doctor charges for no shows but I don’t get to charge when HE no shows)

(Ugh, I wanted those two hours so badly).

3) And of course, overtime is banned at the office so the extra time I worked to make up for (theoretically) leaving early ended up as overtime, so I’m going to get my knuckles rapped for that next week.

4) I get my first review on Wednesday.

5) So, well, that’s it. Work, work and more work.

6) Wait! I figured out that even if Vegas is a no-go for November, there’s a cruise to Bermuda that exact week that leaves from Baltimore. Unbelievably, it’s actually cheaper than airfare and 6 days in Las Vegas. A vacation’s a vacation. Mmm, time off.


Hmm. Okay, sorry, I guess that’s it for updates 🙁