Past Xmas

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So, here’s what I did on my Xmas Long Weekend


(Srsly, did I tell you that I almost cried when I found out I had 12/26 off from work?)


12/23: Only had to work until 5. Stayed until 5:09 – I win! Gene and I went to dinner at our favorite local restaurant and grocery shopped for Christmas (eve) dinner

12/24: Baked pineapple upside down cake. Had a liiiittle problem transferring the cake from the cast iron skillet to the platter. I would like a round platter bigger than my skillet. We had greater success with the sweet potato casserole and rib roast and dinner was super mega delicious.

12/25: Xmas Day! Talked to my family and saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Sherlock Holmes in the theater across the street from the house. At some point, I folded some laundry. Yes, we are the most festive atheists you’ve ever met.

12/26: The world re-opens! Yay! Gene and I had breakfast @ Bob Evans and later I went to the mall for tennis shoes to replace the pair I lost. About 20 minutes after returning (shoes in hand), I found the shoes, hiding on a dining room chair. Sigh. I’m keeping the new shoes though. Pffht.

12/27: Back to work. Worked 10 (bleepity-bloppity) hours today. Gene’s temporarily out of town so I’m lounging on the sofa with the dogs, watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix. Gene’s on his way home now, which is good because Boss Belinda has opened the overtime floodgates and I fully intend to take advantage. Yay.

Almost Xmas…

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So, here is a sample of what I’ve been up to this month:

1) We had our bedroom repainted and now it’s a beautiful blue color. The doors and windowsills are a warm creamy color (that looks a tinny bit pinkish in some lights).

2) The other night I came home and the guy from the lighting store was finally at our house to install our new ceiling fan. The previous model was a DIY install and it always wobbled. The new fan has a rock solid install and no wobbling. I didn’t grow up with ceiling fans but they sure are wonderful.

3) In the last 2 weeks I worked over 6 hours of OT. I may or may not hear about this from Boss Belinda next week. Jorge (who owns my employer) ‘gave’ us 2 hours of OT las week, but the other 4 hours are…mmm, not previously approved. I did get a lot done though, and didn’t do any work without being clocked in.

4) Yesterday I had my second appointment with my psychiatrist. He sucks. Two weeks ago, my appointment was @ 1 and he didn’t call me back to his office until 1:20. Yesterday, my appointment was @ 1:30 and he didn’t call me back until at least 1:45. I wrote on Facebook (during the wait for the doctor) that if all doctors (in this case, psychiatrists) in your area have no availability and you find a doctor who can see you in two days, you should run the eff away. The cost is roughly equal to what I net in a day of work and the take away from yesterday was “Keep taking the Celexa and try cutting your Ambien in half”. I have invested enough in this fuckery that I could have had a rocking set of highlights and an extra haircut too. I think I will ask Dr. Hottie to write me a prescription for Celexa and cancel on Dr. Late-all-the-time.

5) Seriously. The first time I met him he was running late because he was at lunch. So then don’t make a fugging appointment if you can’t keep it, dumbass.

6) Either the new laptop or the new version of WordPress now has auto correct. “Fugging” became   “hugging”, which is absolutely not true.

7) Tomorrow Gene and I are cooking Christmas Eve dinner for the two of us: standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, rum and sweet potato casserole and pineapple upside down cake.

8) A week or so ago we dropped off the Christmas gifts for the two boys we ‘adopted’ through the radio station gift drive. Malachi and Billy, I hope you have an amazing Christmas filled with love.

9) I spoke to a client today who shares a name with one of my dogs. When she said her name, my first thought was “Hmm, how the hell did my dog dial the phone?”

And now it’s Xmas Eve and I’m going to bed. Good night.

Payroll Tax Cut

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(yes, here’s some payroll jargon)

So, all of this talk about Congress continuing to allow the Social Security reduction thing has made me worried. Not because I care if my own paycheck is +/- 2.0% but because they’re talking about continuing this credit for two months.

Two months. Not an entire quarter??? This is going to be SUCH a freaking pain in the ass later in 2012 when all of our new clients are a mess because when we load the previous quarters wages, we generally load it all by quarter (because otherwise it’s a huge PITA) and how the hell do we load a quarter of wages when 2 months of Social Security is 4.2% and the rest is 6.2%?

Congress, stretch it out just a smidge and continue it through March. Or stop it on 12/31/11. Either way. I don’t care. Just please, PLEASE do this one tiny thing to make my life a teeny bit easier.

(American Payroll Association, I think it’s time for your lobbyists to get the eff on this!)

The De-Grinchification of LaineyD…

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So. I totally just spent the last hour falling into a YouTube hole watching/listening to all of the songs on my “Acceptable Xmas Songs” post from 2006 and updating the links on my original post to the YouTube links (mostly for no good reason, but at least annually I review this post to remind myself that there are some good Christmas songs).

Am I over my Xmas Music malaise? It’s only been going on since approximately 1999 so it’s about time. I assumed it would be fatal, yet…not so much.

Dog Daze

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(Ha ha, punny spelling)

Did I tell you that Scooby has scabies? I think I did. He does.

Did I tell you that Sadie Pot Pie is heart worm positive? No, because we just visited the vet this morning before work. (What fun, spending every dime I made today before 9 AM). Well, OK, Sadie was heart worm positive even before we adopted her but back in June it was a “weak positive”. Now it’s a less weak (i.e., MORE) positive. Rrrrrgh.

Dr. Lady Mullet asked if we wanted to do another “fast kill” treatment, which is a shot they give that kills the baby worms (?) and then the adults die off in time. She theorized that Sadie may have some very strong adults still in her system, which is why she has started to cough a big, chesty hacking cough. Yay. The fast kill also requires that we keep her calm for 30 days following treatment. I didn’t move the link about heart worm treatment to Silver Dog because I thought we were past the issue but you can Google if you’re interested. Adult worms can live for 3-4 years, which I learned today.

Fortunately we have a little time before we have to decide how to handle this (she’s on doxycycline and prednisone for now so until that’s finished we don’t have to choose). Tomorrow we’re buying the biggest package of American cheese we can find since we’re going through it at quite a clip to hide doggie pills.

Typing this one handed…Betty is sleeping with her head on my lap and right hand. Who’d guess that my chunky Corgle would end up (temporarily) the healthiest of my sweet puppies?