Work bitch

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As opposed to work, bitch!

(Ha ha. I kill me)

So the new girl @ work…I think I will call her…Lacey. I…just don’t know about this girl. She’s in her late 20s but has the maturity of a 19 year old. Seriously. It’ll be (gloriously) dead quiet in our work area and all of a sudden she’ll bust into a few bars of “Loving You” or, weirder yet, commercial jingles. Who the hell does that?

And a big part of her job is handling shipping…the first half of the week is the busiest time of the week so I tended to start that part of the job around 3 PM at the latest. Yesterday she got in there after 4. The UPS driver comes @ 5:30 and whatever he doesn’t pick up has to be driven to the drop box down the street. In our business, shipping stuff out is not optional.

And for some ungodly reason, Boss Belinda has her answering phone calls. Sometimes it works out…OK…but other times not so much. If she has a question, she’ll ask me but if I’m on the phone she’ll ask anyway which is a ton of fun because my phone calls are generally tough, too.

Here are some other things she’s done: Drafted (but not sent! phew!) an angry email to a high maintenance client. Googled “How do an employee get their tax money back?” Asked me questions like “She wants to know why her bank was charged” without telling me who the hell “She” is. Today was her day to work the “late” shift. I stayed a little late to show her how to clear a client’s calendar and afterwards, I sat down to clock out and go home (only 30 minutes late, wahoo!) and she said “I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be right back”. Twenty minutes later, she finally returns…during those 20 minutes I had to take 3 more phone calls. The first rule of the late shift is you don’t leave your desk during the late shift!!! (The second rule is that we usually don’t get any phone calls, let alone 3!).

And we have two other new people, right now as well. One of them is just with us for a few more weeks before going to his cushy job elsewhere in the company. Meanwhile, he’s acting like he’s already in his cushy job, spending plenty of time checking his personal email, IMing with his buddies, web surfing for totally non work related things (unless we are now processing payroll for, I mean). And yes, I know it’s petty but I CAN SEE IT. This just proves to me that our team works our asses off and the rest of the company fucks around all day.

And the other new girl will hopefully work out but I don’t know why she’s not taking calls now. She is seemingly more together than Lacey. She’ll end up mostly working with new clients (which was Broomhilda’s job) so that may be the reasoning.

Seriously. How the hell are these the best people we can hire? HR made a huge deal out of hiring the “right” people…were the “wrong” people toothless hobos?

And now, the backtrack…Boss Belinda has had to talk to Lacey about a few of these things and I honestly feel bad for Lacey. Our job is super tough and Lacey hasn’t worked in the industry before. I once described my job as “out of the frying pan and into the fire, and then someone turned the gas up to high” but at least I have an understanding of how payroll works. I think it’s the equivalent of me getting hired as a rocket scientist at NASA. The poor girl has barely had any training. Maybe with some training she’ll be fixable.

Never gonna give you up…

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So, I am writing this using White Dog.

If you’re guessing that it’s because Silver Dog is broken, you’re wrong. Actually, I just needed a username and password from White Dog because I had it saved here and haven’t logged onto that site in the Silver Dog era.

After we bought Silver Dog, I spent a little time on Apple’s website to look into trading it in. I was close to doing it, but I just couldn’t. I still have my first laptop, too, BTW…it hasn’t turned on in four years, but I guess this is how those hoarders on TV get their start.

Job please?

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So, I had my lunch job interview on Friday. I think it went well. This was my first lunch interview and even though it was fast casual Japanese food it was still pretty awkward. She ordered hers with no rice and with water to drink; I ordered mine with fried rice and diet soda. So did I look like a spendy “date”? I hope not!

Anyway, the interview went well. I’m the first interview so far and she has already said that she may not be in touch for a few weeks 🙁 The company is multi-national (Canadian payroll, ‘eh?) and employs around 300-400. It’s a split payroll/HR job, which sounds a lot like my situation at the Old Job.

Ooh, and speaking of the old job!!! I finally rolled over my Old Job 401k to an IRA and Old Boss Gwen effed it up by telling the 401k provider that I wasn’t rolling it over, I was actually taking a disbursement. The difference between a rollover and a disbursement = 25% federal tax, 10% state tax and a 10% early disbursement penalty, or around $7000. Oh, and the 401k company says they specifically asked Gwen about rollover vs. disbursement and she said disbursement!!!!!

(Sorry for all of the exclamation points).

So then I had to call Gwen about it because it’s still possible to get MAH MONEY back. She took exactly zero blame for fucking it up too. And then she told Denise that I was “all business, no chit chat”. Sawwwy, lady, you stole (temporarily!) a huge chunk of my retirement.

So annoyed. SO ANNOYED.

Beyond that, I am doing well, hope you are as well.


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I called back the lady who left me a voicemail on Saturday on my way home from work today.

She called about 10 minutes ago.

I have a job interview on Friday. YAY! Again, it’s a company about a quarter mile from my current employer. It’s a split HR/payroll position.

Please, please, please.

(And in even weirder news, we ended up back at the mall on Sunday (do not ask the Triumph of the Will sized effort that it took to get me moving; additionally we covered about 1/5 of the mall) and I ended up with the purse I spied @ Michael Kors)

25 lbs of owie

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So, I picked up Scooby briefly the other day. Gene thinks that’s how I hurt my back but I disagree. However, what the hell, he’s probably right. I still love picking up my Scooby-Doo, even if he currently smells like a petting zoo.

(Rhymes totally unintended)


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Yesterday, I woke up with a headache. Took some Aleve and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 8:30 (when I have to leave for work), decided my headache had taken a detour for Migraine City and called in sick for work.

Five minutes later I texted Denise: “Home w/ migraine. Tell me it’s OK to call in sick for that”

“Absolutely!” she replied 90 seconds later. She is a good and loyal friend. Next, I took half of an Ambien.

I hate calling in sick for work because inevitably I have to go back to work and I don’t wanna!

I slept again until noonish, when I theoretically felt up to heating up leftover beef stew for lunch for the humans. By 2 PM, I was asleep again. I think I took a full Ambien this time. Around 4, Gene stuck his head in our bedroom and asked if I’d be up to going to dinner at 6 at Our Favorite Local Restaurant.

“Sure!” I replied, even though I think I was hoping for sushi and my “Sure!” was kind of a “Yeahh, football!” in A Christmas Story type of “Sure”. Regardless, I woke up again at, oh, 5:45 to dress for dinner. I think I ate appetizers for dinner and ended up home with cake for dessert.

(Moral of the story: Stay home).

Oh, and at some point in the day I called in a refill for more Ambien. Yay.

Today!!!! TOOOOOODAAAAAY I woke up with a sore back. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

So now today’s been a heating pad, Aleve, walking around the Outlet Mall (we had to get tickets for the Best Picture Showcase* and also a new pillow for me **) kind of day.  Yes, I totally should have put off traipsing around the mall until…tomorrow. Or never. But I’m a woman, and a particularly stupid kind of woman who refuses to just say eff it and hole up with the laptop and Netflix episodes of Greys Anatomy.

*yeaaah, gonna make Gene see The Artist!
**and NOW I wish I’d made Gene buy the pretty purse for me that I spied in the window @ Michael Kors or at least walked through the Coach outlet (one never knows what’s in there that is not specially made for the outlet and cheap). The chance of getting him to the mall by himself tomorrow is 2% and the chance of me getting back to the mall tomorrow is exactly -500%.