Easter 2013 is Also Cancelled…

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(Skip if you’re squeamish, this is unbelievably gross).

Remember last April when I post that April 2012 was cancelled because my dog killed the Easter Bunny?


In other news, guess what happened this morning?

I guess this explains why we had such a hard time getting Betty to come in the house, despite the rain. (Technically, I think both girls had a paw in this one, so to speak).


Highlights of the last few weeks

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Because apparently I forgot I have a blog… 😉

Here is what I have been doing:

1) Playing enough Canasta on Pogo.com that Gene wondered if I was playing to escape talking to him. Whoops. No, it is just relaxing. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, sometimes people accuse me of cheating. I finally made it to Intermediate ranking. YAY.

2) Watched the first 16 (?) episodes of the ABC show Revenge on Hulu. By the time I figured it was finally on Hulu, we only had a few days to watch them. I watched the first 8 or so by myself and Gene joined me for the rest. He’s hooked. Hee hee.

3) Working, of course. Nothing interesting, just the usual. The job and I have established a love/hate relationship. Some days I hate it, other days I’m OK with it. I never love it, but that’s OK. There’s always Canasta.

4) Debating how to ‘spend’ my vacation time. I can ‘carry over’ up to 40 hours (1 week) of vacation per year, and the year resets on my work anniversary (in July). I’m over 40 hours now so I need to spend a little so I don’t lose it. Ideally I’d like to go to spend a long weekend when Gene travels to Atlanta next month but one of my dingle berry coworkers has already asked for the Friday off. Oh well. And at some point I need to go to Indiana because I miss my family. And also our friends we visited in Germany have moved back to America so we’re going to visit them.

5) Took the dogs to the vet last Saturday. How is it that 40 minutes of their time (plus assorted medications) is roughly equal to a week of my salary?

Coming up this week: 1 month follow up appointment after LASIK, shrinky-dink appointment (I shall call him Dr. Awesome), and dermatologist appointment (because I’m worth it. And also completely disgusting). I don’t think I have asked off for the LASIK appointment, whoops.

So, that’s what is new with me. Hope all is well with you as well.

Yuck…just, yuck

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Tonight, after dinner, I sat in the backyard and relaxed with the dogs. While outside, two things happened:

1) I saw two of my dogs eat something I’ve heard of dogs eating but I’ve never seen MY dogs eat. Eeeeeewwww.

2) A wooly worm landed on my shoulder. Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee.

In other important news, Bob Evans still has sliced mush on the menu. I apologize for the incorrect information. Mush fans, please resume eating at Bob Evans.

That is all.

(Actually, PS: Sunglasses are awesome).