Life in Ciudad de Cheesecake

1) Gene passed test #4. YAY.

2) Layoffs begin tomorrow. BOO.

3) But we are operating under the assumption that he’s safe, for a few reasons that I can’t get into.

4) Nonetheless, vacation is cancelled. Ugh.

5) Went to a party Saturday night at a coworker’s. Stayed three hours. I am a huge party animal. Left before they made s’mores, which I realize was a strategic error. But, I stayed three hours.

6) Ran into a bit of a snafu trying to refill my crazy pills, so this week will be interesting.

7) Did I tell you I quit my job?

Eight) Yeah, for about 10 minutes. The boss was in a meeting so it didn’t count. Remember the co-worker I had a frenemy thing with earlier in my career? Yeah, she’s the one who talked me down.

9) I’d really like to go into details about the horror of Thursday (hint: I kind of lived that dream where you have to give a speech but it turns out you’re naked and unprepared…minus the naked part, phew) but, ehh, it’s a lot of typing.

All is well, hope all is well with you.

Twenty-seven thousand


Gene’s employer is doing a massive layoff. I understand it is approximately one in every twelve and a half employees. He works so hard – he’s headed out of town again soon for over a week. He’s taking another certification class this week and has his exam on Friday. But is that enough? In the end, someone is the 1 in 12.5. Sometimes, employers just choose the targets by age, or wages, or experience or education or AUUUUUUUUUUGH.


Had a slightly crappy day at work, but had half-ish a bottle of wine after work. I win. (Went to 3 grocery stores to find Apothic White, which I had for the first time on Sunday. Bought out the store’s supply of the wine, which was a mere 2 bottles. Is it wrong to say that I never felt more grownup than I did hefting two bottles of wine thru the grocery store? Eh, don’t tell me, I don’t care).


Catching Up…

So, Hi.

Here’s what I have been up to:

1) Still playing Canasta on Pogo as much as possible. I played about four games today before 12 noon or so.

2) Early voting ended today so I made the trek to the library to engage in Early Voting. My home state has a Defense of Marriage-type amendment on the books (during the primary season??? For shame!!!!) so I had to make sure that I voted appropriately. Also, I think my doctor’s relative is running for office so I wanted to vote for him but it turns out he’s not in my district or a Republican or something so he wasn’t on my ballot.

3) Debating changing my Voter Registration to unaffiliated so next time I have the full range of candidates.

4) Gene was out of town all of this week so I went home every day at lunch to let the dogs out and feed them. On Monday, I was sitting on the porch swing and eating a sandwich when the next door neighbor came out into her yard and I complimented her yard (which is amazing). Betty…ugh, I actually can’t finish this story because it was mortifying in a “Geez, I hope the neighbor didn’t just see that happen” way.

5) I baked a cake while Gene was gone. But I started it about a half hour after I’d taken my Ambien that night (which is at least a half hour later than I should have been baking). Furthermore, we didn’t have enough oil for the recipe so I dimly remember googling to see if it was OK to substitute butter. Googled approved it but I have no idea if I actually went through with it and if I did, how did I melt the butter? Unbelievably, I didn’t burn down the house. The cake is delicious.

6) Went shopping last weekend with Denise and bought two pairs of shoes and almost bought a third pair. Still regretting not buying the third pair (although, where would I wear a pair of of red Louis Vuitton knock offs? Nowhere!).

7) While Gene was gone, I watched almost the entire first season of The Good Wife. It’s a great show about a woman whose politician husband gets caught in a sex scandal and goes to jail. So the wife has to go back to work to support her family, but she’s a super well trained attorney and her boss is her old law school love interest, played by the cute boy from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. Oh, and the cheating husband is played by Mr. Big from Sex & The City, which basically means it’s a “Hospital Food versus Airplane Food” choice, except the Hospital Food is caviar and the Airplane food is lobster.