The rumors of my demise = greatly overestimated

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The rumors of my laziness, however cannot be overestimated enough.

First off, I actually did write a blog post on July 15, but it was enough of a sour grapes bitch fest that it wasn’t worth posting. Even though I did have a manically funny ongoing joke about spell check. (Please note, I said “manically” funny, not “maniacally” funny; therefore I mean that I was just a tad bit cuh-ray-zee, coo-koo, when I wrote the post).

Second, the first week back to work was rough! And the second week was rough, too! I got questioned by HR about a matter that led to a coworker ending his career in Big Payroll. So the third week was rough as well but have a new lady on the team and my colleague Lacey is stepping up her game. ¬†Hopefully she’ll last.

And then we got an announcement that my boss Belinda is moving to a new role at the company, starting in about a month. So there’s a vacancy on my team that will be filled by either my teammate J, my team leader M or The Mythical, Powerful and Wonderful Pattie, who was in charge of me when I first moved into client service. I don’t know which direction things will turn but I am hoping that Pattie returns to our flock, to lead us once again.

Further excitement: Dogs are fine. House is fine. Cheesecake City Restaurant Week was mostly a bust. Had Mexican with Denise and her husband Greg on Sunday. Monday Gene and ate at the hotel restaurant at Embassy Suites (delicious but the service was a little sporadic). Tuesday was at a delicious local restaurant one town north of here. We had plans for Wednesday and Thursday but ended up with gourmet meals of Ritz crackers and Fig Newtons, Lemonade and toast. I spent the last week with some kind of stomach problem, I even took Friday off since my team needs me, but doesn’t need me need me. I spent my sick day off sleeping away the morning and then trying to decide what I could tolerate eating.

More later maybe, the Ambien fairy has struck.


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I am on vacation, YAY. I wonder if Gene will let me quit my job as a 10th anniversary present. Probably not.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve done this week:

Sunday: Drove home from our weekend in MD. Took a well earned shower (long story).

Monday: Pedicures with Denise (tried a red polish from Essie instead of my usual I’m Not Really a Waitress, which I could not find), picked up the dogs at the kennel.

Tuesday: Dogs to groomers, humans to jewelry store (for my anniversary, I’m getting my engagement ring repaired – hooray!), grocery store, Indian food for lunch.

Wednesday: Betty to vet’s office.

Thursday, which hasn’t happened yet: I am going to finally get everything done on my self written Honey Do list (which I guess I should call the Me-Do list?) and finish by spackling the spots in the bathroom and inevitably repainting over the spots. (Note to self: get more touch up paint).

LaineyD’s First World Problems: July edition

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Grumble grumble grumble. It’s time for some baseless bitching, spoiled whiny brat complaining.

1) I have a Groupon to use for a personal service and have to book via email. I’m literally ignoring my email account (not GMail, but my grownup email) because emailing about this is just…ugh.

2) Going on vacation Friday for a few days, headed home by Monday or more likely Sunday. Spending a stupid amount of money for two days, including boarding the dogs for basically a week. I can’t believe I stopped looking at fun beach vacations for budgetary reasons and ended up with this. Grrr!

3) As I have since I was 12, I want an expensive handbag. All in all, I blame my Grandma A for buying me my first fancy purse, a Liz Claibourne, and teaching me that dreams come true. I made D look in the window at Hermes with me last weekend, which was good and bad. They were closed, which is good, and they are stupidly expensive, which is very bad. I still want an expensive handbag but I’m going to put it off until I turn 40.

4) Holy Fuck I’m going to turn 40 in less than 5 years. I keep doing the math and getting to 40, thinking “That just can’t be right. Forty is so…not old, per se but really grown up…surely I’m going to turn 30. No, Gene’s over 40 so oh my God it’s true.” I can’t decide if the fancy purse is worth turning 40, but wait 5 years and watch this space.