They Weren’t My Parties but I will D@mn Well Cry if I Want to….

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Ugh! Was it just Monday when I was all “Wahh, I was up late drinking and reading and then I had to go work, Wahh”?

Anyway, here are some things that have happened this week, in absolutely no order:

1) A client called me brilliant

2) It was found out that I screwed up auditing a(nother) client’s bank account. Again. (This is twice in about 2 weeks, shoot me now!)

3) (Actually, #1 and #2 happened within about 2 hours of each other, ugh!) Still haven’t had my review and it’s getting a little annoying!

4) Thursday night went to dinner with my team, didn’t get home until nearly 10. (Why don’t we get paid for these things?)

5) Spent all of Friday with my boss and a few other coworkers (and many other payroll geeks) at a seminar. Unbonus: Had to be there by 8:30. Bonus: Got home about 5:30.

6) Baby shower this morning for a coworker. I really have mixed feelings about baby showers and prefer the kind that I normally attend…by which I mean, I spent a little time consulting the registry at Target, send a gift and spend absolutely zero minutes forced to contemplate what kind of freaky melted candy bar is in a diaper. Seriously, for a minute I thought a barroom brawl was going to break out today on the age old debate of Mounds vs. Almond Joy. Ladies, there were no Almonds! It conclusively was a Mounds bar.

7) But in better news, I went to Starbucks while Gene was getting his haircut today and impulse purchased the new Fleetwood Mac covers compilation, “Just Tell Me that You Want Me” (turns out I *did* want it!) and forced Gene to listen it this morning as we drove down the highway, bound for the Pretty People Mall…

8) Or, more specifically, the Very Pretty People Store across from the Pretty People Mall to pick up MY gift. Pictures to follow in Facebook because some people can’t find me there. (Hint: it matches something I wear every single day and have worn for the last…say, 10 years).

9) Back to the non-linear thing…after the baby shower I hit up a local consignment store and bought (what else?) a new pair of black pants and a navy blue V neck top. The top was seriously overpriced but fits really well and I’m trying to get away from wearing straight up t-shirts to work every day.

10) And now I’m waiting for Gene to get off a work call and passing the time by spending BookMooch points on Gossip Girl books after figuring out that I do not have all the books in the series.

Bad Ideas

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Here’s a bad idea in case you were making a list:

1) Having a glass of wine (and an Ambien) at 9.

2) When husband goes to bed at 11-ish, swearing that I’ll come to bed “as soon as this game of Canasta’s over!” and staying up.

3) At midnight, deciding that another glass of wine is a great idea. And that I’m not remotely tired. And that I should start re-re-re-reading a notorious trilogy that’s not the Hunger Games (which I am also re-reading)

Thirty seconds after finishing the second glass of wine (and 10% of Fifty Shades of Mumble Mumble), it was bedtime.

I don’t know if it was due to the 6 hours of sleep, the Day of Living Without Crazy Pills or just the general indignity of Mondays, but today sucked.

Random Roundup

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1) I got another ‘side-motion’ at work (I think the technical term is a lateral move) and I’ll be working with more technical stuff than normal, blah blah blah. I spent about half my day today working with the technical people on some rudimentary training.

2) I may have my review tomorrow at work. More money? There’d better be!

3) In a few weeks my anniversary gift will arrive. YAY. I will post a picture on Facebook.

4) At home, Gene and I are working on putting together our emergency savings fund. Unbeknowst-ish to Gene I am also working on how to spend the emergency savings fund. (Not really, I consider myself more an aspirational spender – I aspire to buy luxury goods in bulk, but yesterday I spent $17 on a black and white horizontal striped shirt that inexplicably makes me look taller and thinner).

5) We finally saw the new Batman movie last weekend. Oh my, that Christian Bale is a hot piece.

6) Rented This Means War (thank you free Redbox code!) Monday and it was adorable. Reese Witherspoon ‘having’ to choose between Tom Hardy and Chris Pine is really a…I believe I previously referred to this type of choice as a “hospital food/airline food” choice but the hospital food is caviar and the airline food is lobster. Additionally, I just realized I watched the entire movie without feeling annoyed by Reese Witherspoon’s chin. Is her chin now less annoying? Do I find it annoying because I fear I have the same chin? Ugh.