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So, there are two stories I can tell you right now:

1) I can yammer for awhile about social media but I think the only one I haven’t brought up is Twitter, but I really like Twitter and the only story I have about Twitter is the time that Sam Neill requested to follow me. I never actually Tweet but sometimes I like to check the list of my followers to make sure he’s still there. Sam’s on my list (you know, my List!), which I really thought had more to do with sex and less to do with Twitter, but that’s the 21st century I guess.

2) Or, I can talk about work. Work is really, really difficult. I mean, I guess it’s easier than being a cardio-thorassic surgeon, President of the United States or a special ed teacher. But still, on the LaineyD scale it rates an 8.9. Typically I sit at my desk and look at my ‘cases’ and think “What the fuck do I do with all of these? Or any of these? Maybe even one?” And then I start to work on one and then I get distracted, either by a bright and shiny object or by an IM from a coworker asking for an update on a case.

The update I want to give is usually “Fuck you and your update! Here’s an update: get a life! Leave me alone! I am very busy and I have too much to do!” The update I usually give is “Sure, let me take a look at it”.

My work life is a lot like one of those episodes of Hoarders where they show the gigantic mess that was once a split level house and everyone stands there with a shovel and wonders where to start cleaning. You can’t organize this crap, there’s no way to say “Okay, we’ll put the broken musical instruments here and the dead birds in that corner and the empty boxes of Lucky Charms next to the oven!” Really the only thing to do is rent a dumpster and start heaving stuff in there.

The work version of this is to close cases indiscriminately and hope that no one notices. So far, my record for this is pretty spotty so it’s less of a long term plan and more of a Hail Mary.

Well, that was a fairly stupid idea

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So! I went Ambien shopping around a week ago and bought a new host for I’d been toying with the idea for a couple years – previously, I was paying a lot for hosting and since this is a vanity project I felt it made sense to get this done as cheaply as possible. Thanks to a coupon code, I have cut my hosting price by about 70%, so, yay.

I am well, I hope all of you are as well 🙂