This and that

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1) WordPress, I always click the little “remember me” checkbox and you never do. Heartbreak 🙁

2) Going to Indiana next weekend for a little impromptu visit home. Arriving late Friday, leaving early evening on Sunday. Scared the crap out of my mom when I texted her to call me as she didn’t get the voicemail I left her that said “Call me, no emergency”. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone during the work day on Monday and Tuesday, talking to Mom, various doctors, CVS etc.

3) Much like my trip in March, I don’t have any actual plans. I don’t even intend to do any shopping.

4) So why a surprise trip? Let’s just add this to the list of things I may write about someday but not today. Not trying to vagueblog, but there are a lot of reasons I can’t just start writing about everything that’s happened lately. And if we do get to a place where I can do that…

5) Working my way through the cases at work. Cases are like gray hairs… get rid of one, 4 grow in its place. Ungh. I still think I’m fairly crap at this job. Boss is out of town coming up this week so it may be a triumph or a disaster. I’d like a triumph, I’d like my boss to be proud of me.

6) Literally had a client say to me today that when I was on the team he’d pray to get me on the phone but now…not so much. I’ll drink to that, client. Work is like being good at something minor and easy “Oh, you’re good at putting on bandaids? Perfect, we’ll make you a brain surgeon since it’s the same thing and you’re the only person good with the bandaids. I’m sure it’ll work out. The clients won’t mind that they are paying for someone to operate on their brain who should really be running around with a first aid kit.”