A Little More Conversation

Hey outside world!

So, to catch us up:

Survived another year end in payroll. Previously, year end meant that life was an 11 on the busy scale for about a month, complete with working 6 day weeks and then it leveled out to about a 7 on the busy scale for the rest of the year. In my current job, year end means that I’m typically at about an 8 on the scale but it stays that way all the time. I might even say that sometimes it dips to about a 6 but if I say that I sound like a slacker.

Sometime in early February, had a little kerfluffle on the home front that more or less rivaled year end for suckitude. Did not run away, eventually talked it over with my therapist and then did the grownup thing and got things fixed up and they have been pretty splendid since.

Which is a good thing because we’re heading for some pretty major job stress for Gene. Something we were counting on didn’t happen and it’s thrown things into some uncertainty. Even if my own job is not always a solid gold delight I’m going to keep hanging on. So, so, so glad we didn’t buy the new car we were looking at. If the worst happens, I know that we’ll be fine for some time in terms of mortgage, food, etc but I definitely don’t want a car payment, increased car insurance, etc until stuff feels more stable.

That said, I still immediately reached for my wallet when I got the email that said Eddie Izzard’s coming to town later this year and bought the best tickets I could find (he’s never been here before, it may never happen again). It’s my birthday present along with a good birthday cake and a new pair of wedges from Duo, the company who made my boots. (I may or may not also have my eye on a wristlet purse doodad, but I feel guilty buying it after buying my dream purse last fall).

More later 🙂