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So, my NCAA bracket has been going…. oh, what’s the phrase? Not well. I have correctly guessed 65% of the outcomes so far, but the following teams are on my (Stephen Colbert-approved) “Dead to Me” list: Indiana University (well, like IU has ever NOT been on my Dead to Me list), Kent State, Clemson, Vanderbilt, USC, Kentucky, St. Mary’s, BYU, Drake and Connecticut.BTW, I don’t think I ever explained the method I used to pick this year. Obviously, first I went through and selected the teams with the lower # next to them. If that didn’t help, I picked who had the higher ranking in their conference. If THAT was a no-go, I picked whoever had the better in-conference season. And in rare cases where I was still confused, I used my rule for “Who will win the Best Foreign Film Oscar?” and chose the team with the goofier name (which is why I had a hard time passing Gonzaga by, but I knew in my heart that Davidson would win). 

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