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So, apparently there’s an election coming up. I know this because we got a call in the midway of a “telephone town hall” with someone running for Congress (?). We all have the chance to ask her questions. The questions have so far been HYSTERICAL – half have been 80 year old ladies calling in to vent about illegal immigrants receiving welfare. The last caller is NOT a fan of this Congresswoman and spent his question talking about how much he hates her.

Well, you know what this tells us – clearly the Congresswoman doesn’t have some campaign flunky screening her calls. And you know what’s going on now… we’re in the queue to ask a question. I’ve already talked Gene into and then out of just shouting (Howard Stern-style) “Baba Bouey”. I thought the next plan was to ask her something like, “Hey, I’m new to the country, how do I get some welfare?” but apparently Gene is really going to ask her thoughts on the Fair Tax.

No matter what, there are a LOT of ignorant people in Cheesecake State. Some of them vote.

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