a tip, from me to you…

arranging international travel is a HUUUUUGE pain in the ass. I had no idea.

Here is some dodgy math:

A flight from Cheesecake City to Germany is $800-ish, round trip.

A flight from Germany to Kuala Lumpur is $1500-ish, round trip.

To make both flights one itinerary = $7500.

Does someone clean my house if I pay the extra $5200??

Never fear, I am booking the two parts separately for a not very bargain-y price but still less than $7500. Yea!

Here is today’s why-oh-why statement: Why oh why couldn’t Gene’s employer just pick the cheapest, easiest to mimic flight (that maybe did not route me through China)?

Oh well. I can ponder that…on VACATION!

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