Traveling for Complete and Total Idiots…

So I have been busy and not blogged lately. I am on the internet just about ’round the clock (which I am SURE my boss appreciates) but it’s usually just to see if someone has posted a thread at Lonely Planet called “ELAINE AND GENE, HERE IS WHERE YOU NEED TO GO!”

Wednesday-ish I booked my flight to Malaysia. I am travelling from Cheesecake City to Germany and then on to Kuala Lumpur. I know for a fact I am on the same flight as Gene from here to Germany but I have no real idea about the second leg coming or going. It’s the same flight numbers and it looks like it’ll work, but frankly… we’re leaving on 10/31, landing in Germany on 11/1 and landing in Malaysia on 11/2. The different dates are really freaky and one of the flights leaves at 11:59 PM and…. ugh. I have decided that it will all work out (except our layover in Germany is something like 90 minutes – will that be long enough to go through customs or do we do that in Malaysia? And the first flight is on a whole different airline from the second flight and AUUUUGH how do I get boarding passes? Do I have to go through security again in Germany? I don’t think I do but why can’t there be a freaking teleporter to make this so much easier??).

Sometimes the world is just too much for me. I need an assistant or a wife or something. And more time.

The conversion to the new payroll system is going decently. Our old provider made the file yesterday with all of our 2008 pay data and sent it to the new provider. Except SOMEONE (no, not me, I never screw things up, ha ha ha) was supposed to move a bunch of wages around and FORGOT because she was so busy doing PAYROLL. UGH.

I told D today that if the conversion goes right I wanted to quit and become a beach bum. I wonder if Gene will just leave me in Malaysia so I can fart around all the beaches there and stay in huts and eat satay and curry and yeah I don’t speak the native language, but no one, absolutely NO ONE, will grab me and say “Miss LaineyD, one of our employees accidentally claimed 10,000 Ringgits* in credit card tips but she already cashed her paycheck.”

(*$2898.56 US Dollars)

(Oh GOD do I go somewhere here to get Ringgits or can I just get them at the airport in KL?)

(Why is there not a forum somewhere called Traveling for Cowards?)

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