This, again?

There were LINES at the gas station. (Technically, there were lines at the FOURTH gas station as two of the others had NO GAS again and the third had lines and I thought, oh, as if! Not waiting in a line to get gas…).

Well, funny enough, I ended up waiting in a parking spot, thinking the problem would clear up. And then I pounced on the first available pump. I am certain there is someone who owns a BMW 3 series who hates me now. Oh well!

WTF is this? Ugh. Is this related to the panic in Nashville a few days ago where there was a rumor that the entire city was running out of gas? And to top it off, they made me prepay for gas (couldn’t even pay at the pump) so I got to join the line of disgruntled people all of whom were PO’d about having to wait inside the gas station. Eeeeew. And to top THAT off, the last 30 cents of my prepaid $40 pumped slooooooooooooowly. Part of me is convinced that the guy running the Shell station across from my town’s Target store did that intentionally, figuring that people would give up and let him keep the 30 cents.

(HA HA, joker!)

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