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(hee hee, that rhymed)

Ugh, chair is at FedEx. Finally. When my only time out of the office during daylight is my lunch hour, sometimes I have to do things I wouldn’t normally do, such as struggle with a screwdriver in a light Cheesecake City rainstorm. Additionally, I wanted the damned office chair out of the car (sooner or later it was going to put a hole in a window or upholstery) as every time I accelerated the stupid thing rocketed all the way to the back of the cargo area in the Murano.

Got home from work to find that FedEx has a package for us that requires a signature. 800GOFEDEX promised that I could sign for it (it was for Gene), so I decided to kill two birds with one stone (hey, it was what Betty would do) and get the chair (finally in two pieces) boxed up, sealed up, and the heck out of my life for at least the next 12 days.

FYI: even half of an Aeron office chair weighs a fuck ton. My back is KILLING me. If I end up missing work right now because I was trying to be a good wife I will be SO upset. Lugging that box through the house, into the car, out of the car and into the FedEx office 20 miles away was rough.

More FYI: if the instructions on disassembling a chair tell you to sit on the chair and press the lever to lower the chair, do not scoff at it because the center support is already on the ground and the seat is broken. Just sit on the damned chair and press the freaking lever. Trust me.

Furthermore FYI: this chair is now in so many pieces I am terrified it won’t go back together. The back of the chair is in one piece, the seat and bottom of the chair (minus the casters) are in a carton on their way to Illinois for repairs, the casters, the screws from the back of the chair and the screws from the “comfortrest back” part that gave me such fits are in a shoebox in my living room. By God, if something happens to that shoebox in the next 2 weeks, I will run into traffic.

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