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So, Gene is still in NJ (through Wednesday, so he can have face time with the Boss’s Boss), which I am bummed about but I also feel that timing is impeccable:

The W-2s are at the office and I have to have them…oh, let’s say the hell out of my office… by Monday night. No matter what. So, I’ll be at the office ass deep in W-2s tomorrow by 10-ish. Gwen and D both told me that I don’t have to work tomorrow but compulsive loony Elaine absolutely refuses. Think of how much I can get done without a zillion other people around to distract me! Maybe I’ll even use the Do Not Disturb feature on the phone so I won’t even have to listen to it ring. Such riches!

So, the plan is, I’m going to the chiropractor tomorrow at 9:30, then the office for a few hours, then I’m coming home and taking two rotten beagles to the dog park. And then I’m going to Cheeseburger in Paradise for a yummy cheeseburger and pina colada. Yippee! And after that? I don’t know but it will involve relaxing. And probably laundry.

Yep, that’s the plan. I hope the W-2s don’t take too much longer. I wonder what it’ll take to get the music from my iPod to play through White Dog’s speakers. I will have to figure that out.

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