another silly topic…

So, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has started and this is the third year in a row that I’ve filled out the bracket on Yahoo. Let’s all take a moment to remember that I know almost NOTHING about basketball (I attended many, many Purdue basketball games as a child, but mostly for the copious amounts of free popcorn).

I just checked, and so far I have been right on 11 of 16 games. On the “dead to me” list so far: Brigham Young (what was I thinking? Must be all those episodes of Big Love…), VCU (whatever that is – and why did I think an 11 seed would beat a 6?), Butler (seriously??? how dare you let me down?), Illinois (then again, that looks like an upset* and who predicts those?) and Clemson.

Not that anyone would ever ask my opinion, but I agree with President Obama that UNC will win the whole thing.

(Okay, of course I don’t know if it was an upset, but I know that *I* am upset! Ha).

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