LaineyD’s Staycation to Indianapolis

(aka: My Mom Visits Cheesecake City)

(I swear I’ll make it up to Indiana again…no later than October, I swear)

Anyway, Mom is here and we are having a great time! We took her to lunch at the Thai restaurant near the house then we hung out at home and watched a little CNN (as most of you know, my mom is a total news junkie) and then I remembered I had errands to run. So I dragged her to the dry cleaner’s (where the owner thought she was my sister, awww) and the library (where, due to her influence, I ended up with 3 books instead of just the one I had on hold).

(You know what I love? Going to the dry cleaners and the library at 4 pm instead of in a rush after work when I just…want…to…get…home).

(New to the “Dead to Me” list…Utah, West Virginia, Boston College, Tennessee and Florida State. I also was wrong about Wake Forest beating Cleveland State, but while that wrong choice is haunting me all the way to the Sweet 16, I fucking hate Wake Forest so it pissed me off to have them making so far in theory anyway).

Anyway, I need to get rolling. Gene is supposed to take Scooby to the vet for a vaccination (fun!) and then we’re going to the mall and the clothing store (new pants! Hooray!). One thing we are not doing is watching the Purdue vs. Washington game because Mom has told me that the team does better when she doesn’t watch and I neeeeeeed Purdue to win so they don’t end up on the Dead to Me list. (I have them losing to Connecticut next round so they can lose then).

(One last aside: Have you ever known someone to know so little about sports yet care so deeply about a bracket?)

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